England Out Of Euro 2008!!!

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Macca sacked

England surprisingly shamefully trashed out of Euro 2008 final next year. That is a massive disappointment for England fans (which includes me). It’s going to be definitely awkward watching Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland without one of the greatest team (which hosted English Premier League – EPL). Who am I going to support then?!!

‘Useless, pathetic, insipid, spineless, desperate, rubbish,’ tabloid The Sun reported. ‘England are the joke of European football. I believe there are more swearing from the tabloids showering the entire week. How can Macca stand that? Perhaps he’ll be staying inside his house for the whole month!!!

England’s Carson frustrated

England surprisingly opted for suicide led by goalkeeper Scott Carson whose howler set us on the way to Euro 2008 elimination. What was McClaren thinking?!! This is as bad as it gets. This defeat ranked alongside the draw with Poland 34 years ago – which cost us a place at the 1974 World Cup – in England’s hall of shame.

The good thing – MAN OF THE MATCH: David Beckham: He alone tried to lift England into the Euro 2008 finals and if this was his final game, he goes out in a blaze of personal glory. He came as a super sub and awarded “Man of the Match”. He will always be one of the best superstar celebrity icon for me.

England’s Gerard frustrated

Sympathy for McClaren will be hard to find, yet this was a night when England’s players were shown up to be second rate. Gerrard and Lampard were poor throughout and they are the stars expected to shine when their country needs them. England really missed Rooney, Owen, Terry and the rest of the injured stars…Read more about the England disaster from Soccernet: McClaren’s Gamble Backfire; McClaren Sacked as England Manager; England savaged by media.

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No Responses

  1. mrozaidi says:

    Haha..Padan muka McClaren..Berlagak sangat..Haha

  2. admin says:

    Hmm yes…deserve him right. Hopefully England will get a better manager.

  3. Man says:

    Hampeh la England nie. Buat malu je….

  4. azwanhadzree says:

    He played a safe game, takut sangat. last-last kena tendang. Malu!

  5. zaki says:


    Yes. The strategy was so poor. No attacking mind!!! Pity England and its supporters…

  6. afham says:

    loser ar england nie..tunggu theo walcott masuk first england baru aku sokong..

  7. zaki says:

    @ Afham,

    No need to wait for somebody or some star! They must perform as a team.

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