First Futsal Game After 2 Years Without Sports

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After more than 2 years without any sport activities, I’m back in the soccer business!!! Well, not exactly soccer, but futsal. Just imagine the stamina level of a person who haven’t been exercising and sweeting (a lot); and suddenly play futsal. At work, I rarely sweat because all the physical tasks are performed by my down line staffs and I spend most of the time in the well air conditioned office (20-24 degrees celcius). I’m really glad that one of my neighbour organized this futsal game. If not, I won’t be exercising at all.

Well, guess what? After just 5 minutes warming up, I already felt very exhausted. I pushed myself to the maximum and managed to score few goals (or some of them rather say blasted few goals!). At least some bit of skills that I possess on my younger years are still there. After half an hour I went out of the court and get myself some air and water. I cooled down and relaxed myself. Then I resumed the game.

zakiyamanidotcom futsal game

We planned to make the futsal game a weekly activity and the entire player totally agree on that. I hope my stamina will improve, become healthier and reduce my weight. On top of that, this activity positively strengthened my relationship with the community in the neighbourhood.

Something extra here… Check out the futsal skills video featuring Robinho (Real Madrid) and Falcao (the best futsal player in the world) having fun and showing their skills. Enjoy…

Futsal SkillsAwesome video clips here

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No Responses

  1. Zura says:

    My dear hubby…you play futsal for one hour only..then you go fill up your belly again with ‘kuey tiaw’ goreng. Nasib baik makan separuh pinggan je. Good luck ok with your goal No. 5 tu. Let’s see who’ll be thinner first. It’s a race ok. I have a secret strategy ni…hehehe.

  2. admin says:

    No problem. I’m focusing on being fit and eliminating those unnecessary fats in my body. Let’s be healthy and fit together my dear.

  3. afham says:

    bro..kenapa main bola dengan budak2 tue.. hehe..

  4. zaki says:

    @ Afham,

    Oooo that was one of the son of our friend (players). Bapak dia dah pancit!!! 😉

  5. topo says:

    Great site. Get your self some banners from cj to make extra $:)

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