High Performance Fax Solution from Axacore

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Any small, medium or large companies utilize fax as one of their ways to send black and white information either to customers or vendors. Traditional fax is hassle, costly and has limited features. To overcome that, Axacore, a core technology provider for faxing came out with the latest high performance fax appliance, “FaxAgent”. Their primary goal is to automate the flow of documents effectively and efficiently.

FaxAgent can manage fax anywhere, reduce fax cost, increased security, ease administration and has reliable transmission. FaxAgent can be configured to send fax over IP enable network and this means heavy cost reduction. To make this happen, FaxAgent includes a secured web client allowing users to interact with the fax server over any public or private network.

FaxAgent can convert any standard documents into fax ready format on the server without any 3rd party application software. That means any files such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PCL, HTML, TXT format can be rendered into fax format on the server. Users can preview the outbound messages before the fax transmission takes place. On top of that, users can verify the rendered fax image and also the destination. Users can send faxes by few options which comes from as simple as the outlook client and standard email.

When FaxAgent arrives at our door, there’s no need to think of any fax software. Everything has been done and we can easily learn to operate it from the system manual and quick reference guide that can be downloaded from the site.

Last but not least, when I go through the Axacore website, I noticed on the left hand corner, “document managment” is wrongly spelled. They need to fix this immediately and I hope to see the spelling corrected soon. Overall, the FaxAgent is a fantastic product that can definitely increase productivity of our business.

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