Maybe A PC Instead of a Laptop

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I actually fancy a laptop for my serious part time online activities (goal no. 2 in my short term goal lists). However, a colleague at work informed me about the new Citibank-AirAsia credit card promotion. I don’t give a damn about the free flight to Gold Coast or Phuket or Langkawi or the RM50 AirAsia voucher. I’m more interested in the exclusive offer for the Citibank-AirAsia cardholders which allow us to purchase a HP Compaq Presario PC worth RM1,399 for just RM290. The PC specifications are:

AMD Sempron; 256MB RAM; 80GB HDD; DVD Rom; 17″ CRT monitor; Microsoft Vista Starter Edition, Free 1-month Streamyx (hotspot connectivity).


Well, it’s not the best specs in the market but I think it’s a great deal. I can save some money purchasing this PC and make full use of it to make more money and get a far better advance laptop to pursue my online career! However, I need to upgrade the RAM of this PC to more than 1GB. Vista application require at least 1GB. That’s what I heard from some of my friends. I’m not sure and I don’t understand why they offer this PC with a Vista Starter Edition with only 256MB RAM? Well, I don’t care… I already filled up the credit card application form. The first year annual fee is waived. However, the second and continuous annual fees are not waived. Ops…There is some additional processing and delivery cost which is RM150. Hence the grand total cost of this PC is R440. I think that is still acceptable.

Besides applying the credit card to get the PC cheap, I’m going to used the credit card to book our family AirAsia ticket for our Hari Raya “balik kampung” trip to to Bandung, Indonesia next year. There are altogether 5 of us, and definitely we have to plan ahead. Try to get the best of the best Air Asia deal. If not, the tickets and airport tax and other costs will be high. Are you going to grab the offer too?

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  1. azwanhadzree says:

    Sempron is at the lowest end and with only 256MB of RAM. not enough lah bro. go for a better spec and with at least 1GB of RAM. more if you r planning to run vista

  2. admin says:

    Yeah…that’s why I plan to upgrade the RAM, perhaps another 1GB and it will become 1.236 GB. But, If it is still slow, than I’ll get more RAM to boost the power….What do you think…I hope it works….

  3. webworm says:

    Sempron; 256MB RAM; 80GB HDD; DVD Rom; 17? CRT monitor..
    I guess if you use only for blogging…well still sufficient. Run software or games…gone case.

    Vista. Emm…how well is the performance…many of my friends shaking their head…cause many software behave differently…

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  2. December 10, 2007

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