My Personal Short Term Goal

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Everybody must have a personal target in their life. Somebody who does not have a goal will be living their life without destiny or target. That would be very disappointing and something we definitely don’t like to happen to us. By having a goal, we are targeting to achieve something in our life and the goals being set will be a positive goal. I never heard somebody set a negative goal in their life. If there is, please share it with us.The goals can be divided into several categories, short term, medium term and long term goal (ultimate goal).

I just set some short term goals for me to achieve. Well, I know it is not 2008 yet, but I just set them prior to the coming New Year. For me, I defined short term goals as something that I want to achieve within 1 year. This definition can vary from one person to another person. By having a set of short term goals, it makes me become a driven person who’ll be working all out to reach the goal.

Following are my five short term goals:

1. To have an online income equivalent to my fix monthly salary job. Therefore I can have more money… My online income is presently accounting only about 14% of my salary. I need to double my effort to ensure I can have both off line and online income. Would that be nice! It’s not easy but it’s not impossible too.

2. To get myself a decent laptop for my online activities. I’m not looking for something super or marvelous. A decent laptop with a good processor with a 1Gb RAM or above, hard disc around 80Gb will make me smile. The laptop that I’m currently using belongs to my wife and she need to use it for her work.

3. To learn and become well verse in WordPress, CPanel, Photoshop and creating websites. I really need to master them in order to be successful in the early stage of my online career. I wish there’s a teacher or ‘sifu’ beside me who can teach the techniques and secrets of internet success.

4. To publish a book (or e-book). I’ve been dreaming to publish a book since my university life. However, I haven’t done so due to time limitations and various other factors. I think this coming year will be a good time for me to push myself publishing a book with my name as the author. It’s not the money that I want; it’s the pleasure of publishing my own book that I’m looking for.

5. To reduce 20% of my weight. I don’t dare to reveal my weight here but this year is a record breaking high. I look ugly in the digital photos taken by my wife. In order to achieve this goal, I need to control my diet and exercise regularly and effectively. Sometimes I just don’t understand why I’m craving to eat every hours!!!

Well, those are some brief elaborations of my goals. What about yours?

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8 Responses

  1. azwanhadzree says:

    with that 15% i think u can get a decent notebook in notime.Dell has the cheapest entry level notebook.

    pasal nak loose 20% tu, keep on berangan bro. since 2006 when i was 99KG my target is to loose 3KG every 6 months. so far ok la. tapi masih > 90 🙂

    pasal no 4 tu about what, chemistry?

  2. admin says:

    Hmm….well….since citibank is doing some promotion, I’m thinking of getting the desktop for a cheap price….What do you think?

    I’m trying my best to get the weight reduce…..I’m suffering because I force myself not to eat….!!!

    I plan to do an ebook on something to do with chemical engineering….Let’s just see how’s the outcome later….

  3. webworm says:


    Lookslike you restart your engine here…keep up

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  2. December 24, 2007

    […] Perhaps I’ll upgrade the RAM further later in future. At least I already settled 1 out of 5 short term goals that I set last month. In fact now, I’m typing this post using the new laptop! I’m so […]

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