Swift Weekend Update

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I contacted the Citibank credit card officer yesterday, get myself some informations, scanned and emailed her all particulars required. The information delivery was swift and smooth, thanks to the internet technology. Now, I hope my new credit card application will be approved soon and I can get myself the new HP Compaq Presario PC.

Thank God today I’m off from work. I make full use of this Saturday to improve my WordPress theme and upgrade my WordPress comprehension. As you can see now, I’m currently using 3 K2 Redux Klee theme. However, I’m considering switching to the new o2 theme freshly developed by Eches. I’m presently communicating with Eches to adjust a little bit of this and that for my blog.

I’m now rushing to complete this post because I’m going to play futsal. I got a lot of fat to burn especially after consuming massive calories today. I hope this healthy and social activity will keep going on so that I can achieve my goal number 5.

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  1. pwxch jnag says:

    afhocr ntmsxb rbuazvj iyuflqzcj baki ewyauvroq wujnhq

  2. afham says:

    sape komen membukan nie broo…

  3. zaki says:

    @ Afham,

    Oooo itu spam la tu. Aku pun tak perasan. Takpe, biarlah je kat situ.

  4. Syam says:

    @ afham – tu komen datang masa takde anti spam..skang dah pakai..tu yg spam susah nak lepas tu

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