A Fantastic Superb Weekend

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Working on Saturday is not really fun because of the fact it’s already weekend!!! However, working on a Saturday is still better than working on weekdays. The working mood is barely there and the mind keeps thinking of what to do after work and on Sundays. That is not exactly the right attitude for an employee but that’s the truth. The productivity of work decrease towards the end of the week.

As for me, besides the unproductive day at work, I met up with an old colleague who work overseas. We chatted, exchanged stories and updated each others with what was happening around us. Meeting up with him was really great and truly inspiring.


After work, I met up with my beloved wife at a shopping mall in Skudai. We had a good and peaceful lunch. Once in a while, it’s really good to be alone together without the kids (we left the kids at home for a while with our maid). Then we went to a furniture shop and bought a beautiful pair of chair set come with a rounded glass table which my wife admired so much. Soon, we challenged each others at the bowling alley. Off course I won the battle, I’m the man!!!


In the evening, we hosted a family dinner which for the first time managed to gather/unite after 1 year. My parents (a retired chemistry professor and housewife); my 2nd brother (an assistant manager from a local telco company), his wife (a medical doctor), their daughter; my younger sister (SIA stewardess who just returned from Japan), my 3rd brother (an architecture student) and my 4th brother (an engineering student) and my family were under one roof and enjoyed a warm nice home cook meal prepared by my wife. Besides catching up with each others stories, we snapped photos, checked on each others new gadgets, watched the live soccer telecast together – Arsenal versus Spurs which end up 2-1.

The next day was a new Sunday. Unlike other Sundays, we woke up early because I want to get myself a new laptop. I already surveyed the model, specifications and prices of the laptop. We went to Landmark IT Mall in Johor Bahru and seek for the desired laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop was out of stock (since the recent PC fair). I was really furious because the shop told me that they still have the model when I called a day earlier. The same goes to other PC shop in the mall. I was really disappointed but I accepted it.

We then went to another mall and also a hypermarket for lunch and some minor groceries. Then we went for swimming at Sofitel Hotel, Senai. Swimming has already became our routine weekend activity ever since my wife joined in as a recreational member in that 5 Star hotel. My kids enjoy playing in the kiddy pool while my wife love swimming to exercise and keep her on shape. I swim as well to reduce my expanding belly!

After almost 2 hours in pool, we went to another mall in Skudai and managed to get hold of the HP Compaq laptop that I hunted. I upgraded the RAM from 512Mb to 1Gb. Well, that’s enough for the time being. Perhaps I’ll upgrade the RAM further later in future. At least I already settled 1 out of 5 short term goals that I set last month. In fact now, I’m typing this post using the new laptop! I’m so excited and pumped up with this new laptop. A big thanks to my friend who helped me installed the OS for my new laptop.


Finally, what could make the weekend perfect for me? It was the Super Sunday live soccer match between the Red Devils and Everton. It was really a superb match with Ronaldo (I know some people hate him! but I fancy him and his skills) scoring twice for Manchester United victory, 2-1. I jumped and shouted like mad as Ronaldo scored the penalty which was just 2 minutes away from full time. That was the weekend icing. The game really conclude a fantastic weekend for me.

Ronaldo scores

Mufc won

In short we bought a gorgeous new chair set, lunched and played bowling with my wife, gathered the entire family member, bring the kids to the pool, owned a new HP Compaq laptop, and witness Manchester United victory against Everton. Surprisingly, I forgot to go online on Sunday due to the hectic activities.

What about your weekend? What would make it a fantastic weekend?

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25 Responses

  1. zaki blogjer says:

    Great weekend you have there!!

  2. zaki says:

    @ blogjer,

    Thanks. I think most of us have a great weekend especially at the end of the year. I guessed you must have a great weekend too.

  3. zura the wife says:

    Wow…haven’t really realised that we did quite a handful of activities last weekend. Time flies when u are having fun…people say. But I must admit, it was a wonderful weekend indeed.

  4. Aizat says:

    great weekend i think coz i went to the kenduri kawen at my father’s hometown in melaka. really tired helping them for the occasion.

  5. zaki says:

    @ Zura,

    Yeah…we did a lot of stuffs….

    @ Aizat,

    Thanks. Helping in a kenduri is interesting too….

  6. azwan says:

    (1) which one is the new laptop
    (2) do you mind sharing the spec (and price)
    (3) Liverpool pun menang jugak ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    (1) The new laptop is the one in black, which is behind the silver compact laptop.

    (2) Spec….No problem…
    My budget is actually low = the cost is RM1799 before I upgrade the RAM.
    I bought a HP Compact Presario F731AU which is actually an older stock. Most of the IT shop here don’t have this laptop anymore.
    AMD Turion 64X2 – 1.9GHz
    15.4″ screen
    120 GB
    512MB RAM
    WIFI but no bluetooth

    (3) Yea….OK, Liverpool won their game as well….So you’re The Red die hard fan!!! Aren’t you??? Sorry about out recent battle at Anfield…

  8. webworm says:

    Spent more time Chemical Engineering World Pls…

  9. zaki says:

    @ Webworm,

    OK. I will.

    @ Azwan,

    Man U is leading Sunderland 3-0, Liverpool leading….1-0…..

  10. azwan says:

    ok-ok .. sama-sama menang .. enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. budeen says:

    yeeaahh!! MU win 4-0 against Sunderland!! eagerly waiting for Arsenal’s game & hoping them to drop points.. huhu

  12. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    Yes, together we both won it.

    @ Budeen,

    Yea….doom Arsenal….

  13. zaki blogjer says:

    I went shopping at Alamanda last weekend, unfortunately little bit lost on the way there. My friend gives wrong precinct.

    Btw, MU win again yesterday, 4-0, and currently toppling the EPL chart ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. zaki says:

    @ Zaki Blogjer,

    Perhaps you can share with us the route to Alamanda…I have not yet been there. Plan to go next year…

    Glory glory Manchester United….!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. zaki says:

    @ Abu,

    Thanks…. Really appreciate your help.

  16. Afham says:

    benci MU..huk3

  17. zaki says:

    @ Afham,

    I guessed you might be either Liverpool, or Chelsea, or Arsenal supporter, aren’t you? don’t worry Manchester will win the premiership again this season… ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. am says:

    yeah… do not support mu… go go liverpool…!!!

  19. zaki says:

    @ Am,

    hmmm….another Liverfool fan!!! I hope you can challenge The Real Red Devil for the premiership…

  20. Bent says:

    I admired samsung note book for a long time ago.. I still hunting them ๐Ÿ™‚

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