My Previous Six Days Recap

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Time is moving super fast. Without realizing it is already another new weekend and I’m glad I don’t have to work this Saturday. That means I can spend more quality time with my beloved family. The past few days was not really a typical one for me. It was slightly different one and we need to adjust accordingly.

Christmas Holiday

While almost everybody on earth was enjoying the Christmas holiday, I have to motivate myself to go to work. The oil processing plant that I’m in charged was on a final piece of maintenance work and need to be started immediately. I need to be there to ensure everything was going on smoothly and according to schedule. Fortunately I don’t have to spend the entire day there. The supervisors, operators and technicians were there to continue the work.


Later the same day, we had sate (satay) for our dinner at our favourite place, Taman Universiti food stall. We loved the sate a lot and recently we eat there once a week. The sate is cheap, only 30 cents per piece (chicken and beef). i prefer this type of sate rather than the one sold at Kajang which is bigger and cost 50 cents. We prefer it smaller and crispier externally.

Boxing day English Premiership Battle

This was another joyous moment for two giant EPL clubs. Manchester United Red Devil demolished Roy Kean’s Wild Cats 4-0 (thanks to the fantastic goals blasted by Rooney, Ronaldo and Saha) while The Reds escaped from a point after skipper Steven Gerard managed to capitalized the mess in the opponents penalty box in dying minutes. Victory for Manchester United and the drawless battle between ArsenalPortsmouth resulted in MUFC moved up to the top spot.

Rooney scoring first goal

Rooney scoring the first goal against Sunderland

Ronaldo scoring

Ronaldo netting in the third goal from a brilliant free kick outside the penalty box


My wife went to Kuching, Sarawak

I sent her to Senai Airport, Johor Bahru as early as 5.45 AM Thursday morning to ensure she checked in and safely boarded the Air Asia Boeing 737 aircraft to Kuching. She presented a technical paper in the Engineering Conference : Energy and Environment which was held in Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel. Her absence from home was a disaster because it was not easy to take care of our three kids. The first two were relatively easier to handle as they are old enough. However, the third who just recently turned 2 years old always sleeps with her mother. Without the mother beside her, she could not sleep. She cried all night and it was a scary nightmare for me and the maid. We survived that night with very less sleep.

crafts and souvenier 1

Fortunately, my wife spent only one night in Kuching. She safely touched down at Senai Airport yesterday night with some flight delay, which made me and my kids spending more than one hour in the airport. Handling three highly energetic physically active kids (with age 5, 3.5 and 2 years old) alone in the airport was not a simple task for an exhausted man like me. They ran and played in and outside the airport. At one point Ikhwan and Marsya wanted to pee. I have to drag all three of them, four including me, into the small toilet, and completed our business inside there! I’ve never experienced being in the toilet with four peoples. I bet my wife haven’t experienced that too…

crafts and souvenier 2

crafts and souvenier 3

Some of the crafts and souvenirs bought in Kuching Main Bazaar – Asia’s New Online Advertising Network


After reading about in a few local blogs, i was tempted to sign up and test it out. Signing up was pretty simple and easy. I opted for the 468 x 60 pixels format and positioned the add on the top right corner of this blog with striking red colour. The display format is almost similar as Google Adsense but differs from the other local advertising network: Advertlets and Nuffnang. I believe the emergence of is very much welcomed by local and Asian bloggers especially those who blog in their mother tongue language. I would like to congratulate Nabil ( co-founder) and his team members for their brave and brilliant effort in realizing the fourth local advertising network. If you have not yet registered with, do it now. They are giving $15 upon signing up and after you blog about it.


Blogging with a new laptop

After purchasing the new HP Compact Presario laptop last week and after my colleague helped installed Vista, I’m blogging with it now. It’s my first time playing around with Vista and I definitely need some time to get use to it. Some people say using a Window Vista require bigger RAM. I’m using 1 Gb RAM, which is the minimum recommended RAM to run Vista and I found the speed is fast. So far, I’m pleased and happy with the performance of this new laptop.

laptop HP compaq presario F731AU

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13 Responses

  1. budeen says:

    i cant imagine cramping up 4 ppl inside that small area to do business… huhu.. neway, wish MU luck for tonite’s clash against curb’s side.. pse dont repeat last years double defeat against this struggling team…

  2. zaki says:

    @ Budeen,

    He he…I did not believe it either. But that was the fact – being inside a small public toilet with my three kids!!!

    Yes, hopefully Man United will continue their winning run and lift the trophy…Glory glory Man United…

  3. budeen says:

    dammit!! truly a bogey team hammers are… ronnie should’ve scored n kill the game

  4. zaki says:

    @ Budeen,

    Now, Let’s just hope Arsenal lost or draw!!!

  5. budeen says:

    ars won 4-1… MU got to raise the bar.. cant always depends on other teams’ result.. still plenty of points to play for.. let’s start 2008 with a long winning run and retain the crown!!

  6. zaki blogjer says:

    Huhuhu, I don’t watch the game, but reading soccernet this morning, its not a good news

  7. zaki says:

    @ Zaki Blogjer,

    Yeah….The last weekend was not an exciting one because Man United lost and slipped to second spot. Let’s hope for a miracle to happen on the new year…

    Happy New Year 😉

  8. Aizat says:

    i am hungry and craving for sate now.. hehe..
    yeah! i almost got headache to take care of my niece who is very energetic. only 2 years old but hard to get to sleep. almost 12 midnight still running around..
    nufflets is new but look like adsense and i hope will get something from nufflets.

  9. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    you should get sate now and enjoy it until you are full…
    It seems that now we eat sate on a weekly basis. Mi wife and daughter love it too. My son stragely do not like it because he is afraid to try…

    My kids can sleep up to 2-3 am on a daily basis…

    I’ve already been credited $15 in my account…

  10. am says:

    aiyo… sate. personal rekod 28 batang tanpa muntah.. haha.. tapi kena ekjas tali pinggang la sket kan…

    vista punya cerita… am dah try ada sorang pakcik tempat kerja yang baru beli pc dan minta tolong settingnya… jenuh mencari setting tak jumpa… too complicate la… btw vista ada satu sistem yang boleh kenal pasti our installer yang satu company dengan dia… sama ada pirate atau ori.. dan dia akan terminate installation kalau software tu pirate… so suck!!

  11. zaki says:

    Wow….banyak ye boleh makan….Aku ada member yang boleh makan dekat 100 batang….tapi orang nya tak la gemuk pun…tapi tang makan sate, extreme betul….

    Vista punya hal,,, aku minta member aku je utk tolong setting. aku memang tak pakar sgt….

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