Sony Ericsson K810i is Going to be My New Toy

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Sony Ericsson K810

As the title says, I’m going to get a new set of Sony Ericsson K810i as my new hand phone cum camera (though we have a 5.1MP Canon PowerShot A95). I know this is not the best hand phone with the latest features but at least it is going to be readily available wherever and whenever i need to take pictures (for my blog). It is economical and considered cheap for its value. After all, presently, I don’t think I’m going to use the 3G, radio, MMS, email, MP3 and other features. What do you think of it?


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23 Responses

  1. afham says:

    nice HP bro..

    what the price now?.

  2. zaki says:

    @ Afham,

    I made a very aggressive survey yesterday and today.
    Shop #1: RM975
    Shop #2: RM945
    Shop #3: RM890
    Shop #4: RM900
    Shop #5: RM875

    I really think the purchase will be value for money. What do you think?

  3. Mohd Ismail says:

    he he.. molek sgt henset ni.. review pun byk kata camera dia puas hati.. kool!

  4. zaki says:

    @ Mael,

    Aku baru je beli hp ni tadi. Tengah explore sikit features dia. Later I’ll make a post about it. Maybe tomorrow. Check it out later.

  5. Overclock says:

    Haa..Henset nih ler aku berkenan..5 megapixel kan.. Membe aku kate tangkap kipas tengah pusing pun boleh nampak bilah dier dgn jelas.. Leh angkat satu nih..

  6. zaki says:

    @ Overclock,

    Silap tu. Yang 5MP tu K850. Yang ini K810i > 3.2MP.

  7. Abu says:

    Dah beli hanset baru da…….

  8. zaki says:

    @ Abu,

    Ha’a dah la…Nanti boleh la bagi tunjuk ajar ye…

  9. KNizam says:

    bro zaki,

    mmg puas hati beli k810i. most of the pics in my blog pun via this k810i. memang sharp and flash dia x menghampakan. 🙂

  10. zaki says:

    @ KNizam,

    Yes, I totally agree with you. After this, most of the photos in my blog will come from K810i. Some of it will come from our family’s Canon Power-shot.

  11. rasso says:

    Ako beli E61 masa turun KL Sabtu lepas. Uhuhu…
    itu pun untuk browsing kat mobile.. 😀

  12. yginsaf says:

    nokia still rules!

    salam pagi selasa bro!

  13. zaki says:

    @ rasso,

    Ishk….bagusla beli E61. Hand phone tu pun canggih gak….Selamat menggunakannya?

    @ yginsaf,

    nokia ke, motorola ke, samsung ke, sony ericsson ke, htc ke, O2 ke….yang penting kita happy dan puas hati dengan keupayaan handphone masing-masing. Setiap orang yang pakai handphone mestilah ada level2 masing2, tak semua yang akan atau pandai menggunakan semua features dlm hand phone. Adalah sikit percentage mereka2 yang memang guna dan tahu secara detail features handphone dia…

    So, moral dia….ikut selera kita la…mana2 pun…

  14. Webworm says:

    Zaki and others,

    Any advice on Digital Camera ?

  15. zaki says:

    @ Webworm,

    Can you be more specific on what you mean by advice on digital camera?

  16. webworm says:

    Wanna to get a new DG cam…see if you have any advice.

  17. zaki says:

    What will be the main usage for?

    If you want to have it because you appreciate the beauty and art of the photo, then you better get yourself a DSLR digital camera. This type of camera is so powerful. We can have better control on the photo end result.

    If you want to have a digi cam for the sake of just taking photos and keep it or post it in blog, a simple digital camera like the one from nikon, canon, sony will do.

    It all depends on you and the application, the reason of having the camera.

  18. Aizat says:

    I love this phone. I am using Nokia now but I want to try Sony Ericsson because Nokia is well known of the hang phone

  19. zaki says:


    You gotta try this K810i or K850i,
    It’s really good. I’m truly satisfied with the hand phone’s performance. I really think it’s value for money. If cost is the matter, just get K810i like me and trade in your Nokia (if you don’t mind!!!)

  20. Bent says:

    wow..that’s nice hp with camera feature function available..happy blogging with that bro 🙂

  21. farahaznil says:

    hmm…lawa juga hp ni..kalau sony yg ‘K’ tu khas utk kamera kan?ok tak yg ni??hp kamera ke sony ericson yg lebih bgs?mksd farah dia punya kualiti tu..hahha..mmg le kita berpandukan dia punya kualiti gambar kadang2 tak sama kan??jd mana satu yg bgs ni??hahhaa..

    p/s- dgn harga yg telah di survey tu..mcm berpatutan je beli hp ni..hi hi hi..lawa pun lawa..

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