We Are In Kuala Lumpur For Some Fun

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Yesterday evening, after work, I rushed home because we are going to Kuala Lumpur the same evening. My wife is attending a meeting at Amcorp Plaza the next day. Hence, I took a few days off from work not only to accompany her but also for some short local family vacation in the city.

We stayed at my brother’s condo (or can I call it penthouse/duplex), which is located in Selayang. We managed to safely reach there just after 12 o’clock midnight. Thanks to the clear and precise instruction from him. After stepping foot into his duplex, he introduced his wireless Internet which is transmitted from the Aztech wireless router. That simply means we can be online anywhere, anytime (including in the toilet! That was the first time I spent 15 minutes in the toilet checking my email).


My three small kids checking on Mr Santa and the Christmas tree decoration. Location – Ground Floor, Subang Parade, PJ. We went there for lunch and a short window shopping after mummy was done with her meeting at Amcorp Plaza.

P/s ~ Just after we left the house in JB, I realized that I left the charger for my new K810i. It was too late to make a u-turn as we already hit the high way. The “phone status” under the “setting” option already shows that the power has dropped to 24%. Without power, my hand phone is doomed. Luckily, I brought the USB cable for the phone. At least, it was capable to transfer some energy to my hand phone from the laptop, which was done at my brother’s home. I need to get a back up charger the next day.

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No Responses

  1. Aizat says:

    School holidays? Yeah! got for a vacation. Shopping, or leisure time with children.

  2. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    Yup, school vacation + few business trips. 2 in 1. I just returned from KL and Kuantan. We’re just purely glad to be at home.

  3. Webworm says:

    Why don;t you drop me a note before you come to KL ?

  4. zaki says:

    @ Webworm,

    Ops!!! Sorry about that. Hmm…next time I’ll inform you about it. Why? You want to treat me good fancy lunch?

  5. mmuurrllyy says:

    bring ur kids to pavillion in BB…they wil enjoy the environment there..trust me!

  6. zaki says:

    @ mmuurrllyy,

    O Ok, I’ll do that the next time we drop by to KL. Thanks a zillion for the info.

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