Search For Sharlinie, The Kidnapped Kid…

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Poster sharlinie

Let’s pray and do what we can to ensure adik Linie safely returns to her family. We don’t want the same event which happened to adik Nurin repeats. You can play a role to spread this information to others so that the entire nation unites and search for the unfortunate girl. We appreciate real valid informations to assist the parents and the police to organized the search and rescue operation.

To those who kidnapped the girl, please show some mercy to adik Linie. She is still small and she has astma and require proper medications. There are millions of other positive activities that can be done apart from kidnapping a little girl.

To those who have small kids (including me), we better take 110% care of our kids. It seems that our country is not safe until the culprit is totally brought to justice.

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No Responses

  1. budeen says:

    let’s pray for the safety of this kid, and million others so that nurin tragedy wont repeat..

  2. ABU says:


  3. zaki says:

    @ Budeen,

    Yes, all prays for the safety of Linie, the abducted kid.

    @ Abu,

    Wah, soalan maut nampak?!!! Biar pihak berkuasa tentukan. Tapip kalau dpt si penculik dan pembunuh si adik nurin, aku rasa bapak dia mesti belasah orang tu sampai tak bernafas kot!!!

  4. Zura says:

    Hopefully the police will find her soon. If it’s the same kidnapper of Nurin, dia dah naik kepala lah tu sebab polis tak dapat tangkap dia.

    All parents, please educate your children as to why they cannot go anywhere alone. Let them watch Gerak Khas (the series), they are making an episode on Nurin’s story…to be continued next Wednesday at 9pm.

  5. catzer says:

    argh..5 thn sebaya ngan anak sedara aku, sally. Mcm zura ckp, parent kena educate anak2.Even aku takde anak tp anak2 sedara aku even nak jln lebih 100m pun di bawah pemerhatian aku dan pastikan ada sepupu yg lebih besar teman dia..Kalau tak mmg aku tak lepas punyer.

  6. Thushara says:

    In Sri lanka, my motherland a little baby, 2 days old, was missed place in hospital and after 6 days the baby was found. The sri lankan media (rupavahini and papers) did great job at that time. I thnik blog is also public media which can be used for information sharing.

  7. Aizat says:

    Kesian tengok mak ayah sharlinie tu.. hari2 masuk tv nangis.. padan muke kat pembantu rumah indonesia yang bagi maklumat palsu n dah kena tangkap ngan polis.. polis busy sangat skang

  8. zaki says:

    @ Dearest Zura,

    Yes, hopefully we’ll find her and return her safely and peacefully to her family. We need to educate our kids and other kids so that such case would not repeat.

    @ Catzer,

    Yes, we must really monitor them under our radar…

    @ Thushara,

    Wow!! Luckily they discover the baby. If not, it will be a massive disaster for the parents and nightmare for the hospital.

  9. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    Haa….pity the parents. Just pray and hope she return.
    Tu la… pompuan tu memang menyusahkan….orang tgh susah hati dan risau kan anak, dia buat hal bagi info palsu…apalah pleasure nya buat camtu?!!!!

  10. azwanhadzree says:

    Malaysia is getting to dangerous to live in. i think it is about time the authorities enforce the law rather than only talk about it.

    PR4 🙂

  11. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    Agreed. We have to be extra extra cautious and careful…. Maybe we must install some sort of microchip inside our kids flesh!!!

  12. rozita says:

    ada beberapa panduan kalau sesapa berminat membantu…

    Apa yang mampu kita bantu? Kehilangan ADIK Sharlinie

  13. zaki says:

    @ Rozita,

    Wow, thanks for the link. I think the blog owner has list down comprehensive ways on how to assist in the search of the poor girl.

  14. Aizat says:

    yesterday, is the 5th birthday of sharlinie.. i hope she ‘ll be safe.. i pray for her return.. pity on her parents

  15. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    Not only you…the whole nation is worried sake of the poor little girl…I also have 2 daughters and I can imagine how bad the feeling is…for the parents…

  16. titan says:

    Nothing we can do. Just pray and keep searching.

    Just prepare for a bad news. Its too long right?

  17. we can just pray.
    i hope i can join the intensive searching for adik sharlinie.
    we are not in their shoes but somehow we can feel the tension and burden.
    i hope all their timeless efforts will be paid.

  18. Syam says:

    nampaknya mcm sama je keputusannya dgn kanak2 yg la mcm nie 🙁

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