Petrol Price Increase! Get Fuel Saver…

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Fueling Petrol

There’s no doubt that the increase in fuel (petrol and diesel) cost has persuade drivers to seek for methods or mechanism to reduce their fuel consumption. Some people opt to invest and modify their engine to consume liquefied natural gas (LNG). Some people decided to use motorcycle (which is cost saving and faster if traffic jam takes place). Pity, I’m not good in riding a bike!!! Some people like me, chose to use a more economic vehicle like Kancil to go to work. It’s worth it because I cover a distance of 100 km from home to work and back home. Some people installed magnetic stuff inside their engine to make their fuel work more efficiently and thus create some small percentage of saving in their monthly fuel consumption. Rumors say that the price increase is most likely going to happen again. A slight increase in the petrol cost will definitely affect me because of the daily distance that I traveled. Let’s do some mathematics. Don’t worry, it’s simple.

Lets say I work 24 a days a month. 1 day I go to work, I’ll cover 97 km (assume 100 km for the sake of calculation). That means I traveled 26 x 100 km = 2600 km per month.

My kancil fuel tank capacity is about 20 liters only. The current petrol cost is RM1.92 per liter.To fill up the tank, I need to spend RM38.40 per 20 liters.

With a full petrol tank, I can travel 3 days to work. That means, 20 liters (RM38.40) can allow me to go to work for 3 days = 300 km.

Because I work 24 days a month, that means, I have to fill up the petrol 8 times a month in order for me to go to work. (8 times fuelling x 3 days = 24 days). That means the cost of fuel is RM38.4 divide by 300 km = RM 0.128 per km @ 12.8 cents per km.

Last month, a colleague at work introduced a bottle of green fluid called MyGreenOil which he claimed can save petrol. Being nice and because the price is just RM10 (60ml), I bought it from him.


MyGreenOil application is simple. We just mixed 1ml of Mygreenoil to 1 liter of petrol. For my case, I add 20 ml of MyGreenOil liquid into my fuel tank and pour in 20 liters of petrol.

The outcome:

After applying it for the very first time, I was so impressed. An addition of 20 ml gave me extra 80-90 km, which means I can now travel 380-390 km with my Kancil compared to only about 300km previously without MyGreenOil.

The cost of 20 ml is just RM10 / 3 = RM3.33. That means with additional RM3.33 I can get extra 80-90km. The new cost that I have to pay now is RM38.40 + RM3.33 = RM41.73 for every 20 liters of petrol. But when we calculate further, the final cost of petrol per km is now reduced to RM0.107 per km [RM41.73 divide by 380km]. That’s a saving of 16.8%.


After this, I can estimate, the fuel that I have to pay per month is 2600km x 0.107 = RM278.20 per month compared to 2600 x 0.128 = RM332.8. The difference is about RM54.60. Well, those are just an estimate based on my calculations. From it, I know that I can save about RM50 per month and that is before the petrol price increase. The saving will increase when the petrol price rises… God knows when…

What makes me become more convinced that the fluid/additive really work? Before this it took me 3 days before I have to fuel up. Now I can drive my car up to 4 working days. Can that fact lie? I’m not promoting this green liquid. I’m just one of the happy user. Some of my friends bought it as well. Some of them are happy just like me. Some say they don’t see the saving. I don’t give a damn about it…. the most important thing is …… it benefited me…. and…..

MyGreenOil paper

….and I want to share them with you. That’s why, as promise, I’m rewarding the top 5 top commentators of the month of January a bottle each. Yes, that’s right. One bottle of MyGreenOil for the 5 top commentators of this month. If you want it…well…I guess you know what to do…. 🙂

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31 Responses

  1. Aizat says:

    The petrol price will increase after the election on March.. and also the same for other things like flour, sugar, cooking oil.. hehe..
    so vote wisely..
    btw, it is a good step to use this mygreenoil. don’t need to install any other equipment.. if the analysis is tru as stated, then we might save around RM600/year. enough to pay for the children school fees..

  2. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    That’s from my experience and analysis. Other people should try it out and analyze it too… If it’s ok, then you can use it…. 🙂

  3. Aizat says:

    Yeah.. moreover the price is not too expensive aka affordable.. so if anyone interested to get the mygreenoil can contact bro zaki tak? bro zaki ada jual? or take part in the contest to be the top commentator.. hehe..

  4. zaki says:


    If anybody want to buy, can go to their official website. Or if you or anybody still want to buy it from me, that can be arranged.

    As for this month, it is a contest maaa….

  5. zaki blogjer says:

    Any side effect to engines? I must get this 1 bottle at the end of this month

  6. NoktahHitam says:

    wow.. that a lot of saving.

    btw, how come you cover 100km per day? thats very far!

    for my gen2, I can only cover 50km per RM10. thats 20 cent per liter. VERY EXPENSIVE.

  7. webworm says:


    Have you got any report stating that the performance in new car as compare to 5 years, 10 years and 15 years old car ?

    I would this post should appear in your Chem Eng blog !

  8. zaki says:

    @ Zaki Blogjer,

    Nope… No side effect at all. In fact they provide liability insurance incase anything happen …check out the website for the insurance. Sometimes I feel the engine is smoother….some of my friend said their engine pick-up improved. Well, all of that are subjective…. how to justify it…? Psychologically , we’ll tend to feel that the engine is smoother and got pick-up…. I don’t care about the pick up at all…. All I know that it save my fuel consumption…. 🙂

    @ NoktahHitam,

    From Kangkar Pulai to Pasir Gudang = 49 km
    From Pasir Gudang to Kangkar Pulai = 49 km
    TOTAL = 98 km (almost 100 km)
    Yes, that’s very far….and it becomes more worse if high pasir gudang …JAM!!!!

    @ Webworm,

    hmm…I don’t have that and I am not sure / aware if the manufacturer have that?!!!…. Believe me,…I have thought of inserting this entry at my chem eng blog… But, last minute, I put it here…. I want to share the tokens here…. 🙂

  9. azwanhadzree says:

    i know how to ride a bike but i dont have a license 🙂

    anyway my petrol budget is quite big. it can reach RM600 per month sometimes. i travel a lot what to do. my neighbor sold to me something like this before but it was in tablet form. it save me some money but not significant compared to the cost.

    well, maybe i can win this 🙂

  10. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    Yea…you can own it…. You know what to do right?!!!

  11. webworm says:

    OK…may be the technical content can park at Chem Eng Blog by leaving the offer.

  12. zaki says:

    @ Webworm,

    Yes, you’re absolutely right.

  13. budeen says:

    my 1996 1.6 EFI engine covers 0.17/km.. someone mentioned that by adding voltage stabilizer, grounding wire & magnetic device will drastically improve fuel consumption.. not sure how true it is..

  14. zaki says:

    @ Budeen,

    You can get the answer after you try it out. I’ve tried using the magnet and also mygreenoil. So far, I’m happy using them.

  15. am says:

    fuel saver… so i need to become top 5 to get this for free rite?? i’ll make it happen!!!

  16. zaki says:

    @ Am,

    Yuppp…you’re absolutely right.

  17. azwanhadzree says:

    ya, i know what to do
    i’m doing it now

  18. webworm says:

    Hei Zaki / Azwan,
    What’s going on man ?

  19. Ndmervin says:

    I wonder whether it works on my 3-mth old Persona. The same Campro engine used in the current Gen2 and Waja… quite a guzzler la… even tho its a NEW engine as its a new car…

    What do you think, Zaki, for my case?

    THanks man.

    P/S: The contest still on? May I deserve a win! 😀 Wanna try the oil la..

  20. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    Yes…keep on working on it.

    @ Webworm,

    I’m just informing Azwan to leave comments (good comment) in order to get the free fuel saver… 🙂

    @ Ndmervin,

    The fuel saver work for all vehicles. So, it definitely can show some saving in your petrol consumption. It really work for me…

    Yep…the contest run till 31st January 2008… Anybody can try….he he… 😉

  21. Aizat says:

    this is the last day of the contest.. strive hard to get the fuel saver.. hope that i’ll win..

  22. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    You’re already at the right track.

  23. CarFan says:

    It surely looks like a great product. I’ll have a look to see if I can find something similar here. Great idea to help reduce the cost of filling up at the crazy price of today.

  24. Bent says:

    I don’t have car yet 🙂 I just use my bike to my working place. I love car but I have short of money on it..maybe next time.

  25. ChineseRulezIndianGoodFriend says:

    …????????? ?????!!!
    ?? ????

    MelayuGood for Nothing

  26. ChineseRulezIndianGoodFriend says:

    Melayu Good for Nothing __!__

  27. coolermaster says:

    With extremely high gas prices straining consumers pockets in recent months, it is only natural for people to wonder where all the money they pay at the pump goes..I install fuel saver on my car after i found this web site..

  28. dreamweaver says:

    I just bought 1 pack (5 bottles x 60ml each) today for my Kancil 850 (2001) and CRV. Will test it to see how good this product is.

    The test will mostly with my Kancil as I used it to go to work and back everyday. I constantly drive between 60km~80km per hour (or as long as the RPM stay at 3000 or below).

    Will share the “findings” soon here…. the way ChineseRulezIndianGoodFriend…I am Chinese too, but I value all Malaysian the same. I know some Chinese are useless, but no need to mention on what. You should know that already…

  29. Solomon says:

    Hmmm… sounds tempting, but in my experience with add on devices and research on the web, I’ve found most are just snakeoil (i.e. they don’t deliver on the results promised). I’d love to find a product that delivers on it’s promise.

    So far,the best advice I’ve experienced is to change my driving habits. These I’m posting on my blog. You can have a look at it at

  30. myrngvp ylrqsdkh otgxfc duekzqa ugwa icaed ktxfpizvr

  1. August 10, 2008

    […] of 2 hours a day in it. The fuel consumption is very low and it has further reduced when I applied MyGreenOil. Despite of the tragic tragedy which occurred in Feb 2007, my Kancil is still one of my favourite. […]

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