Second Adsense Payment Via Western Union Was OK…

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Basikal tua

I was supposed to withdraw my Google Adsense money end of last month. However, I totally forgot about it!!?%$@#*^ Luckily my other half reminded me about it. I went to RHB bank, Pasir Gudang area last Friday to withdraw the money via Western Union. Despite successfully receiving my first payment, I was quite worried because I’ve read about bloggers experiencing problem withdrawing their Adsense payment and end up did not get paid. Well, I hope, it won’t happen to me. After a short que, I approached the counter and gave the bank officer my Western Union form. She looked at me and said the Western Union services were “off line”. Frustrated and due to limited time during office break, I returned for work.Yesterday, I went to the same bank and the response was still the same – “off line”. I went to CIMB which was just next to it. Wow!!! The bank was flooded with people. The Western Union counter was also crowded with foreign contract workers (Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia and various others that I cannot recognize) who wanted to send money to their love ones at home. I was the only one who wanted to receive money. I waited for 25 agonizing minutes. After that, I decided to make a move because I know I won’t be getting my money soon – the lady bank officer went off for lunch!!! Can you believe that!? Your customers are there waiting and queuing… How can she just leave… OK, maybe somebody covered up for her… But I could not wait. My lunch break was already over… I requested for my IC and form.

Today, my 3rd day attempt, I went to RHB bank, asked the officer whether Western Union is online or not? It’s online… Yes!!! So, I handed in the form and my IC. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was called to sign the receipt and collected the money. Thank God, syukur, the process was silky smooth. It was not as fast as some people claimed, but at least I’m glad I got the hard cash.

What about you? How was your experience withdrawing Adsense payment via Western Union?

p/s: The photo (memang takde kena mengena dengan post nie… – courtesy from Budeen. TQ bro…

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No Responses

  1. NoktahHitam says:

    how much did you get? whats the exchange rate like?

  2. zaki says:

    @ NoktahHitam,

    Hmmm… Why did you ask that question? I know everyone would like to know but I prefer not to reveal it. Not too much, not too little. It’s good enough to help pay a little bit of this and that…

    However, I hope I can earn more and more adsense later in future…InsyaAllah…

    The exchange rate was 3.224.

  3. Mohd Ismail says:

    ha ha.. itu la, dapat bonus, x ingat da duit adsense.. ha ha

    *exchange rate skang sgt cilaka.. boleh jatuh miskin aku lama2 gini* ha ha

  4. Dapat duit adsense nak beli basikal ke…BONUS $$$$$

  5. budeen says:

    itu theme sudah tukar ka??? dulu kaler oren, sikalang pokok juga… manyak canteekk maaa!!

  6. zaki says:

    @ Mael,

    He he….cam tau tau je ko ye aku baru dapat bonus….Tak sentuh lagi nie…simpan dulu….

    @ Abu,

    Ishk….tak la…watpe nak beli beskal….itu saje je, photo hiasan…

    @ Budeen,

    Itu tukar header je bro…Thanks….penat pikir camna nak tukar…maklum la, I’m a newbie…

  7. azwanhadzree says:

    i should be trying this month payment with western union. nanti lah ye .. tengok mudah ke tidak.

    actually, i was paying a lot of attention on link advertisement and editorial paid review on all my blogs (peeergh .. macam byk) only lately that i concentrate on others like adsense (walaupun dah lama ada) … nuffnang and maybe amazon soon.

  8. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    Yes, try it out. It is supposed to be easy…As easy as 1, 2, 3….
    Make sure you select that option in the Adsense payment area.
    Then get your MTNC number. Then everything will be ok.

    I think Amazon is very slow…well, slow for me. However, I hope I can find a way or technique to effectively monetize it.

  9. megat says:

    Congrat! Hope that it will going smooth forever uhuhu

  10. Aizat says:

    Wah! dapat payment lagi.. makin kaya lah.. boleh buat kenduri nie.. nasi briyani gam ke..

  11. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    Adala rezeki sikit…Takde la sampai buat kenduri….kenduri kecik2 ok la…
    Nanti la…kalau dah kencang boleh sembellih unta!!! 🙂

  12. zaki says:

    @ Megat,

    Thanks, I hope so too…

  13. webworm says:

    Congrat’s! Hope you make similar posting every month…

    As well as Zaki’s blog visitors !

  14. zaki says:

    @ Webworm,

    Thanks… Well… I don’t think so…Maybe not after this…better I highlight on something …. 😉

  15. zaki blogjer says:

    I hope my adsense cleared after 2 months. Finally they discover my name too long and western union system can’t accept that.

  16. zaki says:

    @ Zaki Blogjer,

    OOooo I did not know that…. Does a long name really affect that…? ?By the way how long is your name?

  17. Aizat says:

    sekejap je sudah dapat 2nd payment. kayo betul pakcik… btw, bro zaki got how many blogs to earn from adsense?

  18. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    It’s not that fast. I have work for it since August 2006. About 3-4 blogs generate the adsense for me.

  19. Bent says:

    I have still less then enough of money to withdraw my adsense 🙂

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