Manchester United’s Ronaldo Perfect Freekick

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If you haven’t see it, you must see it. The video simply shows how magnificent he is.

“Sir Alex Ferguson billed Cristiano Ronaldo as the equal of David Beckham after seeing the Manchester United winger score a spectacular free-kick as the reigning champions returned to the top of the Premier League with a 2-0 win against Portsmouth.” Continue reading.

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No Responses

  1. webworm says:

    Wow ! Dame sharp ! Another record of year 2008 !

  2. zaki says:

    @ Webworm,

    Yeah…that’s a real beauty! Job well done. If only he can do like that all the time or at least 50% of all the free kick he shoot, that will be marvelous.

  3. webworm says:

    I guess by then, he will the other “Ronaldo”…with “broken leg” all the time.

    All Zaki’s reader,
    Your friend Zaki blogging till 3.00am (I am the witness) in the morning ! You should appreciate his effort to bring stuff to you all…probably wanna to achieve 99.99% Blogging addiction !

  4. zaki..this is alie ..your koleq buddy if u still remember ??? ….kita semua tengah compile all the contacts and planning for something like a grand gathering… monthly meet macam tu pun dah start…r u on the egroup list??? i am going to link your blog to our batch’s blog ….hope u dont me bro..pls do ..and is Rahmat Iskandar working at your place as well??? pls email me!…ok cheers bro!

    alie d14/ md shah/ class of 93/ 5 sc 2

  5. zaki says:

    @ Alie,

    Haha….lama tak dengar citer bro… I’m not in the egroup list. Thanks for linking my blog. I’ll do the same as well. Nope…I don’t know where Rahmat Iskandar is. The last time I saw him was in UK 8 years ago…

    thanks for contacting me…w’sallam

  6. azwanhadzree says:

    the video hv been removed lah bro

  7. zaki says:

    @ Azwan…

    La….Very unfortunate….
    By the way, thanks for informing. I’ll try to look for other alternative…by the way, the goal was superbly struck on the top right hand corner!!!

  8. en_me says:

    bola bola bola..

    salam pagi ahad bro!

  9. zaki says:

    @ en_me,

    Salam…nasib baik man U seri satu sama semalam….he he…

  10. titan says:

    Walaupun aku rasa macam lucky je. Tapi itu betul2 free kick yang best dilihat! Volley dia menjadi..

  11. zaki says:

    @ Titan,

    Yes, that’s right. He occasionally takes the free kick, but this one was really superb!

  12. mmuurrllyy says:

    r u MAN UTD u fan… huhuhu me 2…
    btw… r u ex-MCKK

  13. zaki says:

    @ mmuurrllyy,

    The answer for both questions : Yes.

  14. Aizat says:

    huhu too late i can’t watch the video because its unavailable already..

  15. zaki says:

    @ Aizat,

    Ops….I’m afraid this is the second time this happen….I’ll try and search and insert a video that can play the clip very soon.

  16. tak dapat tgk ar…tp …
    cicano ni kalo tak dapat gol mesti nangis..pe2 MU kena kasi satu gol per game..kalo mamat ni nangis susah nk benti…hehe..

  17. zaki says:

    @ Aizat and Arsenal Malaysia,

    OK, I’ve included another two clips from youtube. I don’t understand why the previous 2 clips are no longer available. Enjoice…. 😉

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