Pasir Gudang Kite Festival is Hot!

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On a bright sun warm sun shiny day, we went to Bukit Layang-layang, Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru, Malaysia to witness the International Kite Festival 2008 which is held from 19-24 February 2008. It is the last day and the park was still flooded with people and vehicles parking alongside it. Various activities were organized to attract local and international visitors. This is the second time I brought my family to the kite festival.


A giant Egypt pharaoh kite flew in the air. The contestant is from USA.


That’s the contestant pulling his pharaoh on the dry yellowish grass. The rain has not hit Pasir Gudang for about 1 month.


Some of the kites flying in the light beautiful blue sky

kite 4

Spiderman kite. My son could not resist to have this one. So, we bought it for him for MYR5/piece (string included).

kite 5

Some of the goods sold at the festival. Among them are hats and kid’s stuff.

kite 6

Paint ball field is also available. However, when we came, the battle have not yet begin.

kite 7

Some small toy cars are up for sale as well. They cost MYR4 each. But you can get 3 for MYR10. I’m not sure about the quality…

kite 8

Cheap jeweleries are also sold here. Most of them comes from China.

kite 9

Some other kite design up for grab.

kite kfc 10

A bunch of fast food restaurant also participated in the kite festival. Among them are Kentucky Friend Chicken, Pizza Hut and Ayamas. Well, they all come from the same mother company!

kite 11

The shade prepared for visitors to enjoy the international kite show.

kite 12

What is this? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a type of kite as well…

kite 13

Me with that mini umbrella hat. That cost us only MYR 5. It’s cool under that “umbre-hat” ;) .

kite 14

Me playing with my kids. There are hundreds of other kite enthusiast playing around huge park.

kite 15

I told you there are a lot of kites there…

I don’t know whether a similar international kite festival is held in other places or not? But, it is definitely an annual event in Johor Bahru. If you miss this, you can come here again next year. It’s really fantastic but it’s hot (warm).

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17 thoughts on “Pasir Gudang Kite Festival is Hot!”

  1. another activities that i missed. dulu selalu datang sini since dok kat quarters pasir gudang. ehehehe mmg panas giler kat bukit layang2 neh. pegi tak kat muzium tuh ? hehe :)

  2. @ Knizam,

    Wow….it seems that you have missed JB (specifically Pasir Gudang) too much. Drop by and hilangkanlah kerinduan itu… ;)

  3. @ lovelornjoe,

    Festival tu baru habis semalam. Still dlm bulan 2. takpe pegi next year. Tahun ni takde angin la.

    @ Shah,

    Yep, sayang…you can snap a lot of photos and upload it to

    @ Azwan,

    Nak ke umbre-hat tu…nanti kalau ada tahun depan aku jadikan hadiah…
    Nasib baik bukak site takde anak kan…kalau tak bergaduh siut.

  4. aiyooo kute la sangat mamat tu pakai payung bebudak atas kepale dia…

    am teringat kat seseorang yang janji nak bawa am pi pesta layang2… dan 4 tahun janji tapi tak tunai lagi…

  5. @ Am,

    Eh…ye ke cute? :)

    Ala kesian nyer tunggu cam tu. Meh dtg JB Feb tahun depan. Nanti aku bawakkan ke festival layang…

  6. Festival tahun nie akan mendukacitakan. Festival paling happening adalah pada tahun 2006.

    Aku pegi masa perasmian (23/2) oleh Sultan Johor. Banyak layang-layang yang tak naik dek kerana kurang angin.

    Kalau ko pegi hari sabtu, jumpa ramai blogger dr selatan nie seperti azhar dan lan rasso eheh.

  7. insyaallah ada rezeki sampaila am kat sana… ada kawan am punya abang meniaga kat sini tiap2 tahun… untung dia, dia cite dalam 15k boleh capai punya…

  8. @ Aizat,

    Wah…lama tak dengar cerita? sunyi sepi je… Apesal? Where have you been?

    @ Megat,

    Yep. This year’s festival was not as exciting as the previous one. No wind? or perhaps not enough wind power.

    Tak dapek nak pegi hari sabtu la… ada aqiqah anak adik aku.

    @ Am,

    Orait, kalau sampai…boleh kasi tau…
    Lebat gak income dia meniaga situ !!!

  9. Those kites are gorgeous. Here in the midwestern part of the United States, I wouldn’t even know where to find kites like that. The stores here only sell cheap plastic kites.

  10. @ Piper,

    Yea…sure they’re gorgeous. Pity, there’re not enough wind power to fly the kites. If you could not find those cute interesting kite in US, maybe you can consider coming to Malaysia :)

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