10 Guides For Voters On Polling Day

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The polling day is just a few hours away and it is essential to have a guide for voters (especially for first time voters). Following are few simple basic guideline for voters during the polling day. This guide is practical in Malaysia. Other countries guideline may differ.

perang poster

1. Before going to the polling station, ensure that your name is listed on the electoral roll. You can do this by checking at SPR website or SMS your IC number to 33886 (cost you 50 cents).2. You can use any of the following documents when verifying your identity at the polling station:

Identity card (I.C.); International passport; Identity Card Temporary receipt (Form JPN 1/9); Lost Identity card receipt (Form JPN 1/11 with photograph) that has been certified true by the National Department; or driving licence.

3. Voters who are blind or disabled are permitted to ask their relatives to mark ballot papers for them. If in case the relatives are unavailable, the presiding officer will help mark the ballot papers.

4. Do not go to the polling station wearing large and obvious party symbols.

5. Wait patiently for your turn to vote. Most ballot center provide chairs. You can sit and relax if you’re tired…

6. Do not speak or discuss with others while marking your ballot paper. If you have problems, consult the presiding officer.

7. Do not take too long to mark your ballot paper and do not spoil it as you will not be given a replacement.

8. Mark the ballot with “X”. Remember teachers and lecturers, do not tick the box. This happen a few times before because they are very used to marking and correcting examination papers or exercise books.

9. Do not show the ballot paper to others. Your vote is secret. Keep it to yourself – For your eyes only.

10. After marking the ballot paper, put it inside the transparent SPR ballot box.

Remember: You are only allowed to vote once in an election. Do not cast your vote twice or more as this is a serious offense.

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No Responses

  1. titan says:

    huhu..you must use X. Not Y..

  2. NoktahHitam says:

    In all honesty, how can the SPR know if we voted twice since they ruled out indelible ink?

    I was told that on every voting sheet, there’s a reference number. So in the end, our vote is not a secret at all.

  3. en_me says:

    selamat gi mengundi my bro..

  4. zaki blogjer says:

    I suspecting the fella that arrested few days back due to having a indelible ink is acting only, or paid to do so

  5. KNizam says:

    aku baru balik drpd poll centre. hehe beratur panjang gak la tadi. haha. tapi mmg berguna la kalau tahu saluran mana tuh. lagi senang terus je ke bilik darjah tuh. hehe πŸ™‚

  6. zaki says:

    @ titan

    OK….don’t use Y.

    @ NoktahHitam

    Diorang ni cakap tak serupa bikin. Takde ketelusan…

    @ en_me Mar

    Thank you..kejap lagi nak pegi lah ni..

    @ zaki blogjer

    Aku pun rasa macam tu jugak.

    @ KNizam

    Thanks for the tips.

  7. titan says:

    tu la. aku kata jangan guna Y. Kan dah banyak undi ditoalk..

    tak aku sangka. Sharizat tewas kepada Izzah akhirnya..

    Badrul gagal untuk tewaskan khairy..

    Yang paling menarik, Pak Lah menang tipis..

  8. azwanhadzree says:

    voting at my place was smooth. i went just before lunch, and there was only a few of us there .. dilayan baik punya oleh perayu-perayu undi.

  9. zaki says:

    @ Titan,

    Truly the result was very interesting. Penang was very very shocking as well πŸ™‚

    @ Azwan,

    Me too. I went to the voting center around 2.30 pm and everything was super smooth… πŸ™‚

    Must get the newspaper tomorrow to see the whole picture…

  10. titan says:

    hehe..aku beli 2 surat khabar esok. utusan sama metro..hoho..:D

  11. zaki blogjer says:

    BN lost 5 states. They should now know, what folks wanted. Please assess you self

  12. zaki says:

    Good morning everybody. It’s a beautiful Sunday… (I want to for get Man U lost yesterday)…

    I’m going to have a breakfast date with my wife and buy a newspaper…

    It’s result is very surprising and interesting… πŸ™‚

  13. catzer says:

    Done with election, back to office do the same job as usual..yeah πŸ˜€

  14. Syam says:

    @ catzer – pangkah ape tahun nie..opps..undi adalah rahsia πŸ˜›

  15. zaki says:

    @ Syam,

    Korang elok pakat-pakat mengundi tempat yang sama je…5 tahun lagi… πŸ™‚

  16. Syam says:

    @ zaki – camana nak pakat..time tu aku ngundi pos je..

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