Our Langkawi Trip – Part 2

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It was a nice warm sun shiny day in Langkawi (our second day on the island) and we’ve got a lots of place and activities to cover. Off course, after having a simple breakfast in Hotel Awana Porto Malai Langkawi, we blasted off to Gunung Machinchang.

langkawi 1

However, on our way there, we stumbled upon a local small medium enterprise making herbs and gamat.

langkawi 2

So, we droped by and bought few bottles of gamat and “minyak panas”.

langkawi 3

On the way to Gunung Machinchang, we stopped over at a jetty to check on few luxurious boat.

langkawi 7

Finally, we arrived at below Gunung Machinchang and bought ourself 2 adults and 2 kids cable car tickets. It cost us RM40 all together. You need to show your identity card to get the discount. Otherwise, you’ll be charge RM25 per person for adult.

langkawi 4

Waiting for the cable car is not that long because it was a low peak season. We got on our cable car (which can accommodate 6 person). It went up smoothly and in just a few moment, we witness a very gorgeous Langkawi scenery from the cable car.

langkawi 5

There were 2 pit stops for the cable car on top of Gunung Machincang. We couldn’t car less to stop on the first one. We continued to travel further to the summit of the mountain until we reached the second & final station. It actually took about 15 minutes to travel from the bottom to the station at summit of the mountain. We get off the cable car and notice even a more superb spectacular view of the island land and shore. Being up there was just breath taking. We’re roughly more than 750 feet on top of sea level. You can spend your sweet time there enjoying the marvelous view, relax, feet massage, filling your stomachΒ  – there are people selling foods like nasi lemak, various kuih etc and drinks but watch out – the prices are double of what you can get on the ground.

langkawi 6

There’s this pretty well structured hanging bridge on top of the mountains. My kids were really nervous staying very far above the ground.

langkawi 8

But, in order to get there, you need to do a little bit of walking along the forest. Going to the curve-like hanging bridge was easier because you just hike down to it. Exiting the bridge will be physically demanding. You need to walked upwards anti gravity. If you got astma, or if you’re old or very young, there are few benches that you can sit on while absorbing more oxygen to ease your biological respiration process. I have to carry my youngest daughter all the way down and up, luckily I’m still fit – at that time πŸ˜‰

langkawi 9

This photo was taken while we were traveling down. The cable car that is clearly seen in the photo was traveling upwards to the peak. After getting of the cable car, the walkway will lead to a series of souvenir store. If you like, you can window shop, survey and buy anything that may interest you. For me, the prices varies. There are those items that are cheap and some which are a little bit costly. I bought Langkawi Cable Car sticker which just cost RM2.00, few fridge magnets and key chains.

We did spent some time at the GeoPark, which is the place where the bottom cable car station is located. There are a number of shops – what else – souvenir off course and some lots which sell snacks and beverages. The GeoParrk landscaping is not bad. I wasn’t able to snap some photos because my battery was unfortunately weaken.

After enjoying the cable car ride, the immaculate view of Langkawi and very briefly walked around GeoPark, we headed to Beras Terbakar (Burnt Paddy Field) which was in the midland of Langkawi nearby Padang Mat Sirat. It was the second biggest town after Kuah. After arriving at Beras Terbakar, we did not see any place or event whereby there is any ‘beras terbakar’! To our surprise, it was just a small place like a market where people get most of their daily stuffs there. If you visit Langkawi, if you have limited time, do not bother to check on Beras Terbakar.

langkawi 10

Makam Mahsuri, Snake Sanctuary and Underwater World adventure to be continued…

langkawi 11

langkawi 12

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No Responses

  1. alie d14 says:

    ish semakin menarik ni!!!! …. macam kena pegi jugak ni…mmmm!

  2. zaki says:

    @ Alie,

    OK la tu. I’ll put in more info based on the limited knowledge and experience that we gained from the trip. It can be a Langkawi vacation guide for those haven’t been there or plan to go there πŸ™‚

  3. titan says:

    wawa..gamat dan herba? haa..angkat satu aa..dah lama aku tak naik keta kabel tu. dulu masa kecik je naik. dah besau ni, malas tul nak gi sana kalau takde apa2 even..

  4. topo says:

    makam mahsuri… hohoho aku tgah tgu cg aku balik dari langkawi… nk bwak balik mahsuri tok aku… hohoho sure xleh dpatnya….

  5. zaki says:

    @ Titan,

    Tu lah, aku pun dulu dah berkurun lama gi Langkawi. Sekarang dah lupa dah sumer. Gi second time ni, kira refresh sikit la…

    @ Topo,

    Ko ni tak habis2 tunggu cikgu… pergi sendiri lah… Lagi feel πŸ™‚

  6. topo says:

    nanti2 la hohohoh honeymoon maybe… xpon buat lawatan sambil belajar ky kilang gamat ke… hohohoho

  7. zaki says:

    @ Topo,

    Banyak-banyak tempat, takkan ko nak pegi kilang proses gamat kot?!!!

  8. topo says:

    tu tempat paling berinformasi sekali… hohohoho amat seswai nk dijadikan lawatan sambil blaja… hohoho confirm paper work xkne reject…hahahaha

  9. zaki says:

    @ Topo,

    Yes. Kalau nak di fikir-fikirkan, memang banyak sangat tempat berinformasi kat Langkawi ni. Really. So, if you can really make a good convincing proposal, you’ll get to travel to Langkawi for free!!! Betul tak? πŸ™‚

  10. topo says:

    ya tepat sekali…. holiday akan lebih bermakna jika pergi bersama rakan2 dgan percuma hohohoo

  11. zaki says:

    @ Topo,

    You’re absolutely right πŸ™‚

  12. Syam says:

    hari tu aku dah pegi langkawi, tapi miss nak pegi naik keta kabel sebab tak cukup masa..next time kena pegi naik kabel car tu dulu ..mesti!!!

  13. zaki says:

    @ Syam,

    Oh… Well, that’s fine. I did miss a lot of good spots and activities. I plan to cover those places/activities the next time i visit Langkawi. πŸ™‚

  14. titan says:

    ehm..aku nak gi dengan sape ek. tak best gi sorang-sorang. kena ada orang teman. wat party bbq ke apa ke. baru meriah sket..

    kalau sorang-sorang. Tu tunggu masa aku jadi millionare. Memang aku gi jenjalan sorang-sorang. xnak ada orang kaco..

  15. topo says:

    -> ya-ha memang xbes nk p sorg2… ssah2 sgat nak carik teman…. pe kate ko buat la contest yg hadiah die melancong ke langkawi bersama Titan.. kos adalah tanggungan sendiri… hohohoho

  16. zaki says:

    @ Topo,

    amboi…amboi… bagi hadiah trip ke Langkawi… memang menarik…. Boleh di consider kan later in future πŸ™‚

  17. Syam says:

    @ zaki – bagi je tiket feri percuma..yg lain sendirian berhad πŸ˜€

  18. zaki says:

    @ Syam,

    Ala…tiket je maybe tak best kalau sorang je. But, if we give ferry return tickets for 4 person… cam lagi menarik sikit…tapi still tak berbaloi lagi kot πŸ˜‰

  19. topo says:

    hohooh tu sebenarnya idea utk TITAN yg x tau nak p ngan sape2… lupe plak nk ltak nme kt dpan… tp kalo ko nk gune pon cambes gak…

  20. zaki says:

    @ Topo + Titan,

    Tapi Titan tu ada byk followers dalam blog dia apa…. sure byk yang nak menemankan dia… πŸ™‚

  21. Syam says:

    @ zaki – titan dan blog earnceant tu bukan calang2 tau.. πŸ˜€

  22. topo says:

    tu la pasal… idea tu sgat bernas untuk titan… mari bercuti bersama TITAN hohohoh

  23. Syam says:

    @ topo..tapi titan tu lelaki kan? takpela takmau ikut..lain la kalau syia yg ajak..hahahahahha

  24. zaki says:

    Yep… I know titan’s blog is so so so …. don’t know how to describe it.
    Mari bercuti bersama Titan… That’s a good idea πŸ™‚

    Syam, nak dengan pompuan je… Syia tu nak layan ko ke?

  25. topo says:

    hohooho carik la 2-3 winner lain… tapikan.. dunia blogging mmg dipelopori kaum speseis kite je la… hohoho

  26. KNizam says:

    wahhh bestnyer. saya pun x sempat lagi nak naik ke kereta kabel tuh

  27. topo says:

    kalo syia xnak chatzer kan ade… hohoho membagkitkan semula gossip..hahahha

  28. titan says:

    weh..weh. apa korang dok cite nih..

    yelah..yelah..nanti aku cari sponsor gi langkawi. manalah aku nak cekau sponsor nih..sponsor bulan depan nak cari lagi. hari dapat satu lagi sponsor hadiah. best-best πŸ˜€

    Nanti aku carilah sesape nak teman. kalau ada syia pun ok apa.

    topo, syam, zaki..Ooo..kan main korang ek..

  29. topo says:

    proposal ku macam diterima je… hohohohoho

  30. Syam says:

    haha..catzer ke syia ke rina ke..opss..sape2 pun boleh..janji tak sama jantina dgn aku..haha πŸ˜›

  31. topo says:

    aku dah agak da… nama rina sure naik nye… nak ke die turut serta??? hohoho dah nerapu jauh dah tajuk ni…hohoho

  32. Syam says:

    @ topo – ko memang suka mengagak (ntah2 ko pun nak ajak dia jgk kot πŸ˜› mane ade merapu beb.. tajuk dia our langkawi trip..our tu boleh jadi..percutian syam dan gadis2 lain di langkawi.. πŸ˜›

  33. topo says:

    hohoho lpas ni cite rpsal Le tour d langkawi plak… hohohooh still x lari tjuk lg tu… hohoho aku xbleh nk ajak gadis blogger lain la… gadis2 blogger UTeM pon aku x terhandle… hohohohoho

  34. titan says:

    rina? syia? angkat ajela kalau leh..nak ke rina gi langkawi? jauh tu..

  35. topo says:

    sila la jemput wahai en TITAN… hohohoh bercuti di langkawi bersama TITAN… dan disertai oleh rina serta syia…hohohoohoho terbatuk2 minah 2 org tu tdo mlam ni… kita asik sebut nama die je…. hohohoho

  36. Syam says:

    blogger2 wanita utem? perlu juga diajak diorang tu..lagi ramai lagi meriah πŸ˜€

  37. titan says:

    haha. dah korang gatal2 sebut. masin korang dibuatnya. Manatau ada orang nak sponsor hadiah tu. kalau dapat RM2-3k sponsor. Memang aku hantau korang gi sabah. siap bagi duit poket RM100 sorang. Haha..:D

  38. topo says:

    hohohoh ssah gua nak ajak… kalo ko nk try p la tnya sendri… p kt page UTeM bloggers aku pastu pilih la mne yg berkenan… hohohoho
    kalo diorg tau aku petik name diorg ni… konfirm x tenang hidup aku kt UTeM sok ni… hohohooh

  39. titan says:

    haha. ko tenang hidup ke sekarang? hehe? topo..topo..

  40. topo says:

    hohoho byak krisis dowh sekarang ni… hohoho TITAN kata kalo btol2 ko bleh dpat sponsor.. kami ni jgan dilupakan.. hhohoho org yg mengemukakan usul.. hohoohoh

  41. Syam says:

    @ topo – idea dah ada..tinggal perlaksanaan je tu..part paling susah nih

  42. topo says:

    hohoho bila dah ade idea… segalanya mungkin… hohoho

  43. titan says:

    hehe. tugas aku mencari. baru dapat 1 lagi sponsor bulan May. Hehe. Siapa? Biarlah rahsie aku dengan sponsor je..

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