Super Low Cell Phone Prices at iMobile Plaza

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Want to treat yourself with the latest cell phone? Visit and check out iMobile Plaza. It’s one of the leading cell phone wholesaler and retailer in the world. Located strategically in Jakarta, Indonesia, it can efficiently serve the Asia Pacific region without hassle.

iMobile Plaza offers hand phones from various major brands which include Apple, HP, HTC, Blacberry, Dopod, Eten, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Siemens, LG, PalmOne, O2, Benq-Siemens and Vertu. All hand phones are equip with decent description and complete specifications which made it easy for prospects like you and me to go through before deciding to purchase a unit or two.

iMobile Plaza

Today, I registered as a member to get more out of the services and products offered by them. The registration process is simple, straightforward and need no brainer – which is excellent.

I played around with the shopping cart. I selected Nokia N95 8GB (copper colour) without car charger, and they offer it at a staggering price of $551 (RM 1,763) without shipping cost. In Malaysia, a new set of N95 8GB price is hovering above RM 2,000. At the delivery section, they offer three options:

(1) UPS Worldwide Express (3-5 days) – $13.63 (RM43.62);
(2) UPS Worldwide Expedited (14 days) – $4.69 (RM15.01);
(3) FedEX Express (3-5 days) – $ 11.62 (RM 37.18).

So, let say I choose UPS Worldwide Expedited, I need to pay a total of $555.69 (RM 1,778) and within a fortnight (if I’m patient enough), I can get my new Nokia N95 8GB delivered at my door step.

Payment can be made using three methods; credit cards, Western Union, and Telegraphic Transfer/Wire Transfer. However, they only accept credit cards from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. I don’t understand why they can’t accept credit cards from other countries and that’s a little bit disappointment. Nevertheless, I hope they can accept credit card payments from other countries later in future.

So, for those of you who can’t pay using credit card, you can opt for Western Union and Telegraphic Transfer or wire Transfer. The only downside is you have to take some trouble to visit your local bank and settle the payment off line.

Let’s check on the new iPhone 16GB. iMobile Plaza offers a superbly attractive price for the revolutionary Apple product. It simply provides us the means to be a iPhone trader in Malaysia. Just look at the price of 1 unit of iPhone – $519 (RM1661) and that’s before the delivery cost. In case you want to purchase more than that, they offer substantial discount:

(1)Purchase 2 to 4 units: $493/piece (RM 1578/piece)
(2)Purchase 5 to 10 units: $ 467/piece (RM1495/piece)
(3)Purchase 11 units or more: $ 441/piece (RM1412/piece)

iPhone 16GB

If only I have a cell phone shop and a good client base, I will definitely get those iPhones to be marketed locally. The insane offer is also available for iPhone 8GB as well.

What if you’re not 100% satisfied with the hand phone? Don’t worry. The “Return Policy” is available for us to return the product within 90 days and immobile will absorb the cost to exchange it. To learn more about this, you can check the Return Policy at iMobile Plaza site. On top of just selling cell phones, you can also subscribe to their free newsletter to receive free updates and promotions.

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No Responses

  1. titan says:

    waa. ini review untuk iMobile plaza site ke? mesti ko kenal owner dia yek..

  2. zaki says:

    @ Titan,

    He he… Hopefully he can give me one iPod… 🙂
    or N95… those HP are very cheap in iMobile Plaza…

  3. zaki blogjer says:

    iphone for 1.6k is dang cheap. Local maket is around 2.2-2.8k.

  4. zaki says:

    @ Blogjer,

    Yep, that’s why, we can actually buy those phone in bulk, and sell it 10% cheaper than local market price. We can get at least RM500 profit per iPhone hand phone sold. Looks very tempting!!!

  5. titan says:

    if you get one. ask him to give me one. Iphone also oklah. tak perlu mahal-mahal..

  6. Syam says: kata iphone kat malaysia tak brape compatible dgn network betul ke? sori saya buta sket bab2 nie..

  7. zaki says:

    @ Titan,

    hoho… Macam tunggu bulan jatuh ke riba lah kalau camtu.

    @ Syam,

    Yep, i heard that as well. something with the operating system or something else. I need somebody how knows to inform us as well.

  8. KNizam says:

    takut ada yang underwater je. hehe 🙂

  9. zaki says:

    @ KNizam,

    Ops… I don’t know about that…

  10. titan says:

    haha. baik mengharap dan berharap. mana tahu. ada rezeki yang dok jeling-jeling kita.

    tul gak kata Knizam tu. mana tau banyak yang underwater. Sebab tu banyak yg murah2 sekarang..

  11. Syam says:

    takpe kalau rosak budak UTeM kan ada..mereka semua pkar teknikal tu..kan topo kan kan kan 😀 baru balik dari lowyat petang tadi..rambang mata 😀

  12. titan says:

    betul topo kan ada. apa2hal..kirim je kat dia..

  13. topo says:

    aku mmg mencari henset baru sekrg ni… yg lame ni asik mtak beli baru je.. manjg jatuh je… hoohoho ckup la sekadar hp biasa,, xpyahla iphone.. hohoho

  14. zaki blogjer says:

    underwater ok lagi, jgn made in China dah la

  15. zaki says:

    Dari Cina pun ok kot, janji kualiti power!!!

  16. zuna says:

    Kamu sudah beli? website ada orang kata ialah scam.. betul kah? saya tak boleh contact itu telephone number company itu

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