Visit to Nanyang Aquaculture Fish Village

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Last Sunday, I brought my kids to Nanyang Aquaculture, Air Bemban (North of Kulai, Johor). I just brought them to see various species of beautiful fishes. If you or your family members fancy Arowana (Kelisa), Koi and other land water fish, this is the place to visit and hang around.

The entrance of Nanyang Aquaculture Sdn. Bhd.


This Malaysian Golden Arowana cost RM5,000.00


My kids really enjoy coming here πŸ™‚


Apart from thousands of fish, turtles are also sold here.


Ikhwan, my son begged for a bright metallic blue fighting fish. We bought the fish and its food. However, the fish died yesterday πŸ™


A section of the aquaculture center


Another angle of the display area


This is the exterior section of the aquaculture (open air) where the Japanese Koi are breeded. These batches of Japanese Koi cost RM1,500.00 per fish.


Another shot of the RM5,000 Malaysian Golden Arowana. It is bloody difficult to take a shot of this fish because it constantly move…

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No Responses

  1. Bent says:

    Wow..that nice..Zaki well done!! Next time I’ll be there..I’m here just at tampoi Indah πŸ™‚

  2. Zaki says:

    @ bent,
    Good. I never thought u’re at tampoi indah! I’m now in melaka. I’m tired of seting up internet conection to my laptop using my hp. Now i answer this comment using my k810 hp. The down side is that it is small n slower. But that’s ok πŸ™‚

  3. abu71 says:

    kasihan …dia ..tunggula dunia guna wifi dimana saja.he.he.

  4. Zaki says:

    Tu lah. Leceh betul hotel ni. Provide wifi kt lobi je n charge rm10 per day! I just hope wifi will be widely available n free! :@

  5. Bent says:

    what..?? that’s damm patient ok πŸ™‚

  6. Zaki says:

    Yes. I’m being very patient now. Answering comments seems to be like playing sms πŸ™‚

  7. KNizam says:

    dekat permas kalau tak silap ada kedai ikan koi.

    kedai dia ala2 mcm kilang rasanya.

    but very clean. even carpeted. ehhehe kena bukak kasut.

    ikan koi yang besar2. average ikan koi rm5k rasanya. yang 50k pun ada.

    aku suka pegi kedai tuh circa 2000-2003.

    tak sure la plak kedai tuh ada lagi ke idak.

    hehe cubalah ko pi tengok.

    jalan nak pi jaya jusco permas tuh rasanya. hehe

  8. Zaki says:

    Oh ye ke! Nanti aku wusha2 tempat tu. X pernah dgr pulak tapi aku try search.

  9. titan says:

    haha..aku tak pandai bela ikan. aritu adik angkat aku suruh aku jaga ikan. tak sampai seminggu mati. Bukan salah aku. salah kawan aku. aku pesan suruh bagi makan dengan tukar air. Tapi diorang biarkan je. Bagi makan. Tapi air tanak tukar..hampeh tul..

    pastu.sampai arinih aku tak bela apa2 yg bernyawa nih..

  10. Zaki says:

    @ titan,
    Kesian ikan yg ko bela tu. Takpe. Better tak payah bela ikan kalau konfiden x mampu nak jaga. Atau try bela marine fish atau ikan laut. Tak payah tukar air. Pasang filter je. Lagi mudah dan cantik dr ikan darat πŸ™‚

  11. syia says:

    waa.. never know this place pun.. nanti boleh ajak family syia pergi..

    PS: ada entrance fees ke?

  12. Zaki says:

    Eh! Where do u live syia? It’s free of charge. Anybody can come. Tell n share ur experience after u go there ok πŸ™‚

  13. titan says:

    aku bela ikan kat laut ajela. kalau aku rajin, aku gi mancing atau jala. Nanti kalau dapat, leh wat ikan bakar..lagi senang. Tak yah beli. Dapat free aje..

    tu bukan ikan aku zaki. Adik angkat aku jaga. Sekali plak aku naik gunung plak minggu tu. 3 hari aku tinggal. aku balik je. 3 ekor dah dok timbul..yang aku bengang, budak2 rumah aku leh wat dek je..diorang bagi makan. tapi air tak tukar. apalah bengong sangat diorang nih..

  14. starwalker says:

    hey i’ve been here before! nice place got a lof of fish

  15. Zaki says:

    @ titan,
    Oh ye ke, sorry. I miss understood. Anyway pity those 3 fish πŸ™

  16. titan says:

    haha. aku ingat lagi nama ikan2 tu. adik angkat aku yg namakan..bibo, jojo dengan kiki.

    huhu..mati tiga-tiga ekor tu. nak goreng pun kecik sangat. Last2 aku tanam kat belakang hostel aku. dekat dengan hutan..mana tau leh tumbuh pokok manga ke..

  17. zaki says:

    @ Starwalker,

    Yep, it’s definitely a nice plays to visit.

    @ Titan,

    Wow…what a cute weird name…but considering the names are for fish, then that’s fine πŸ™‚

  18. Syam says:

    takde pun gambar ikan nemo..kalau kat midvalley ade ikan tu tau

  19. nUUr says:

    wahh best nye tmpt nih.huhu seb baik jauh,klu x,sy da pi da,,
    zaki bkn ke susah nk bela ikan laut?kalu pakai filter pon kene maintaina garam die jgk kn,bkn ssh ke lg leceh kn dri ikan air tawar pnya

  20. Zura says:

    Tu bukan turtle la bang…tu tortoise.

  21. zaki says:

    @ Syam,

    There are no “Nemo” fish there or other marine fish. I was disappointed as well. When i visited Nanyang Aquaculture 4 years ago, there are marine fish. Depa jual ikut musim!!!

    @ Nuur,

    Nope. I thought it was difficult and tedious. However, I was wrong. Taking care was easier then land fish. To maintain the salt concentration is not difficult. You have a some sort of manual and digital meter (i forgot what meter) and you can measure the salinity of the water easily. The salt are cheap as well. Around RM4-5 per kg. You cannot use normal salt that we use for cooking… Sayang, dah takde dalam market dah… πŸ™

    @ My other half,

    Ops… mistake there…

  22. izman says:

    Aku suka blog yg crite psl hobi terutama ikan. Kalau kt shah alam, sape nak tgk ikan free gi lah kat akuarium di tasik shah alam. tempat dia beso gile.

    ikan utk dijual dan ada utk pameran. ikan harga RM15K pun ada.

    Aku suka gi sana psl dia free dan anak2 kusyuk tgk ikan terutama ikan arapaima yg lebih besor dari diorang.

  23. zaki says:

    @ Izman,

    Wow… thanks for sharing the info. I’ll bring my kids there later on… Don’t know when but will surely visit it. By the way, can you please provide me with more info… ? πŸ˜‰

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