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Being Tagged?!!! It’s sort of a paradoxical feeling. Sometimes I like to be tagged πŸ™‚ and sometimes I felt… Oh goshhh… I’m tagged again!!! When people tagged us, we’ll be obliged to answer the tag request. However, if we look at it in a positive perspective, it indirectly indicates that someone is thinking about you. The fact that someone has thought about you makes you feel good. Isn’t that cool?

Tagging can increase traffic to our site. The person who tagged you is actually promoting your site and you should be grateful and thankful for it. You will be more exposed and new people will discover your site.

For this entry, I’m responding to Mael who recently tagged me. Thanks bro. It’s an honour to be tagged by a star like you. For those of you who’re not familiar with it, let me briefly explain this tag version. The present tag require us to list down our 5 favourite sites and after that list out another 5 bloggers to list down their favourite site.

This time, I took the trouble to trace the chronology of this tag. I managed to tracked down the following blogs: AisyahRozi, NoktahHitam,, MrAhFa, Ixora, Aishah and Medcha. All of them have stated 5 of their favourite websites and nominated other 5 bloggers to do just the same. I cannot trace further before Medcha because there’s no link to the person who tagged her…

OK…. To respond to this tag quest, I’m listing out 5 out of several websites that I frequently visit. They’re:

1. Google Adsense > Welcome to Adsense
Every webmaster should know about this. Bloggers like me and you will check daily income here and then smile πŸ˜‰


2. > Yahoo!

I love featured section. They feed interesting and informative news/stories here. After a few hours the featured news will change and fresh information will appear. For me this section is very enriching and I learn new things everyday.


3. > I make money online by telling people how much money I make online

This is the ultimate money making machine blog and tonnes of interesting stuff are well documented inside. John Chow needs no introduction. He’s already a superstar problogger! (7 Stars)… His strategies, tips, information, reviews, income report, etc are worth reading. Ohhh…when can we be like him? Or, perhaps earn 10% of what he’s doing, at least πŸ˜‰


4. > Making a Living Online with Caroline Middlebrook

This blog is relatively new in the business but Caroline proofs she can stand alongside with the big guys. She creates great simple straight forward easy to digest content. I’m also impressed with the amount of money she managed to make from her site.


5. > The World’s Site for the World Game

This is my #1 all time website that is compulsory for me to visit. Never miss it… and I keep my soccer info updated from it. It has the latest news, reviews, analysis, advertisements, video etc. I love soccernet + Manchester United πŸ˜‰


OK….Here comes the part that I hate to do. However, I still need to nominate 5 person, and they are Am, Catzer, Piper, Kenny Sia and John Chow. Let’s see their 5 favourite websites πŸ™‚

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36 Responses

  1. ixora says:

    err, can I leave a comment in Malay? I cannot leave a comment in English coz I’d used to speak Venezuela at home. kui3.

    Yup, saya ada terbaca satu entri yg tulis lebih kurang mcm ni.. pasal tag maksud saya. Saya sebenarnya berterima kasih sebab ada bloggers yg sudi tag saya. At least, mereka teringatkan saya secara tak langsung. Cuma kadang2 orang jadi jemu dengan tag sebab terpaksa kena buat. Saya masih baru di wordpress ni. jadi, tak ramai yg nak tag saya. Jadi, bila saya tertag nama mereka secara sengaja, dari situ saya boleh tahu siapa yg patut dan tak patut saya tag selepas ni. hehe

    erm,saya pn suka Yahoo.. selain tu,saya boleh preview email dan lihat siapa yg sedang online di YM secara tak langsung. =p

  2. zaki says:

    @ ixora,

    He he…speak Venezuela at home… cool!!! LOL…

    Yep. Agreed. That’s why it is a paradoxical emotion. It’s a mixed feeling. Well, it’s up to us to respond to the tag or not.

    mmm…you’ve got a nice Venezuela written blog πŸ˜‰

  3. NoktahHitam says:

    nice post to get technorati ratings moving πŸ˜‰

  4. Syam says:

    @ noktahhitam – technorati moving? jeng jeng jeng..tang nie aku tak brape mengerti..maksud kau blog reactions ke?

  5. I don’t really have room for memes on my blog any more but thanks very much for tagging me – its much appreciated πŸ™‚

  6. topo says:

    yang aku tahu je…. tp dah lame dah x guna..saya sayang google…hohoho

  7. nUUr says:

    Ixora ajarin gue bahasa venezuela..haks

    erm yeah tahniaah buat anda yg telah di pon telah di tag.

  8. topo says:

    aku masih belom di tag oleh sesiapa….hohohoho xpe aku ni mude lg…baru je 3 bulan….hohohoh

  9. zaki says:

    @ NoktahHitam,

    Thanks bro. Hopefully so…

    @ Caroline,

    That’s fine. No problem at all…

    @ Topo,

    I love iGoogle too… but did not mention it here….because it need 5 only.

    @ Nuur,

    At least we have a friend who can speak latin American language there…

  10. Fahmishah says:

    woot! google adsense nombor 1..mesti masyuk ni

  11. ixora says:

    bisa.. bisa.. kapan mau belajar? πŸ˜‰

    nggak mau belajar bahasa venezuela sama pak? =p

    p/s-alamak! kekeliruan identiti plak tetiba! hehehe

  12. am says:

    actually i already tag you with same tag last week… so do i have to do it again…??

  13. azwanhadzree says:

    buat topo, aku tengah akan reply beberapa tag dlm sehari dua lagi, since kau kata tak pernah, nanti dapat lah tu πŸ™‚

    woi .. abang .. syok betul tengok google adsense kan. aku lagi seronok tengok site yang dah lama aku tak update, tapi the money is coming in πŸ™‚ …

  14. nUUr says:

    to Ixora: ngape venezuela mu itu saperti indon pulak yea..kat venezuala ckp indon kot..bila nk ajar sy dan en zaki nih? πŸ™‚

    lek aa topo.ak pon 3 bulan jgk la..wah same muda la kite

  15. topo says:

    xpe r… nnt ak xtau plak nk tag sape balik…hohoho blogger yg aku knal sumer dah pnat reply tag…hoho

  16. zaki says:

    @ Fahmishah,

    Well, there’re few dollars coming into my account. No need to reveal how much… πŸ˜‰

    @ Ixora,

    You’re a Malay but your second language is Venezuela…

    @ Am,

    Yep. I know you tagged me. I have answered a similar tag like that before. My favourite super power is to be able to teleport. I don’t have any super hero character which I really admire… But, if only I can teleport, that will save my time to go and return from work πŸ™‚

    @ Azwan,

    I understand your happiness πŸ˜‰ Getting cash from blog you don’t frequently update. That’s cool…

    @ Topo,

    Belasah je… Just tag anybody… πŸ™‚

  17. KNizam says:

    heheheh tag mengetag ni bila la nak berakhir eh. hehehe sekali tuh kena sampai 5 tag. pengsan! hehe πŸ™‚

  18. Bent says:

    hai bro Zaki..I prefer you using the plugin for wordpress rather than log in to google adsense website..that plugin really cool! πŸ™‚

  19. Bent says:

    I like John Chow too..but many people don,t like him..too evil hehehe..I like john chow style and also shoemoney that’s great.

  20. Bent says:

    I just leave behind almost 2 year now..I love google very simple and easy to customize..So how about gmail bro..did you use it..?

  21. zaki says:

    @ Knizam,

    Yes…Me too…Sometimes one will faint being tagged by a lot of fans!!! like you πŸ™‚

    @ Bent,

    Adsense plugin for WP?!! Can you please explain more?

    JohnChow is evil but clever… We must learn from him.

    I use a lot of Google facilities. I only like for the “Features” section… That’s all.

  22. azwanhadzree says:

    hmm Bent, i would like to know more about the adsense pluging for WP as well.

  23. Bent says:

    Sorry..I mean add on for firefox..I just type to faster πŸ™‚

  24. Bent says:

    Sorry I got blur is it ..that plugin called “adsense earnings worlpress plugin” – displays your adsense earning details within wordpress admin panel

  25. Bent says:

    Sorry I got blur lah I’m too excited to win this contest is it ..that plugin called “adsense earnings worlpress plugin” – displays your adsense earning details within wordpress admin panel

  26. beduz says:

    even i doesn’t really know what is ‘tag’ but what i want to say is, congratulation you got ‘tag’..

  27. Aisyah says:

    to mohdismail, from aisyahrozi, from noktahhitam, bla bla bla… wah. besar gak impak tagging ni eh? huhu…

    and oh, you’r tagging a no.1 malaysian blogger kennysia. I doubt that he’ll answer your tag. not that it’s compulsory but if he did, woah, durian runtuh maaa! huhu

  28. zaki says:

    @ Bent,

    I hope you did not type that fast… It’s good to learn something new there…

    @ Beduz,

    No problem. You can always learn all about tag and other internet, blogging stuffs… I’m learning as well…

    @ Aisyah,

    Yep the impact is big…. Massive…
    Not only KennySia, but also JohnChow….
    I don’t care…I just tag them…If they like, they can answer it, if they don’t, that’s fine with me…

  29. Syam says:

    @ Aisyah – kalau kennysia jawab huhu..ntahla apa impak dia nanti..20k visitor perday tu πŸ˜€

  30. Bent says:

    That fine Zaki πŸ™‚ hehehe..I was types slower than before.

  31. titan says:

    Google dengan yahoo je yang sama dengan aku. Yang lain tu, jarang bebenor aku bukak..

  32. Jomtonton says:

    bila kena tag, rasa bangga jugak kan..
    bukan mudah orang nak ingat kita. lagi2 banyak blog sekarang ni..
    bila dah kena tag, secara tak langsung kita dah bina kreadibiliti dalam berbloging
    so, teringin jugak nak kena tag πŸ˜›

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