Reviewing My Short Term Goals

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Whether you realize it or not, my posting frequency has slightly drop in this blog. As an indirect result to that, my Alexa ranking has dropped as well. Actually, I have been doing some deep thinking. What is it actually that I want to achieve from my online adventure? What is it that I want to achieve from blogging? Let’s recap my personal short term goal that I set at the end of last year:

1. To have an online income equivalent to my fix monthly salary job. Therefore I can have more money… My online income is presently (at the time I made that entry) accounting only about 14% of my salary. I need to double my effort to ensure I can have both off line and online income. Would that be nice! It’s not easy but it’s not impossible too.

My comment: It’s not easy to be successful in this business. It is possible but I repeat, it is not as easy as it seems. You look at international probloggers like John Chow and Caroline Middlebrook; and local IM like Zul Smartusaha and Team SaifulSham. Do you think those people arrived at their current state just like that. Nope…. They are committed and they worked hard. I’m not sure whether they think they are already successful or not, but surely a lot of us do recognize and would love to be like them. OK, back to me, my situation… Really it is not easy. Often, I found something interesting in a form of video, audio, ebook but I just haven’t had the time to allocate to absorb the information lying beneath it. I hate to say I’m busy… I’m trying to avoid that word. I’m trying to be a little bit positive.
So, what have I been doing for the past few days, or perhaps the past few weeks? Continuous learning… I’ve been listening to the audio and video that I saved in my hard disc. Why? To create a strategy to speed up my online success – to have an online income equivalent to my monthly salary. Is that possible? Can I realize that? Can I achieve that? Short answer is yes. Long answer: it is a matter of my hard work, consistency and perseverance; and it’s a matter of time. However, I have targeted to achieve that goal by the end of this year. It is now almost end April and that leaves me with approximately another 7 months plus to prove myself and my family something. I’m now pressuring myself!

How am I going to do it?

I’m going to expand my pay per click activities, learn some opt-in-list building and slowly involve with some affiliate programs. I’ll try my very best to squeeze my time and energy to work on those lists… And I must not forget to stay FOCUS on what I’m doing. I can’t let other programs or offers distract me. I must discipline myself and stay laser FOCUS. Wish me luck guys… 🙂

2. To get myself a decent laptop for my online activities. I’m not looking for something super or marvelous. A decent laptop with a good processor with a 1 Gb RAM or above, hard disc around 80Gb will make me smile. The laptop that I’m currently using belongs to my wife and she need to use it for her work.

My comment: Well, nothing much to comment here. I got one already and I’m using it now. This goal has been achieved.

3. To learn and become well verse in WordPress, CPanel, Photoshop and creating websites. I really need to master them in order to be successful in the early stage of my online career. I wish there’s a teacher or ‘sifu’ beside me who can teach the techniques and secrets of internet success.

My comment: I haven’t really covered this part yet. I’m still exploring and mastering wordpress. Haven’t really touched CPanel and Photoshop. Still not sure when to learn those stuffs. If there’s a mentor to guide me, I would jump 🙂 !!!

4. To publish a book (or e-book). I’ve been dreaming to publish a book since my university life. However, I haven’t done so due to time limitations and various other factors. I think this coming year will be a good time for me to push myself publishing a book with my name as the author. It’s not the money that I want; it’s the pleasure of publishing my own book that I’m looking for.

My comment: I’m still working on it. It will be something related to my niche. If I can’t produce an Ebook this year, I may produce a report instead. I’ll be very happy to release a report via an opt-in-list. The most important thing is to work on the article content which has value, real value to my target audience. The draft is in my laptop, off course 😉 .

5. To reduce 20% of my weight. I don’t dare to reveal my weight here but this year is a record breaking high. I look ugly in the digital photos taken by my wife. In order to achieve this goal, I need to control my diet and exercise regularly and effectively. Sometimes I just don’t understand why I’m craving to eat every hours!!!

My comment: Hmm… I guess I need to revise the target from 20% to 10%. That will be a more realistic figure, physically and mathematically 🙂 .


Out of 5 goals, I have online realized one. I have another 4 more to work on. I need to:

1. Stay focus

2. Work consistently

3. Use all the time that I have efficiently and effectively = optimum

What about you?

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19 Responses

  1. henrry134 says:

    PPC Search Engines can make a ton of money for their owners It’s important to know how to use tools properly in order to expand your profit.

  2. Bent says:

    My alexa also drop again..I think I need to be more serious about it.

  3. zaki says:

    @ Henrry,

    Yes, that’s true. and that’s why I’m learning all the secrets and techniques. Do you have anything to share?

    @ Bent,

    Ye…let’s improve it together.

  4. KNizam says:

    my alexa dah makin naik. hehe

  5. zaki says:


    Oh,,, rupanya alexa dah tukar algorithm dan technique evaluation dia…Baru perasaan bila baca few other blogs. Patut lah aku punya makin merosot…
    Ye ke ko punya naik?

  6. am says:

    my alexa rank also jatuh… same here with bro azwan… we try to focus but.. always some prob appear… my rank drop to 200k… sad but true..

  7. afham says:

    semoga berjaya bro..

  8. zaki says:

    @ Am,

    Sabar je lah ye… But it has already been declared as a universal problem. Everybody is affected. So, let’s just accept the “not cool” fact.

    @ Afham,

    hmmm…dalam maksudnya tu…
    Adakah semoga berjaya Arsenal? Atau selamat berjaya Manchester United?
    Atau selamat berjaya mengejar cita-cita materialistic aku tu? he he

  9. azwanhadzree says:

    hmm.. it’s already april. you just reminded me to do my quaterly review. good that you did this, some people have goals, resolution … etc ..ect, just becuase orang lain pun buat.

  10. Zaki,

    14%, that’s nice and shows you are on the right track.
    Try signing up as affiliate and “reviewing” membership
    program so that it can boost your income consistently
    and immediately.

    Another tips, if possible focus on select few personality
    or company that has a clear product funnel. In Marketing
    Niche, one such example is Derek Gehl/late Corey Rudl
    IMC & Marlon Sanders products.

    You will benefit faster when the customers you refer bought
    another product from the same seller.

    To speed things up in other area:

    1) Everyday allocate 5 minutes to write a short note
    to contribute to your book/ebook

    2) Allocate another 5 minutes to summarize new thing you learn
    from the audio/video. It will do wonders every months when you
    reread what you have jot down.

    Btw, I am still looking on ways to quickly reduce weight too, if you
    have some tips, let me know. I have 5kg to be donated to anybody
    who are interested! 🙂


  11. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    No prob. You can do it and I’ll analyze your review 🙂

    @ Sabri,

    First of all, it’s an honour to have you commenting in my blog. I was so surprized. I thank you so much for sharing all those tips with me. I’ll digest it and work on it.

    To reduce weight, there’s a method. I’m not really serious but my wife is practicing it. You can use Atkins diet method. Try google it and check it out. Basically we consume more proteins than carbohydrate.

  12. syia says:

    It sounds like it’s sleeting, but every time I turn on the outside light & look, nothings happening.

  13. titan says:

    my advice to you bro. Just focus with something you familiar.

  14. zaki says:

    @ Syia,

    Sorry, but i don’t get your message. Am I dumb?!!

    @ Titan,

    Yes. Need to be laser focus… Thanks for the advice.

  15. catzer says:

    kekeke, focus and focus..that was a main word we need to mould with our life. Another thing, just don’t aimed to high Im afraid you will dropped like me sooner or later. Good luck with all your wish and love to say, enjoy your life also.

  16. zaki says:

    @ Catzer,

    Thanks for your advice. Really appreciate it. I’ll manage my target and expectation based on my capacity as a part time IM and blogger.

  17. Adney says:

    surprised when someone like sabri come here 🙂

  18. Adney says:

    Well done, keep it up..
    How matter we created an imagination, i think we should focus on something that easy first.. hurmm.. hoho

  19. cyza says:

    Thanks Adney…for the encouragement… 🙂

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