EURO 2008 Is Missing Something?

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Are you looking forward for EURO 2008? Well, I am, but I don’t really feel the heat and excitement like previous European games before…


Euro 2008 is just around the corner. I’m one of those football fan who always look forward for great heavy weight matches like this. However, since England failed to qualify for Euro 2008 final last year, it was a massive blow for all their fans. There are millions of England supporters worldwide who now do not know who to support! (including myself)… There are a lot of England supporters who now do not look forward to be a spectator of the great Euro 2008 because their favourite team is not qualified.


Being a lover of the English Premier League, indirectly, I support England as a team. However, I guess now I need to support a new team… I’m not sure yet which country to support. France…. I don’t like Thierry Henry… No way… What about Portugal? Not really, although Christiano Ronaldo is featured… I don’t really like him as an individual. I just happen to like him because he played and contributed for Manchester United big time. What about Spain? Hmm…. not really…

I’m thinking of supporting Holland or Russia. I don’t have specific reasons but let’s just see how it goes. What about you? Which team do you support? Or which team you think will be the new European Champion?

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17 Responses

  1. Well Personally, I would pick Portugal, but that is because I am Brazilian :P, and they are closer to home more then any other team if you catch my drift. I am also a fan of Christiano Ronaldo. But I mean, for the high roller among these teams, Italy sure takes the cake. If you’re looking for the winning team, they are your best bet.

  2. budeen says:

    i think either germany or italy will go all the way, but the surprise package might be portugal, russia or spain.. anyway i wont support any team.. i’m neutral.. hehe

  3. budeen says:

    personally i would like to see an underdog team wins it.. just like greece 4 yrs back

  4. zaki says:

    @ Komodo,

    I think Portugal have tonnes of good quality powerful superb players. They can become one of the champs… But let’s just see and enjoy the ride… 🙂

    @ Budeen,

    I agree with your second comment. I would also like the underdogs to lift the European trophy. How about Greece winning it again? Or Austria the host? Or Poland… That will be very interesting. I bet a lot of people will lost their bet!!!

  5. taukey says:

    ahakssss…..i support germany because i like their white jersey…hehehehe…. hahahaha….the new European Champions should be England because their clubs won the champions league. But i guess its not their luck this time. maybe the next time around.

    The best bet i got on winning the championship is Spain. I dont know how true would it be. hehehe…

  6. zaki says:

    @ Taukeh,

    Yeah… their jersey is definitely nice to see. Yep…England no luck. Spain… hmmmm let’s just wait and see..

  7. alie d14 says:

    aku sokong italy lah … world champion mesti ade chance menang!.. btw zaki just nak mintak tolong ..nanti ko tulis la review2 sikit kat sini ..boleh aku goreng member2 aku sikit kat office..tak mau la blur je hehe..alrite ha? please! bila start ha..adoiiii! ..jgn la pelik…aku kapal layar original!

  8. zaki says:

    @ Alie,

    Itali….ok…mafia la tu. Ko nak suruh aku buat review mender? Review pasal Euro 2008 ke? Start Euro minggu depan la… from 7th to 29th June….

    Incase you want more info about Euro 2008, you can check them out at


  9. alie d14 says:

    ok cantek..yahoosports takde..or maybe tak start lagi, or maybe deorg tak layan sangat cos england is not in the tournament…but i’ll use your links la..bunyi best je..thanks! italy forza!

  10. zaki says:

    @ Alie,

    No problemo…. Yea… hidup Itali for you la… 🙂

  11. titan says:

    Disebabkan malaysia tak tersenarai. Aku sokong portugal kali ni.

  12. KNizam says:

    aku suka ngan portugal and greece. both finalist last year. otto renhagel mmg power ahhh. cuma kali neh takde raul. kureng la sket. hehe 🙂

  13. catzer says:

    argh..bola lagi..erm..actually aku ada beberapa helai baju euro 2008..erm kumpulan mana erk nak support..adei

  14. nUUr says:

    mmg xbest bile england fail to qualify euro xbesh je.seri xdak. neway aku peminat portugal tetapi taktik die xbest jadi kali ni ak beralih untuk sokong spain plak.kite tgk ketajaman torres merobek gawang gol.hoho

  15. zaki says:

    @ Nuur,

    Wah…Spain… cool… FIFA rank them #4 in the world. They are certainly one of the favorites to be the European Champion…

  16. budeen says:

    as at todate my prediction is still valid..
    germany & italy is still in, russia turn to be the surprise package.. cool

  17. budeen says:

    another interesting point is that so far all teams qualified for semis are runners up in their group.. germany, turkey & russia have all beat group winners portugal, croatia & holland.. so can italy do the same tonite to beat world ranking #4 spain?? jeng jeng jeng

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