I See Red Devil Marching On

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On a wonderful Sunday, somebody who happens to be my old time schoolmate tagged me with an unusual but unique tag. Well, that’s fine. Following are the weird rule of the tag:
These are rules :

1. Post YOUR photo wearing red, may it be red top, bottom, the least would be red accessories if u hate wearing red. If u can’t find one, u still have an option.Either post your significant other’s photo or your child’s photo, if u have one.Of course, they should be wearing red.

2. Let us know the reason why u were wearing that particular day.Was it ur birthday? Is red ur fave color or was it the shirt that u first saw in ur closet that day?

At once I thought, it was kind of difficult… but then I remembered that I’m a red devil fan… So, that’s not hard at all… Instead of having a photo of myself covered with my red devil manchester united towel ONLY, I prefer to attached a less controversial family friendly photo…


And now, I’m want to spread the red devil evil tag to Blogjer, Azwan, Arm, Catzer and Syam Vangardx.

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No Responses

  1. azwanhadzree says:

    family friendly?

    nothing sexy about you in a towel .. sebab nanti nampak perut boroi


  2. alie d14 says:

    oi cepatnyeee!

  3. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    That’s right and it’s not the sexy part… It’s more to the unpleasant tummy scenery that some might thing gross… 🙂

  4. zaki says:

    @ Alie,

    While I’m still free, I settle la hutang2 yang ada… ye tak…

  5. am says:

    omg.. wear in red yer.. nantilah… insyallah..

    tak confident la pakai merah..!!

  6. catzer says:

    Wearing red? Huhuhu..ok will try my best to borrow somethings from my friend surely in red..

  7. am says:

    am dah ingat.. dah.. am ada gambar pakai baju merah di genting tahun lepas… nanti am publish k…

  8. zaki says:

    @ Am + Catzer,

    We look forward to see you guys in red…. 🙂

  9. en_me says:

    ammvoiii, merah sangatlah pak ngah.. ahaha

  10. zaki says:

    @ en_me,

    Ala, sekali sekala merah Ok what…. Red is Red devil…red is manchester united, red is rose…. red is chilli

  11. titan says:

    Merah itu saga!

  12. zaki says:

    @ Titan,

    Merah itu Cinta….

  13. zaki blogjer says:

    Cool, luckily my car is red. Haha, I shouldn’t wear read then. Let my car reply your tag, kekeke

  14. KNizam says:

    merah di mana2 la plak sekarang ni ek. hehe 🙂

  15. zaki says:

    @ Blogjer,

    I would appreciate it very much if you put other “red” stuff instead of your car. Somebody has put his car already… If you can lah…. 😉

    @ KNizam,

    The creator of this tag name is RED

  16. zaki blogjer says:

    Ooh, really. Erm, I’ll try find something else

  1. May 4, 2008

    […] Tag Dari Zaki.. You need to wear in red.. that it.. Zaki pun pernah cakap pic am selalu cam taknak tunjuk muka […]

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