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Now that the content from the previous blog has been safely transfered, I’m presently working on understanding the new theme and wordpress 2.5.1. I just installed the 160×600 adsense, myblogloh, alexa rank script and did a little bit tweaking here and there. Yep, need to familiarize myself with the entire system. So far, frankly, I’m not yet comfortable using wordpress 2.5.1. I don’t know whether it is just me not used to it or the latest wordpress version is not friendly enough!

After checking the Alexa ranking and Google PR, at this moment, has register no Alexa data and zero PR. I’m going to study on how to get my previous PR and other rank from my previous blog to continue with this blog. Any idea? Then, in a few months time, I need to review the overall blog performance. Need to set up a few goals and a distinct clear cut direction as where the blog should be in the near future. Haven’t really thought about that yet.

Allright, I guess that’s it for tonight. Need to spend some quality time with the family and check on some TV program or DVDs. Besides, I don’t want to strain my eye balls… Ok Adios…

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5 Responses

  1. am says:

    adalah am tengok blog ni dah 23 juta alexa ranknya… btw dalam blog am.. dalam section google blog search.. belum lagi tunjukkan yang blog ni sudah diindex google.. maybe sebab belum 3 hari domain ni didaftarkan dan juga google refuse untuk update.. ini gara-gara domain tasting yang orang guna untuk adsense.. dan google dah keluarkan tos baru iaitu takmau index domain yang berumur kurang dari 3 hari.

  2. mr merapu says:

    I got merapuland’s PR to 3 in 3 months
    4 or 5 should not be an issue either
    but 6 or 7 is

    now working on traffic and alexa 🙂

  3. cyza says:

    @ Am,

    Eh… Is it? That’s good. At least there is some digits representing the rank. Index… No problem. In afew hours time, the domain has been more than 3 days. So, I hope the content will be indexed soon.

    @ Ikan Kerapu,

    PR 3 in 3 months, that’s very impressive. Well done! Any tips you want to share with us?

  4. mr merapu says:

    i’ll try to apply the same strategy on our new blog 🙂

  5. cyza says:

    @ Kerapu Or Merapu?!

    Ok, that’s good. Let’s hope our project will be taste some level of success… 🙂

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