Effect of Petrol increase… Kesan Kenaikan Harga Minyak…

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The petrol and diesel price has been increased few days ago. So, what’s going to happen? What can we do?

What’s going to happen?

Definitely all the basic consumer products and utility price will increase… gas, electricity, food, cooking oil, flour, rice etc… In fact, just one day after the fuel price increase, the canteen at my work place start controlling the amount of rice on our plates. Not only that… the same day, I ate Nasi Beryani which used to be RM5 but at that day it was RM6. While this is more related to rice, but we can expect other price of goods to rise as well… Next month the electricity price will increase as well. What about the others. Some bus company has already increase their fairs as well… I just can’t imagine what else are going to happen…

Are we earning enough to live in this country? When I compare to UK for instance, the starting salary for an engineer is 2,000 pounds sterling / month whereas in our country it is about RM 2,000 / month. When this new graduated engineers want to buy a car to go to work, in UK they can buy a brand new car from 8,000 pounds sterling (or a decent second hand car at just a mere 500 pound sterling)  whereas in Malaysia a new graduate engineer must pay RM35,000 to own a new Proton Saga  (or something around RM15,000- 20,000 to get a second hand car). After buying a car, they want to fuel the car… So, in UK, this guy will pay 1.19 pounds sterling per liter, whereas now, in Malaysia, the new engineer have to pay RM2.70 per liter. What about the food? The number is just the same but the currency is not. A portion of rice (can be bought at India Muslim restaurant/stall) is about 4 pounds sterling, but in Malaysia it is RM 4-5 per serving. Yogurt cost just 15 pence per cup but in Malaysia it cost more than RM1.50 per cup.

I don’t need to say much, you can just see from the simple comparison I made above and think for yourself. Is the income versus cost of products/goods appropriate? The small case study above is for an engineer, what about those who earn less than an engineer? What family who earn RM700 per month?

What can we do? I have concluded my findings below. For me conclusions can be categorized as below:

The Government:

1. Need to spend wisely and intelligently. Should think more about the citizens especially those who earn less. Very poor/unfortunate citizens may be forced to do the unexpected negative activities if they are really desperate and we don’t want that to happen. Government must think and take action to help them. We don’t want this brutal price increase lead to more poverty > more crime!!!

2. If the foreign vehicles still pump petrol/diesel in Malaysia, then that’s fine BUT with one condition. The governments must charge them when they enter the country at the immigrations center/border. Charge them some appropriate amount of cash (RM) so that the government can compensate with the lost (of subsidies in petrol/diesel) when they fuel their vehicles. Some of my colleagues say charging them RM30-50 upfront will be fair enough as soon as they enter our country. Maybe we can charge more… ?

3. Compare the cost of fuel with the oil producer country and not the oil importer countries.

UAE: RM1.19/litre
Egypt: RM1.03/litre
Bahrain: RM0.87/litre
Qatar: RM0.68/litre
Kuwait: RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia: RM0.38/litre
Iran: RM0.35/litre
Nigeria: RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan: RM0.25/litre
Venezuela: RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA: RM2.70/litre

4. Please improve the public transport efficiency. Throughout Malaysia, our Public transport (bus/trains/taxi) are very poor compared to other countries. Even Indonesia has a good “Angkot” (Angkotan Kota) which uses vans and cars like Toyota Unser to carry passengers from one point to another point. If the public transport is efficient, people would have no problem traveling using public transport.  The LRT and komuter in Klang valley is not enough. More need to be done. Improve the public transport. Improve the punctuality. Improve the fairs.

5. Anything else….?

The citizens:

1. Need to be more organized in handling the house hold and personal expenditures such as groceries and other needs. Plan your budget and strictly stick to it. Just spend within your salary. Warning – Don’t easily use credit card as if you wrongly use them, you may doom yourself to bankruptcy.

2. Need to work harder – get some extra job if you can afford to have it. Extra job will provide extra money and may help your family economy. That’s important for the family survival.

3. Work on alternative fuel. Use Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). Or use fuel saver as well. There are also technologies where we can use water + petrol to run engine. Check this out.

4. Anything else to add…..

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18 Responses

  1. bekas kuli pelantar minyak says:

    Zaki, eventhough generally I don’t agree with the time and percentage of the increment, I think the comparison made is fair enough. It is completely absurd to compare Malaysia’s oil price again the like of Saudi, Iran, Brunei, Venezuela. This countries produce a million barrel of oil per day (well, except Brunei, but Brunei has less number of population), while Malaysia only produces about two hundreds thousand barrels of it (if I am not mistaken). After export and all, it only leaves us with a small number of barrels of oil to share
    The problem is, for me, actually lies on our currency, which is so week, it have no power. In UK, 1 litre of oil is about £1.19, about 7 ringgit, but, the £ is strong, where even 1 pence has a very significant value, so the rakyat have no problem to spend 1.19 on fuel. This is what the government did not tell us. Increasing the fuel price, for me is a short cut action to minimize loss, but as we all know, nothing work well in short cut, tambah-tambah kat pelantar minyak.

  2. zaki says:

    Yes, our currency is currently relatively poor. In fact now, it has been lower then US dollar. There are people who like RM to be down, and there are people who don’t like RM to be up….

    But the most important issue is the intelligence of the government to tackle the problem. The citizens wants to know how Petronas oil and finance is managed. the citizen wants to know how the governments finance being handle…

  3. KNizam says:

    no wonder chedet suggest cap dulu currency and then baru increase the petrol price. 🙂

  4. a viewer says:

    well,sumbody told me dat its the tyme for us 2 see wut we cn give 2 our beloved country,,no longer tink of wut the country cn give us.. the increase of oil price does affect people’s life yet there must be sumthing wrong sumwer in goverment dat forced pak lah 2 take dis action. though it seems like chaos, we shud accept wuteve gov’s fnal dcision.. pak lah recently seems 2 do sumting 4 da country,instead of juz listening 2 khairy,,,so y dont we give him 1 more chance. who noes he will come out wit another twin tower?? huhuuhu. -juz throwing out some significant ideas,perhaps-

  5. farta says:

    Harga minyak sentiasa naik. Malah dalam keadaan sekarang harga minyak tidak mudah untuk turun.

    Kereta, motor dan kenderaan lain kini merupakan satu keperluan. Perbelanjaan minyak merupakan sebahagian besar dalam bajet individu. Bila harga minyak naik ai akan membebankan pengguna. Berikut merupakan petua atau nasihat mengenai penjimatan minyak. Sama ada berkesan atau tidak adalah bergantung pada individu.

    Isi minyak sebelah malam, apabila cuaca sudah sejuk. Dikatakan isi minyak pada waktu malam, kurang gas dalam petrol atau diesel. Kandungan gas dikatakan banyak pada waktu siang yang panas, di mana setiap liter yang di isi pengguna akan rugi sebab haba petrol bercampur lebihan gas dalam kandungannya. Benar atau tidak berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri. Memang benar. Ada perbezaannya. Penggunaan petrol lebih lama bertahan jika di isi pada waktu malam.

    Isikan minyak sehingga tangki penuh. Minyak atau petrol cepat habis jika ruang tangki banyak yang kosong. Benarnya tips ini memang ada. Minyak atau petrol akan meruap. Semakin besar ruang semakin banyak minyak atau petrol meruap. Petrol yang meruap tidak dapat dibakar oleh enjin. Dicadangkan juga penuhkan semula tangki apabila tangki separuh kosong. Jangan tunggu sehingga meter pada tanda “E” baru diisi. Semakin banyak ruang kosong semakin banyak petrol meruap, maka lebih cepat habis.

    Bawa kereta dalam kelajuan yang tetap. Tidak terlalu laju dan tidak terlalu perlahan. 70 – 90 km sejam adalah bersesuaian. Pastikan anda mematuhi had laju dan pandu pada lorong yang sesuai. Semakin laju kereta, semakin minyak digunakan. Pandu secara perlahan pula menyebabkan beban pada kereta. Ini menyebabkan enjin tertekan dan menyebabkan banyak minyak digunakan.

    Patuhi jadual penyelenggaraan kereta atau kenderaan anda. Enjin yang diselenggara akan berfungsi dengan baik dan lebih berkesan. Pada jangka masa yang tetap, gunakan bahan rawatan petrol. Ini bertujuan untuk cucian pada injap minyak agar tidak tersumbat. Pastikan penapis petrol diperiksa atau ditukarkan apabila perlu.

    Angin tayar perlu sentiasa pada tahap tekanan yang disyorkan pada model kereta dan jenis tayar yang digunakan. Seminggu sekali periksa tekanan tayar. Penjagaan tayar yang baik memastikan cengkaman tayar yang sesuai dan pada jumlah jarak yang jauh nyata menjimatkan minyak.

    Kereta sesuai untuk perjalanan yang jauh. Jika tempat yang dituju boleh berjalan kaki atau berbasikal, adalah baik melakukannya. Banyak minyak boleh dijimatkan tetapi keselamatan penting jika jalan dilalui gelap, sunyi dan diragui keselamatannya adalah lebih baik bawa kereta.

    Jika boleh kurangkan penggunaan penghawa dingin. Perjalanan pagi atau malam yang sejuk tidak perlu penghawa dingin. Buka tingkap sedikit dan biarkan angin luar masuk. Awas jangan buka tingkap terlalu luas sehingga tangan dari luar boleh mencapain ke dalam dengan mudah.

    Kurangkan beban kereta. Barang-barang yang tidak perlu dalam kereta perlu dikeluarkan. Semakin banyak beban semakin banyak tenaga dan minyak digunakan.

    Diharap tips dan nasihat ini boleh membantu dalam menjimat penggunaan petrol kenderaan anda.

  6. zaki says:

    @ fARTA,

    Thanks for the lovely tips. They are practical, simple and can be implemented straight away. Cool… 🙂

  7. budeen says:

    wahai chem engineer,
    1. benarkah bekalan minyak m’sia hanya tahan 5 thn shj lagi?
    2. apa impact kpd ekonomi negara bila bekalan ni habis?
    3. apa alternatif kpd bahan bakar sediada sekiranya sumber ini lenyap sama sekali suatu masa nanti?


  8. zaki says:

    @ Wahai Cik Budeen,

    1. Nope…. that’s not true…. Malaysia’s petroleum can last longer than that… around 2015, but maybe more than that if the exploration team can find new field at south china sea… So, don’t worry… We have some good oil reserve, the problem is, in terms of technology… the limitation hindered us from pumping it out.

    2. The impact!!! well, that is related to the 1st answer. That will happen later, and i mean later…but not soon enough… Oil price may increase again, but let’s hope the government can do something, perhaps balance the expenditure, or …. i don’t know…. that all depends on the leaders/politicians…. I’m nobody to say what’s going to happen….

    3. Alternative to the fossil fuel…. Jeng jeng jeng…. the RENEWABLE ENERGY….
    If fossil fuel is conquered by PETRONAS, then we already have a company called BIONAS…. They are going to produce and hopefully supply sufficient fuel for our automobile industry…Maybe not enough yet…but at least we are working for it… Check out about BIONAS at http://bionas.com.my/

    There are also other alternatives…but let me discuss about it later…. Tak syok la tabur semua cerita kat sini … ye tak… 🙂

  9. budeen says:

    yes.. blog it plse.. abt alternatives to crude oil..

  10. zaki says:

    Ok…ok….sabor ….nanti la… ok

  11. catzer says:

    ok, sejak minyak naik walaupun takde impact sgt kat aku..but aku still berjimat bab tu…erk..berjimat segalanya sbb aku byk benda yg tak perlu aku buat gak..

    1. Bulan ni aku stop beli magazine yg aku tak baca
    2. Aku stop monthly subscriber product/membership yg aku tak pernah guna.
    3. Aku plan route utk ke mana2 secara efisyen.

    Erm byk lagi tp malas lah nak tulis..Aku syorkan kita research more on biodiesel. Ni projek final year aku masa kat U. Golden hope dan Sime Darby dah buat kot plant ni tp aku tak nampakpun implikasinya pada rakyat. 100% product biodiesel tu utk market luar..

  12. zaki says:

    @ Catzer,

    Wah…good tips… I bet some people can apply it. Some maybe cannot…. 🙂

  13. melayu setinggan says:

    just nak tambah skit mengenai penerangan Farta di atas….

    simple newtonian mechanics… density=mass/volume (ketumpatan = jisim/isipadu). ataupun boleh gak la amik kira Boyle’s Law…and consider pressure…

    so, kalau kita isi minyak pada awal pagi..cuaca sejuk….(ground temperature), seperti yang kita ketahui, suhu memainkan peranan dalam perubahan ketumpatan (except water at 0-4 degree)…bagi kes minyak petrol@fuel, jika suhu tinggi, ketumpatan akan berubah…kenaikan suhu akan menurunkan density@ketumpatan… Higher temperature means molecules akan move faster and seterusnyer, creating more space. so thats why kita kena isi minyak pada waktu awal2 pagi atau tengah malam di mana cuaca sejuk….

    TETAPI…ada sedikit kemusykilan jugak….nowadays, petrol station burried their tank jauh lebih dalam (berbanding dulu2 la) kedalam tanah…so thats it will keep the temperature remain and kekal pada tahap yang dikehendaki.. so,,,, no point untuk isi minyak pada waktu apa pun….lagipun, bila kita dah isi minyak..kita menggunakan kenderaan kita pada cuaca panas, tak ker effect gak kan???

    So, apa yg saya tau…kaedah yang paling praktikal ialah, teknik mengisi minyak…. Kita perlu elakkan dari mengisi minyak dengan press terlalu kuat…means minyak keluar terlalu laju… Ini kerana, bila kita buat minyak keluar terlalu laju, ianya akan meruap jadi vapors…..

    mcm tips dari Farta gak…isi minyak dalam keadaan tank kereta kita tak terlalu empty, adalah banyak membantu dalam penjimatan minyak and seterusnya wang kita la…. ruang yang banyak di dalam tank (klu tunggu empty baru nak refill) akan memberi banyak ruang kepada petrol yang seterusnya memudahkan petrol untuk menjadi vapor…. Meaning that, kita dapat amount petrol yang tak sama seperti yang kita bayar…

    so, walaupun tips ini mungkin sesetengah org berpendapat yg ianya tak berape effect or remeh,,,namun apa salahnya kita cuba praktikkan. lagipun bukan kena bayar pun nak buat benda tu semua…tak rugi apa2 pun kan….

  14. azwanhadzree says:

    dah makin mahal, jadi jugak ke nak ambil camry

    btw, since RM dah appreciate, bukannya harga imported cars kena turun?

  15. zaki says:

    @ Melayu Setinggan,

    Wow… thanks for the detail scientific lengthy elaboration. Really appreciate it. At least the other readers can learn a bit from it. Cheers… 🙂

    @ Azwan,

    Hmm… Still considering but we are observing the market price… who knows the car price can drop by 20% – 30%… ha ha….sebat la….apalagi!!! 🙂

  16. zaki blogjer says:

    @ a viewer. I have to disagree with you. If you happen to read chedet recently, about the thousands of abandon bus , while thousands of new bus being built (plus monorel) I don’t think he has changed.

  17. titan says:

    Bagi aku, kita tingkatkan duit kita. Kalau duit kita bertambah, minyak bukan satu masalah.

  1. June 7, 2008

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