Moving to a New Domain

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I’m planing to move the content of this blog to a new domain. I have my own reasons for doing it and it is imperative for my future and career.Β  The Google PR will remain with this domain. However, the problem is I haven’t found a good domain name! I’m planning to purchase the new domain name as soon as I found one that I like.

I wonder whether you guys can suggest or propose a domain name for me. It should be something generic. I really don’t mine if it is weird or strange… The most important thing is that I like it and I can use it comfortably. I don’t want my name to be associated with it.

The new domain + new blog will contain all the contents from There will be no niche restriction for my new blog. I can just blog about anything as long as it is good and I can share stuffs with all of you…

What will happen to I’ll still own the domain and I’ll be using it for something else. If you want to know, you can check it out later when it is ready (honestly, I don’t know when it will be ready…presumably somewhere end of the year…or if i have the time, it shall be earlier…).

So, i hope to see some domain name ideas… Feel free to leave them in the comment area…. Thanks adios πŸ™‚

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19 Responses

  1. alie d14 says:

    Datuk Seri Prof Dr. Zaki Yamani dot belogsepot dot kom !

  2. zaki says:

    @ Alie,

    Aiseyman…. very creative and imaginative domain name!?!!%^%^^&%&?@##
    thanks for the idea….boleh di ketengahkan…. But I already mentioned that I don’t want my name to be there…. πŸ™‚

  3. budeen says:

  4. zaki says:

    @ Budeen…

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  5. szakif says:

    please dont take instead.. haha.. that’ll be mine insya Allah one day…

    well.. i just bloghop here and there till that i found this blog and mesmerized with your own “zakiyamani” dot com domain name. hey.. that used to be what some relatives of mine called me la! huhu~

    what’s wrong with zakiyamani anyway?

    but i would suggest these:
    – – since i saw your previous entry was about car
    – – hope that haven’t been taken by anyone yet
    – just shorten the yamani part

    well.. they are still all about the word zaki anyway, i know. hu~

  6. budeen says:

    he said he doesn’t want his name to be associated with it..

    @ zaki
    france vs romania tak best sgt la.. tgh tunggu italy vs netherland..

  7. megat says:

    rebranding nampak!? makin ramai yang menulis menggunakan nama sendiri, rasanya domain skang ni dah ok kot!?

    tapi utk keluar dari kepompong asal agaknya. erm sori xde idea lak nk cadangkan domain apa eheh. biasanya mereka akan pilih mengikut niche penulisan mereka.

  8. zaki says:

    @ szakif,

    Don’t worry…I’m not domain crazy.. I won’t take that domain.
    I just want to have a unique generic domain name. That’s all…And thanks for the suggestion, but i’m not going to have my name for the domain…
    thanks again.

    @ Budeen,

    Haha…gua tak tengok pun…besok nak kerja beb….

    @ megat…

    Haha bukan rebranding…tapi ada strategi lain….pelik sikit…tapi Aku dan Tuhan je yang tau…he he…

  9. azwanhadzree says:

    i think this ne is perfect when it’s not related to any niche. why do you want to move? kalau dah pindah pun, yang ni nak jadi apa?

    if you still want to move this, just move to a sub directoy
    pun ok πŸ™‚

  10. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    I know it is “perfect” – no niche… But I have my own reasons of moving. Sorry, could not reveal it here. Maybe when we chat, then I tell you…
    This domain will be used for other purpose. That’s what I can explain so far…

    A subdirectory is a good idea…but my name is still there and I don’t want it to be there. i want to have a fresh new identity…

  11. zaki blogjer says:

    Sayang la bro. This one has it owns follower and RSS reader already. Somemore it is PR4. But you still maintain it right?

    I have problem maintain another blog right now. Azwan is right, I should create subdomain instead

  12. zaki says:

    @ Blogjer,

    Memang lah sayang…tapi apa boleh buat…. Have to make that decision eventhough the PR is good …

    Yea….create more subdomain is better.

  13. bantingboy says:

    no comment. Tapi tak rasa cam lain la plak. Dah biasa dengan domain ni. dah hapal dah pon..

  14. zaki says:

    Huh hu….
    camtu lak…
    takpe, nanti try hafal domain baru yang belum difikirkan lagi

  15. firdaus says:


    i would like my website to be review by your blog. how much does it cost?

    also if possible to exchange link?

    please contact me at

  16. am says:

    i know what to use for this domain… πŸ˜‰ btw terperasan something dalam blog ni… ada gak iklan yang memberahikan sangkut dalam blog hang yer..


    so letak jer (maksud mrasa ni cam “rasakan!!” or “padan muka!!”)
    it’s time to show our perasaan dan tunjukkan our protest to any issue yang kita tak berkenan… i think la that is all about this blog post rite now… btw just what i think.. hehe πŸ˜†

  17. titan says:

    So, apa nama domain baru tuh?

  18. budeen says:


    or euglena.. remember? hahaha

  19. Raman says:

    so what domain name,you have decided??

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