Peraduan Celcom DiHaramkan? Celcom competition prohibited??!!!

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As I watched the news, I found out something really interesting… Celcom competion 100 Toyota Camry in 100 days are stopped? Don’t really know why, but a group of religious and experts council had a meeting and decided to stop the competition for further investigation.

Personally, I liked Toyota Camry, but I have not entered the contest. But, it’s OK. I don’t have any respond about the issue. However, it’s very lucky for the 8 winners so far who managed to snatched the wonder car… πŸ™‚

Check out the explanation from Ustaz Zaharuddin.

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22 Responses

  1. Ery says:

    The competition is not stopped rather suspended.

    I still do not why as there is not much explanation given by any parties as I believe they are still in the midst of discussing its technicality.

  2. zaki says:

    Hopefully, a detail and precise explanation can be made.
    I like the car, but I won’t participate in that type of contest…

  3. azwanhadzree says:

    they stop it because they r delivering the cars to me πŸ˜›

  4. alie d14 says:

    kalau haram..then semua contests/ peraduan/ cabutan bertuah yg lain2 pun haram jugak laaaaa…….? kenapa focus on this one aje?? pelikk!

  5. zaki says:

    @ Azwan,

    If you said delivering the car, then I believe… Instead you said delivering the CARS, which I think you are bull shitting πŸ™‚

  6. zaki says:

    @ Alie,

    Well, the authority should answer your question… Or maybe, the competition SMS price is too obviously high… Not sure… Let us wait for the complete detail…

  7. fara says:

    i dah masuk contest ni, dan i rasa mmg betul2 judi dan penipuan. at first, i pun blur ttg benda2 mcm ni sbb tak terfikir langsunglah…. tapi lepas dah terkena baru tau… dan sememangnya baguslah mufti2 kita mengharamkan dan seterusnya diberhentikan terus sbb benda2 mcm ni mmg merugikan pihak pengguna celcom. yang dah menang kereta tu mesti dah habis puluhan ribu, bukan setakat ratus tau…. i tau sbb ramai yg dah terkena even spend dekat rm5k pun belum tentu dapat that car… so i setuju sgt2 lah peraduan CELCOM 100 HARI 100 KERETA NI DIHARAMKAN !!!!!! SAMPAI BILA2 !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bantingboy says:

    1 sms = RM5..sakit woo. Bagi aku, benda nih dah jadi biasa. Kalau dah tahu mahal, nape nak masuk gak kan?

    Tapi dalam agama, aku tak sure. So, kalau ada mufti kata haram. Kita dengar la. tapi aku dah masuk tahap ragu-ragu. So, aku tinggalkan benda nih..

  9. zaki says:

    Not sure – tinggalkan…

  10. Nobody says:

    Wonder…..if you are Celcom…you would say “i spend RM14 million for the 100 cars + say RM6 million” for the voting system and consultations from overseas to conduct the competition… altogether is RM20 million….dats a lot folks… but i dont quite understand why everybody claimed its benefited them….!!!!! Well….if you spend say RM6k to RM10k to bid and out of the blue…u won RM141k Camry….. then…its a return of 1310%….what a DAMNED GOOD investment… man….. better than stock market…. hahaa…..

  11. s**t says:

    apa celcom celcom nie….buang masa…..aku rasa baik sms AF…. habis ribu ribu….mawi menang….. betoi tak!!!!!

  12. Khairul says:

    THe competition is to be stopped. All charges to be cancelled and all winners are not going to get their cars. Reason, the competition is actually an unlicensed lottery. It is Haram to Muslims and without license, Celcom not allowed to run a lottery, so this problem goes beyond Haram and muslims. The competition is deemed illegal altogether.

    Anyway, Celcom is so stupid since they did not even do proper R&D. The same competition, 100 days 100 cars (BMW) was also stopped in South Africa because it was categorised as an illegal lottery or gambling. How in the world did this competition be approved within Celcom, only god knows! Tamak I guess, the competition in South Africa, the Vodacom collected more than five times the value of marketing plus 100 BMWs! See this link ->

  13. zaki says:

    @ Khairul,

    Thanks for the link. Good information there. πŸ™‚

  14. ET says:

    I am one of the victim that involved in this contest, mainly to blame of onself being too greedy to own a camry in very short time. Greed is the basic of human desire or weakness. Money has been dump in to compete for a dream camry to come alive!! I have dump much money one day you may spend more than 3K for trying the strike. In between the possession you are always teased or tricked that seems that the dream would be achieved. To night you are the winner. You be the ownner of the new camry!! I have sleepless night take only maggi for lunch & dinner. The more money you spend, the money you thinking to continue to invest just to get the dream Camry to come alive. Some how not awared that the actual competition is not transparent at all. You do not know what the highest score. Is the contest fair, if the winners not being announced what is the score the achieved, how we know that the winners being drawn or any manupulation behind is not transparent at all. Human greed is truly get me more & more deepen inside the trap. Even now still thinking that I may be the possible winner. Now with the temporary suspend of the system, I am a little awake that this couls be trap. Even today I get a camry with such the money invested & the time & hard effort I spent to this contest, I have the opinion that it is not worth to invest & spent much time & ruin our semagat to get a camry this way. It would be marvelous to be lucky enough to own one but overall CELCOM is the BIG Winner. I may own a Camry but compare to the poor consummers the much money ,time & effort spent just only a few or 114 lucky ownner of new Camry, Consummers still are the looser. I suggest that the Celcom shall have to pay back to their customer on the money they invested. Stop the contest & apologise to their customers. Thank you.

  15. Nobody says:

    Well, RM5 per sms to the price of camry is fair. If you do not willing to loose your RM5 then better stay away from this game. Celcom doesn’t force anybody to participate. Its your own will… If you asked them to reduce the price to …say 50cents ke…..then they might give you a handphone ke, or a vcd player instead….(dont u ever think of winning a kancil with 50 cents k) or maybe u might consider of taking part in their current, not so glamour EURO 2008 HERO CHALLENGE which with only RM0.50 cents you could win LCD 32′ TV…hhehehe….

    I wonder, why the EURO challange is not consider gambling…whilst the concept is the same….just that the price of the sms and the prizes are different..maybe becoz its cheaper….NO BODY CARES……betul tak!!!!

  16. am says:

    apa yang dia bagi soalannya… keji sesangat 5 hengget 1 sms… samalah cam fulus mania bagai tu kan… tah betul dia tapis setiap 50 sms/call kalau dia tapis 1000 call baru bagi sorang jawab camner kan… kita bukan tau.. dan tah macam mana orang yang jawab tu boleh merapu-rapu jawab salah padahal soalan senang nak mampos pun tak logik jugak… pokok pangalnya hati kitala.. kalau kuar iman takla lebur duit banyak camtu.. am tak caya kita bole jadi kaya dengan jalan singkat camtu… semuanya mesti dengan jalan berkat dan usaha yang bersungguh… barulah hasilnya pun in good condition.. ye tak..

  17. Umbrella says:

    It’s already in news! banned by the authorities! YES! i pun dah kena tipu! masa i register tu dah suspect something fishy sebab the 2nd sms tu minta nama kita so that they can continue to charge and charge and charge rm5 for everthing we answer back! I stop masa few hundred rm sebab i rasa mcm kena paksa terlibat dlm judi, letak duit in the hope of winning something, tapi in the end habuk pun tarak! Drg mmg lure people into gambling seban cara drg reply sms tu mengatakan yg kita akan menjadi juara malam tu dan suruh kita teruskan dgn jawab soalan sampai bil beribu ribu! Gilerrrr!! So Celcom, pls return back our money!! That is my hard earned money you pujuk supaya i gamble!

  18. azwanhadzree says:

    read it today, sah haram
    well, i never join something like this. it’s tempting but it’s all based on luck and u will loose a lot of money if you dont win.

  19. titan says:

    kalau dah haram. Atau was-was. TInggal ajela..

  20. basikalku says:

    I don’t think Celcom will return ur money. You are the one agreed to participate and have been told that the SMS cost RM5. If you can’t afford it, stay away. Lesson learnt. If you manage to win the CAMRY, u won’t be ranting over here rite? Check out todays TheSTAR, sport Section page S65, if I’m not mistaken.
    There’s this Star Mobile download contest with a blurp “Stand a chance to win a PSP by downloading more! Get details from our site”. It’s also stated in the T&C “The more you download, the higher the chances to win!! This is the same mechanics with Celcom’s contest. But since the prize is only a PSP, no one bothers! Fikir-fikirlah ~

  21. zaki blogjer says:

    OMG, people willing to spend more than 1K to enter this contest? non sense

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