Petrol Price Increase! Harga Minyak Naik! Lagi?!!!

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Yes, it has already been confirmed!!! The rumors that has been playing around earlier today has been finally confirmed by the news – Bulletin Utama – TV3. What concerns me is the petrol price and not really the diesel price. The petrol price used to be RM1.92 per liter is going to increase up to RM2.70 per liter. That’s a a RM0.78 increase! No wonder on my home just now, cars are queuing on each and every petrol station I saw. Then I checked my petrol level…. Oh… there are still 3/4 fuel stored in the tank. I think that’s fine. No need to take all the hassle to que to fill up just 5 liters of petrol.

Why the petrol and diesel has increase? Simple… The crude oil (petroleum price) has increase up to $130++ per barrel. There are a lot more reasons behind this that I may want to discuss in a separate post. This is just the beginning… What’s going to be the price of other daily goods consumed by us? Is the sugar, cooking oil, flour, gas, electric, water going to be increased?

Lucky me… I’m quitting my engineering job at Pasir Gudang – that means I’m going to cut short the distance traveled. The daily distance covered to come and return is 100 km (my house is near Kangkar Pulai). My new job will be just nearby my house, just 10 minutes traveling time. At least, I’m not going to be directly burdened or affected by the petrol price increase…

What about those who earn less…? I pity them… I hope there’s a way to help them. I hope the government will think and do something to ease their burden. In Indonesia, the government gave cash incentive for those who earn less….

Please continue reading the next discussion: Effect of petrol increase/Kesan kenaikan harga minyak

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  1. KNizam says:

    It sounds like it’s sleeting, but every time I turn on the outside light & look, nothings happening.

  2. PlanetaJob says:

    ??, ?????????, ??? ????????

  3. abilfaz says:

    cool, clasno pishesh, prodolzhay v tom zhe duhe

  1. July 6, 2008

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  2. April 23, 2009

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