Reacting to Bad Economy

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Wow… It has been more than a fortnight since I become an educator. It’s really good being an educator. I work at the same place as my wife and we can travel to work together. We can send and fetch our kids together as well. After work, when there’s a need, we’ll drop by at Jusco or the nearby “kedai runcit” (grocery store) at get buy some household consumption. Well, we did that yesterday and we spent a lot on it.

That reminds me on how bad our national economical conditions are right now. We have to spend a lot to get little. We have to work hard to get what we want. Just imagine, almost everything is more than RM4. For example, a box of milk is around RM5.00+, vitagen is RM4.00+, French fries is around RM5-6.00, a packet of cream crackers are now more than RM4.00. Surprisingly, “twisties” (normal size) at Jusco is priced at RM1.80!!!! It was normally around RM1.38 or below RM1.60. So, at the end our groceries was RM260.00 (including a RM79.00 portable staircase, Drypers size L ~ RM30+, my son’s birthday control car ~ RM40).

For average people like me, I felt the burden. What about the burden that is faced by lower income people or family? How can those who earn a mere RM1000 per month survive in this very situation. Oh yes…. they can survive, but they need to cut off everything…and just settle with the most basic life style. Eat only normal rice (not fragrance rice) and 1 or 2 types of side dish 2 times a day. Is that normal? For some maybe yes. But, that is not the kind of lifestyle that a country call Malaysia is suppose to be.

Goods prices are extremely high and it forced me to think on my family survival and our relatives as well. We cannot control the economy or the increase of petrol fuel or the increase of flour or rice… We need to do work more, we need to do extra job to earn more money to survive – Not to taste luxury. Lucky us if we are fortunate enough to get more. Then, we’ll be in the elite class. At least, a minute percentage of the dwellers of a country called Malaysia.

Then what are the strategies for people like us – me and you to overcome the crucial economical dilemma? I was thinking to explore FOREX to earn some extra income… Can I? I don’t know yet. It’s a fluctuating market and I’m not sure whether I’m ready for it. I want to earn some money from the stock market… However, I was slapped terribly when my investment last year stuck in 2 companies just after end of last year economy turmoil. My wife firmly said a big NO to me. It will be very risky to invest at this time. We don’t want our fluid asset flow away from us just like that…

So, now, I concluded that I need to work more effectively and efficiently on the internet (part time basis). I’m earning some good cash from it and why not I try my best to get more and more. I need to make a proper audit on how I conduct my internet business, reshuffle and reorganize my activities to fully optimize it. Hopefully, If everything is right, I hope to earn better at the end of the year. I also need to educate other people to use the internet wisely in order to pick some fruit from it. There are still a lot of people, economically doing not good who we can help and educate them to earn some money from the virtual world.

Conclusion: Learn and use the internet to make money (part time). Don’t get cheated with scams. Live a better life.

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4 Responses

  1. Allen Taylor says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. cyza says:

    Hmm… Thanks Allen. Really appreciate your kind words 🙂

  3. bantingboy says:

    ehm..its hard to understand. but i know now..

  4. cyza says:

    Hard to understand?? Ha ha…but you know already…then that’s good… bravo 🙂

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