Top Tips To Praise Your Child

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It is very important to know how to communicate and praise our kids (if you are still single, just read through it because at later stage of your life, you may have your own kids). I have three kids aging from 2.5 to 6 years old and I’m still learning how to educate, communicate and love them.

I would like to share some good tips that might be good for us to praise our own kids. Since children between the ages of two and five are at different stages of development below are a few pointers on how to praise your child on the respective stages:


– “Nice colouring.”

– “Good sharing.”

– While you are on the phone, say “Good waiting!”

Basically, we must keep it short and always with a positive word with our young ones.

For preschoolers:

– “I love it when you play nicely with your sister.”

– “What a good job waiting for me to help you across the road.”

– “Thanks for the drawing, it makes me happy.”

So, incorporate these simple tips with our child and hopefully we ill get hang of it in no time at all. You can also share this with your brothers, sisters, uncle, aunt, cousin, friends and whoever having small kids. Good luck to you and me 🙂 .

Source: Massachusetts Medical Society

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  1. titan says: rupanya taktik ko..

  2. cyza says:

    Aku pun baru jumpa, apa salahnya share…we learn and we share it… 🙂

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