Pre-Raya Shopping

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Yes, in just a few days time, about 10 more days, we will meet the month of Ramadhan where all the Muslim around the world will be fasting for 30 days. What would that mean? It means a lot for us. There are a lot of positive impacts for us. However, there are also some negative impact which actually does not originates from the religion, but from the modern lifestyle…


Guys, watch out, especially if you are married! I bet you know what’s going to happen. Your wife, your family want to have new clothes, new ‘baju kurung’, new ‘baju kebaya’, new fashion, new ‘t-shirt’, new curtain, new furniture, new this, new that…. and that means digging a hole in your pocket! Personally, for me, we are trying to settle all this new “baju raya” stuff before Ramadhan. So far, we have bought a few new clothes for the family.

Just now, me and my wife went to Plaza Angsana Johor Bahru to buy some of the “baju raya”. We have bought some in the recent UTM Pesta Konvo. After a long 2-3 hours walk, my wife finally make up her mind on one very beautiful black skirt (bought at a corner lot shop on the 3rd floor. It was RM95, but after a great bargained by my wife, we grabbed it at RM73) and bought a nice elegant black blouse (at the first floor open space area. Cost RM75, after persuading the sales girl, we got it at RM65). On top of that, I bought her a gorgeous brooch worth RM69 (but after “minta kurang”, I only paid RM50). My wife is really good at bargaining (tawar-menawar). I’m not a good bargainer. I pity the salesman/woman if we bargain too much. But, luckily my wife don’t have that mercy… he he.. 🙂 So, we can save a lot of RM…

So, for 3 hours, we only get those 3 items  listed above. I looked at some of the baju batik available but there are too expensive. For your info, I rarely buy shirts, t-shirts, clothes exceeding RM50. The only very expensive attire I bought is my original Manchester United jerseys which cost me more than RM 200 ++ per jersey. As a government servant, I need Batik to attend functions. However, nice batik has ‘very nice’ price tag. They are too expensive… Maybe I need to go to Trengganu to search and buy a few later. Hopefully I can get batik which cost more then RM200 here in JB for just RM100 in Trengganu. Or, if you happen to know the place in Trengganu that sell nice almost silk (not 100% silk batik) with cheap price, please notify me… I would like to buy them…

Shopping at Pesta Konvo UTM

Earlier, we have bought our daughters baju kurung (RM20 + RM 25) and surveyed for some other clothes. But, due to time limitation, we were not able to spend more time at the 1 week Pesta Konvo which were flooded with business people selling a lot of “kain-baju”.

Giant Hyper Market

We just bought few groceries and also a bottle of “Almond Landon” cookies. Now that Almond Landon kuih raya is finish already daaa…. That almond Landon cost us RM16 for 100 pieces. It taste good and my wife already plan to buy more there… I was also force to buy a shirt. My wife wanted me to wear a casual brown colour shirt and that cost us RM 29. Ok la tu…

Balance to shop… (Check List)

Ikhwan : A pair of baju Melayu, 2 pants, 1 t-shirt

Marsya: 1 pair of gown dress

Alya: 2 pairs of gown dress

Myself: settle already, Oh yea…zakat Fitrah as well, but in Ramadhan… 🙂

My wife: A pair of sandles

My house: Paint the internal walls and the gate, Kerepek (Crakers), kuih raya (cookies).

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6 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    aku dah settle. tinggal kasut anak-anak dan aku punya saja belum. bulan puasa ni, since tinggal sorang kat prai, aku akan pergi shopping sorang-sorang la.

  2. KNizam says:

    wahhh dah siap2 shopping ek. hehe 🙂
    dulu masa dok kat jb best betul dapat cuti 1st ramadhan.

    p/s saya sempat singgah ke pasir puteh, makan kat kedai rahmat…nantikan kemunculan entry nya. hehe 🙂

  3. cyza says:

    Baguihla tu….lagi cepat settle lagi bagus…

  4. cyza says:

    walamak….bagus tu…aku nak tgk entri tu…he he

  5. budeen says:

    i’m using the new google chrome browser.. cool.. you should try..

  6. cyza says:

    Will try soon…InsyaAllah

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