Project Linkback P1-S1

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Want to improve your blog or site ranking? Check this out. It is a unique win-win situation. With this technique, we work together with other bloggers and webmasters to create quality back link. For further details, you can read LinkBack Project.

Following is a brief info about how to participate and later expect a good improvement in your blog or website position in the search engine. For my blog (this blog), I used the keyword ‘Cyber‘ for better recognition 🙂 .

Phase 1 / Stage 1

Keywords & Density

1 keyword + 1 instance in post.

To participate is simple.

  • Write a post including the code outlined below where it says “Start & End Copy & Paste”
  • Put your keyword as the anchor, with your url, at the bottom of the list, and move “YOUR NEXT” to the number that would come next.
  • Publish that post, make sure it has been pinged. It must have been pinged.
  • Come back to and comment on the Phase1/Stage1 post, telling me you have posted it, and that it has been pinged.
  • I will post it here at the master list when you have met all the conditions for submission.

Conditions For Submission:

  1. All of the code must be placed correctly in your post, including your keyword and link at the bottom.
  2. Your weblog must be pinged. Google will tell me.
  3. Your website in no way can deny spidering. Meta tags and robot(s).txt files will be checked. You must allow spiders, to be a tester.
  4. “nofollow” appears nowhere in your post. Those who nofollow their comments will be given less consideration if there is overspill that will let comments follow.
  5. In the sentence below: “I consider myself an expert in ________” I remove that underline seen here, and replace it with my keyword down there. You will do the same with your keyword. It must be a one word keyword, no groups or phrases.
  6. YOU MUST UPDATE the list when we reach 100, periodic updates can be easier, but at 100, all must update.
  7. Those that cannot meet the conditions can be skipped over for inclusion. Get your ducks in a row.
  8. The list will stop at 100

< — Start Copy & Paste the URL’s & anchors Here —>

I consider myself an expert in cyber

1. link
2. Guy
3. stories
4. money
5. memories
6. recipes
7. Sports
8. Condos
9. Oceanfront
10. Graphics
11. Sexy
12. mobile
13. cats
14. traffic
15. coffee
16. Homeschooling
17. marketing
18. advertising
19. friendships
20. Experiences
21. Poetry
22. Portraits
23. solving
24. news
25. Journal
26. Motivation
27. Parenting
28. WordPress
29. Paganism
30. Crafts
31. Myself
32. Permits
33. Writing
34. poetry
35. Reviews
36. shopping
37. Blogging
38. sabra
39. Jesus
40. widgets
41. Travel
42. Banned
43. Bouchelle
44. Cyber
45. Tennis
46. Blog
47. Brats
48. Knitting
49. Crochet
50. Religion

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7 Responses

  1. am says:

    I consider myself an expert in link <– bro yang “link” ni tukar ke what u r expert is..

  2. In the part that says… “I consider myself an expert in link”. You need to change the “link” to your keyword, “Cyber”

    Putting you on the main list now.

  3. cyza says:

    OK boss…. 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Tu la… tersilap pulak…tapi dah betulkan. TQ for informing… 🙂

  5. Kujie says:


    Kak jie no # 26& 27
    nice to see you on board!

  6. titan says:

    hehe. ada lagi projek linkbank nih..

  1. August 5, 2008

    […] Read the original here: Project Linkback P1-S1 […]

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