What is your Goal in Life?

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Money is everything? Is it really everything…? It depends on how we look at it. Are we living to accumulate money? Is that our goal in live? Is it just money that we are aiming for?

I know somebody who is about 37 years old working as a senior manager. I can say that his life is his work. He is not married. He uses a company car and lives in a company house. He comes to work in the morning and will stay late at night. Does he have a lot of money? Definitely yes… He has tonnes of money but he spend it only for a single stomach… his own. Just imagine the kind of salary increment a senior manager like him will get. In addition to that, just imagine how much bonus he is getting. He has tonnes of money andd he dumped a big chunk of it into the unit trust. I wonder what is his goal in life? Is it to work, and work, and work… becoming a slave to his work?!!!

I know somebody who have a different set of long term goal. When I asked her, she said that her goal is to go to heaven and avoid hell. That’s her ultimate goal and I can see that she has the qualities to achieve that. I hope she will. When asked what is her medium goal… she answered that she wanted to have a decent work that can enable her to earn something “halal”.

I have a friend with a very good job. He is younger then me, around 30 or 31 years old. Married and have 3 very young children. I never asked him about his goal. But I can tell that he is aiming for financial power. Despite of having a professional job, he is very active in Forex and earn substantial cash out of it. On top of that, he has a number of side business going on. I can say that he is doing very well materialistically. He drives a brand new luxury car and I can assure you there is no way he is paying that from his salaried job. For me, he is very matured compared to his present age. His mind is very active and he always think on money…money… money… business..business…business… That is his choice…

Talking about my siblings… I have 3 younger brothers and one younger sister. The good thing is all of them are very keen in business and want to accumulate wealth. That’s good and I’m encouraging to do so. I hope one day, the five of us can unite and run a business successfully together. Hmmm…never asked them about their goals… Will do later… 🙂

What about my goals? I have mentioned my short term goal earlier. However, my long term goal is to lead my family and myself to heaven. That is my ultimate goal as a Muslim. Our life in this world is a temporary journey. We don’t know how long we will live. We need to prepare for our after life because our life there will be a permanent one. That’s our true destiny. I want to be a balance human being. I want to have the right balance between the hard work in the world and also my spiritual life. I want to have time to spend and shower some love to my wife, kids, parents, family. It’s not easy to achieve that but I’m trying my very best to strive for that. Please pray for me… and my family…

Do you want to share your goals in life?

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5 Responses

  1. mz_rainbow says:

    My short term goal is to send the soul to mecca….
    I’ve been working hard to get enough savings..my long term goal ? Emm….i havn’t fixed it yet….

  2. cyza says:

    Wow…. when you say sending soul to Mecca…is it your soul or you and your family? Need to really have some savings before heading to that direction 🙂

  3. titan says:

    Freedom of life and freedom of money. Maybe thats my goal.

    But with someone i love. Hehe.

    Still not find my first lady…

  4. cyza says:

    Ha ha… I think you better put an advertisement in your blog and put in your profile as well, including some photos. Anybody interested can submit their resume to be your girlfriend. LOL 🙂

  5. budeen says:

    is our fund still on? it’s 2009 already?

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