Festive Raya Season Updates

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Here are some of my longer version updates (the short one will be normally updated via my Twitter and Facebook account).

1. I used the weekends to learn more secrets on making money online. I’m reading an ebook and watching few videos.

2. I realized that I have a lot (i mean a lot) of ebooks, videos, audios for me to learn all about making money online. I know there are various new ebooks, trainings, videos etc out there that teaches about making money online, but I cannot keep on purchasing them and keep them in my hard disk. I need to read and apply them. Does that sound familiar with you? Huh!!!

3. I realized that during this festive season (Hari Raya is around the corner), money flows like water. At one moment, I have $700, and the next day that money is gone. I withdrew another $600 and the same happened. I just withdrew another $600 and I have some balance now in my wallet. The money goes for:
-food and household necessities, buka puasa, raya cookies…
-new clothes for family and relatives
-servicing the car – damn!!! the lube oil is very expansive now!!!

4. I’m glad that Manchester United won the game versus Bolton yesterday. Thank God….

5. Just watched the first Singapore Night Formula 1 race and I like it (although I slept during the race… he he)… Full drama, full impact, 3-4 accidents, unpredictable results.

6. Going to work tomorrow although a lot of people are already on Raya leave.

7. Going to buy myself a few domain names for my virtual real estate business… huhu 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. titan says:

    jadi, praktikkan ajela yek..

  2. cyza says:

    Ye ye… that’s right bro… I’m doing it… 😉

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