Formula 1 Singapore Winner

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The race is going to commence in a short while. Felipe Massa is in pole #1 while Hamilton is in pole #2. Who will be the winner of the first ever Formula 1 Singapore night race?

Updates after race…

Wow… It’s now just a few minutes after 10pm and the Formula 1 Singapore race was just over. It was a very tough race and interesting one. Felipe Massa of Ferrari who started at P1 ended far behind due to a very expensive error at the pit stop. What a tragedy!!! At the end, Alonso of Renault who started at P15 won the race with style. Hamilton of McClaren finished at 3rd place and we now leads the drivers point at 84 points. Following him close behind is Fellipe Massa at 77 points. I pity Fellipe Massa for the horrendous error by Ferrari team which was not the first time!

How did Singapore performed hosting their first Formula 1 race and the first at night?

Generally, I think they did great. However, there are 2 things need to be highlighted:

1. The track seems to be slightly bumpy. We can clearly see the cars moving up and down and sparks from beneath the car flashes.

2. There are a lot of leaves, few plastic bags and other flying rubbish seen on the track.

Well, those are just my personal observation. I believe there are professional parties going to evaluate the performance of Singapore F1 race. Overall, well done Singapore!

SIC organizing a Formula 1 race at night?

Hmm… not sure yet? Maybe in 2010 or 2011, it depends on SIC and they need to do the mathematics… I think a night race is very interesting and different from the other races.

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  1. ???????? says:

    ?????? ???????.

  2. contest2u says:

    this one set new standards in F1.. so maybe some countries will follow to host night races.. in malaysia i dont know when they are going to follow the night race but i think day time race in sepang is the best..

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