Get Handsomely Paid For An Interview

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Earlier today, I read a feed email from about “Getting paid to be interviewed by companies“. For me, anything that enable us to be paid, as long as it is legal is, a good option and is worth trying. I digested the content and straight away asked for an invitation by submitting a comment. Oh yea… in order to join the program, you need to be invited by a member and I’m proud to announce that I’m already officially a member of NotchUp.

Well, I’m not sure to say it as a making money program? It’s basically an interview process but the beauty of it is – you’re paid to attend the interview AND you decide how much they need to pay you!!! NotchUp is a new recruitment site that provides platform for companies to find suitable employees and pay them for coming for the interview. In other words it acts as a medium between the employers and the employees in a uniquely different approach.

Sounds good? Want to try your luck?

Great, just leave a comment below and I’ll straight away send you an invitation to join as a member.

After I send you the invitation, setting up your account will be easy. You can upload your resume in various format (I used microsoft words), you can also import your LinkedIn profile if you want.

Hold on there? What if I already have a job?

No problem. You can still be a NotchUp member and set yourself to the option “Happy but will listen at the right price” (that’s my setting). Does that sound good? At least you will know what you’re really worth in the market… ­čÖé

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6 Responses

  1. titan says: berminat aje nih..

  2. cyza says:

    I’ve just sent a NotchUp invitation to you. Check it out.

  3. titan says:

    aku baru je daftar aritu. Kene siapkan semua resume tu ke? benda ni bayar kita camana zaki? kita kene gi interview ke atau by online or what?

  4. cyza says:

    You have to complete your resume in doc like words or other options which are available inside NotchUp. If not, you can also enter some of your particulars online in NotchUp.

    You need to set a price for the inteviewer to pay you. They will be potential bos for you. They are paying you to interview you.

    They pay us by Paypal.

    The interview is a real one and we have to attend it. If the company opt to interview us online, it’s a different case. It’s up to the interviewer how they want to conduct it…

  5. titan says:

    Ok. Got it. Ehm..nanti aku tambah apa yang tinggal. Harap kalau kene gi interview, takdelah jauh sangat..

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