– Is it A New Pay Per Post Program?

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I received an email in my mailbox yesterday for a proposal to review a site. The sender was asking me to make an unbiased review on his site at on of my niche site (not this site). However, I have to decline the offer because the site he requested me to review was totally not related at all with my niche blog. I sent him a reply email to nicely decline the offer.

However, inside his email under his signature, there was this sentence (ad):

“If you want to receive more paid review proposals, just click the following link:’

then click the link (it’s not my affiliate. I think it might me the email senders affiliate) and arrive to a very simple page. It’s basically like a for or opt in form. You can submit your blog or several of your blogs, select a category for your blog(s) and state what is the minimum payment for a proposal of a pay per post.

They mention this under the payment section:

“(We’ll not contact you unless we have a proposal that pays more than the amount you chose. If you put a large number you may miss most of the review opportunities. Leave zero if you want to receive all the proposals)”

So, I just left it zero to see what other proposal might come in later. Then I just submit the form. I’m not sure whether this is a really legitimate site or offering, but it’s worth trying. You can try and judge it for yourself. If in case you have any experience with this site, please share your experience with us. We would love to hear your story.


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18 Responses

  1. bantingboy says:

    looks like a good one. I like to give a try.

  2. cyza says:

    Try it out….It’s quite rewarding…Good luck 🙂

  3. tivitune says:

    did you already get paid cyza?

  4. cyza says:

    Oh yea… I got $20 for making 2 reviews… and I think that’s not bad at all… You can try and who knows they will accept your blog…?

  5. wawa says:

    do u really get paid for reviewing?

    i got the email today too and i have replied to them.

    dunno how much would i like to receive though per review.

    how much do u put yours?

  6. cyza says:

    Actually they asked me to make a review on one of my technical niche site, but I politely refused because it is simply not the right content for my niche blog.

    So, I suggested to make a review on my other neutral blog(s). Surprisingly they agreed and suggested to make a review on 2 of my blogs (2 reviews in 2 blogs).

    Considering my blogs have PR 0, I did not demand any $$$…
    But, they agreed to pay me $10 per post per blog. That means they are paying me a total of $20, which is OK for me… (remember my blogs are PR 0)…

    Another thing…they send us the money first via paypal, then only we make the review post. That’s totally opposite of the other pay per post platforms such as, and that need us to make a review first before paying us…

  7. wawa says:

    wow, that’s cool.

    meaning you have to set up a paypal account eh?

  8. cyza says:

    Yes, off course you need to have a paypal account in order to make online payment process very simple, fast and easy.

    Creating an account is very simple. Just go to and create an account.

    Normally, the pay per post/review company or platform will pay you via

  9. wawa says:

    so which entries are the reviews you get paid for?

  10. cyza says:

    wow… you really want to know….huh…
    I’m sorry, but I cannot reveal it here….
    It’s against the TOS…
    If you want to know, please contact me personally via the contact form and let me know your email add, so i can let you know privately which one. Is that OK? 😉

  11. Preeti says:

    Wow… This is really cool!
    I too got their e-mail and I had accepted their offer. Let’s see their response now.

  12. cyza says:

    Great…good for you…

  13. Against the TOS to reveal which posts are paid posts? Don’t most sites require disclosure?

    I’m not sure it matters, provided (a) readers know you’re paid for some content (putting all of it into question as to any real “neutrality”) and (b) you are paid in advance and not told what to write and (c) you have some ethics.

    I got the email, too – yesterday. I would consider writing paid posts – given the conditions outlined above. I don’t see that as any different from writing reviews for a magazine, which I’ve done – or really any other form of freelance writing. But I won’t be paid to say “this product is the best thing since sliced bread” unless I mean it. And I won’t review a product I know nothing about. I have some qualms about reviewing FOR a company I know nothing about, too. I asked “who are you” and got a very vague “We are a US based company.” I was hoping for a few more details.

  14. Catherine says:

    This was helpful reading, thank you. I’ve been invited to write reviews as well, but found the email a bit confusing.

  15. Ari says:

    I was invited too, but even the email looks unprofessional.

  16. Sheryl says:

    Got 3 tasks from SEOBLOGREVIEWS and accepted the task and submitted already the form with the price that I’m offer per post.

    Looking forward to get their replies soon. :)) Their program looks legitimate I think since they pay first before making a review.

  17. Kate says:


    I too received an email this afternoon regarding the same offer (reviewing blogs)???? Weird, maybe I’m uber suspicious …… It just sounded too good to be true and ya know what folks say about that… It usually means that it is !

    Cheers, Kate.

  18. Keyon says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog.

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