Sticking Up To My Master Plan

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I have a younger brother who is very fired up in accumulating money. He’s 10 years younger then me and I like his spirit. He is a very enterprising young lad and I believe he can taste financial success if he work hard and efficient. I pray for the success of all my siblings and family….and you to my friend.. ­čÖé

Despite of various temptations from him (I mean business proposal), I firmly hold with my present stand on just making money online for the time being. Even I’m not making substantial money online yet despite of several identifiable reasons, I believe, it’s just a matter of time. I know how but the greatest hurdle is the biggest investment which is > TIME.

Mmmm, OK, back to my brother, he told me that there are 4 things he want to :

1. Running his printer business
2. Running his MLM business
3. Starting his online affiliate business

He told me he just bought a 900 ringgit Malaysia printer for his printing business at campus. He is expecting to get his return on investment (ROI) at the end of this semester. He very well leverages his business by assigning a person to manage his printer business. So, in short, he kicked start the first business plan already.

As for the second business plan, he is so excited with his business. He told all of us (the family I meant). I’m interested as well but I don’t want to lose my focus and I know my weaknesses.

Monetize your web site

In my early days (when I was a slightly younger), I’ve done a lot of those MLM stuffs. I was so tempted with almost all MLM that my wife will say that anybody can get me signed up as a member even though they are selling “wood” or “stones”!!! So, I cannot be precise, but I think I have became a member of more then 10 companies. None of them which I really taste success.

So, that’s it. No more MLM and anything related to it. In other words, no more business related to persuading people to join (that needs face to face interaction and a lots of patients in explaining and presenting ideas to people). After blowing off thousands of ringgits, I realize that MLM and their related activities are not for me. I can’t do it. It’s not meant for me.

As for the 3rd business plan, he realizes the prospect of an online affiliate business industry. However, he have zero basic knowledge on the internet secrets and techniques. Though, he can learn it, he also find that time is something that is hard to spare. So, I advised him to focus on#1, #2 and #4 for the time being.

#4 is the FOREX. He have learn the basics and I believe it’s just a matter of time he start pouring bucks into it. I’m not sure yet whether he’ll manage FOREX himself or higher professionals to do the business. He did highlighted the possibility of hiring somebody to run his FOREX empire…

For all his plan, I wish and hope he will be successful.

Then, what about me? I’m too busy with my new careeer. I’m going to do my pH.D research in the near conner and that means I have to work even harder. I’ll rarely have leasure time to handle business or other stuffs. I’m going to just maintain and develop a few of my websites and blogs. So far, I’m so happy, so please with the performance of my online business. I’m going to slowly and progressively nurture and grow them with my own limited capacity.

I decided to stick with this industry because it is the most convenient in all business. We can make money sleeping and during holidays. I just need to get the establish my own system and get all the strategy working and I hope to get a consistent 4 figure income soon, maybe early next year, InsyaAllah. I think that’s not bad considering I’m not from the computer/internet background and I’m doing it on a part time basis.

What about you guys?

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4 Responses

  1. titan says:

    what can i said. Establish one or two business that you can handle and really can make money. Then, proceed with others one..

  2. cyza says:

    Yes, you’re right. That’s why for me, I want to focus on my “Online Money Making Job” first before meddling with other activities…

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