8 Reasons to Start an Online Business

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There are various strong powerful reasons why you should start an internet business:

1. Flexible

It’s flexible; you can take a break or leave anytime you want. You can have a fantastic vacation at Barbados or Dubai and still your business is cruising smoothly. Another beauty is that, you can work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop. For example, while writing this post, I’m at Hospital Seremban, visiting my sick nephew who was warded in ICU. While waiting for the rest of the family and relatives to arrive and after watching my poor nephew from window, I switched on my laptop and entered ideas straight away. Even if I ‘m not connected yet, I jusr prepare the content and later when the line is available, I can just publish the post in my blog.

2. Cheap

If you study the starting up cost, it is very cheap for a full time or serous part time business. What we need is a domain name and a hosting which roughly cost below $50 per year (basic package). Another investment would be the internet connection or broadband. You can choose to have a mobile broadband or a modem at home. The monthly cost is also cheap compared to renting a shop! I’m currently paying around $20 per month to have unlimited connection.

3. Operate 24/7

Even if I’m sleeping or on a vacation, my websites and blogs are operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. That’s fantastic! I don’t have to be physically in front of the laptop all the time. I’m a normal human being whom need to rest, enjoys eating and want to have fun with my kids. I won’t be touching my laptop all the time…The beauty is after we take some time off, we found that our adsense or affiliate account shows that income is generated everyday and every hour.

4. Potential virtual real estate

When I was younger, I thought of investing in property because it’s a very good investment. Property value will increase with time. The same goes to virtual real estate where the the value of a website or blog can increase as time goes by and as it is blessed with lots of contents and links. There are people who earn massively from developing few websites and sell them when it reaches certain rank and popularity. They earn handsomely from doing that. For me, it’s a cheaper and low risk method compared to purchasing a real house or building.

5. Simple and Easy

Running an online business is simple and easy if you know them. For first timer, newbie or beginner, it may be a tough experience. But if you have strong determination and will power, you’ll learn and experience the technique and tricks to be successful. You may need to invest some money on eBooks, courses, or higher a coach to help you establish your online empire. This can accelerate your success as it acts like a catalyst. You can also choose not to buy eBook, courses or hiring coach if money is a problem for you. The downside is just the speed of the learning process. You can seek information in various blogs, websites or forums, but it surely consume hell more time. But, when you get it all, everything will be simple and easy. I’ve been there and I know it… 🙂 , but I’m still learning. I won’t stop learning.

6. Superb unlimited Income potential

This is so true. If you are doing it correctly, chances of earning substantial income is undeniable. Look at Shoe Money, John Chow and Matt Callen. Those are just few of very very successful people like us making money online. You can do it. You just need to believe and have the correct attitude.

7. Can start at young age

This is a fact that everyone now should accept especially for those who have started working (like me). Honestly, I envy youngsters today because they live in the internet age. There are a lot of secondary school and university students indulging in various types of online business and some of them are really successful financially. The starting up cost is very minimum (or negligible) and that really motivate them to start early. As for me, I started my online adventure 2 years ago and since I know the potential, I never look back. I’m 32 now but I don’t want to let all the pie eaten by those kids, i want some slice of the internet wealth.

8. Diversify your income

There absolutely various ways of making money online and as days goes by, I keep on learning more and more ways of earning from the virtual world. If you have earned from Adsense, you can explore affiliate business. If those are not enough for you, you can always do article writing or make videos. Well, there are just too much to list here. If you have the time, surf the net and you’ll be surprise learning tonnes of making money online methods.

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48 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    All the statements are true!!! Totally agree and there are lots of sources to do it online.. Why? The unlimited potential customers coming coming from all around the globe…

    I am personally has done it since 2002 and my customers.. I never met them even once! To be true, I prefer online (even I have offline business.. which sometimes you have to face 1001 type of customers.. ).

    The beauty of online business – it’s global!

  2. titan says:

    all 8 reason are true. But its up to you. You want to do it or not.

    You got nothing if you don’t want to do it and lazy.

  3. cyza says:

    That’s very true. Now that I have tasted some level of success from the net, I’m not going to look back. I’m going to design and establish my net biz 🙂 .

  4. cyza says:

    That’s true Titan. Somebody people knows the potential of something but they don’t have the determination and the right attitude. There’s nothing easy in this world.

    Making money online is easy but need hard work and require us to invest a lot of time.

  5. titan says:

    its easy. But that level of easy have many small level. So, we need to understand that.

    So far, its easy if you hardworking person and never give up.

    Its fine if you lazy. But you must follow your work. I’m also lazy for certain time and i work depend on my mood and crazy schedule.

    Haha..its crazy and i hate my schedule. Force me to keep working. I want to be lazy…

  6. taukey says:

    i want to be lazy as well hahahaha. but there is no such thing as easy money. I just don’t know how those big earners seems to do all their job in earning online.

    for starters like me, it seems like a very big task. Well as they say patience is a virtue. it seems most online earners has a very big patience.

    i hope i do to as well.

  7. farahaznil says:

    Operate 24/7 –> dah bunyi mcm kfc lak..haha

  8. cyza says:

    Not all KFC is 24/7

    KFC also requires huge capital to set up.

    You have to think about manpower issues.

    You also need to meet up your daily target all the time.

    Normally you need a trusted supervisor or assistant manager to look after you restaurant…then you can relax….otherwise… the answer will be complete combination of disaster…

  9. cyza says:


    You can do it… Well, in fact, let’s do it together… 🙂

  10. titan says:

    you can do that taukey. As long as you have certain mode in your brain such as..

    1. crazy mode
    2. patience mode
    3. sleep mode
    4. dirty mode
    5. angry mode
    6. hardworking mode
    7. lazy mode
    8. jealous mode

    and many mode. What you need, activate that mode. Haha 🙂

  11. titan says:

    kalau McD, mungkin. kalau KFC, sangat mustahil..

  12. cyza says:

    Yes, that’s true Titan but we have 24/7 KFC here as well.

  13. samdaddycool says:

    … online biz are ‘special type’ of lazy while working…

    Now I step forward with experimental affiliate income… (seems work! 🙂

  14. samdaddycool says:

    I’ve spoken in person with the guy who are into this kind of business (7 eleven, KFC, Pizza Hut..) which they have to do few research, traffic flow survey, etc… just to make sure it will work.

    … and to have the big name (means huge maintenance / manpower…) they have to work out more…

  15. samdaddycool says:

    RALAT … and to have the big name run 24/7 (means huge maintenance / manpower…) they have to work out more…

  16. cyza says:

    Yeah… when we think about it, that’s true. A business for lazy people but can be extremely profitable if the methodology and execution is right 😉

  17. budeen says:

    are you really 32?

  18. cyza says:

    What do you think?

  19. titan says:

    agree. The methodology must be working. If not, we earn nothing too. But its better than we not do nothing.

  20. titan says:

    its true cyza. But not all place. At banting, we have 2 KFC restaurants. Both only open until 11 pm.

    Only McD at my place open 24/7. I know about it because i always lepak at McD.. haha 😀

  21. titan says:

    maybe only 21 years old. Haha..

  22. cyza says:

    i wish I can reverse to that age.

  23. titan says:

    so, lets create our time machine..

  24. Dot Com Dud says:

    They are all great reasons and I think the flexability is the biggest appeal for me, that and not having to weat a suit & tie 5 days a week!

  25. samdaddycool says:

    …The worst thing that I can avoid.. ‘under your command, boss!!’ 🙂

  26. tivitune says:

    ehm. hardworking and creative. Its another element we should have. 🙂

  27. cencurut says:

    You’re right. The point you listed here is what bring me to the online marketing on the first place.

  28. farahaznil says:

    hohhoo..org tu dah ada anak 3 dah..takkan 21 kot titan oi..hi hi hi..hang pun dah tua..bila mau kawin aaa..hahahhaa

  29. farahaznil says:

    knp?korang tak minat keja mkn gaji ke?

  30. farahaznil says:

    jap..ko bkn skolah lg ke?

  31. samdaddycool says:

    … aku suka kerja sendiri.. I’m the boss!

  32. contest2u says:

    i like online biz because it fits me.. when ever u feel like to wake up then u can do so.. even your office/stores will open 24hours non stop for a whole year.. isn’t that good?..

  33. contest2u says:

    good for u cyza hope fully u can be a great online businessman/enterprenuer.. if any good biz u can recomended me okay cyza..

  34. contest2u says:

    there no saying that u “goyang kaki” and money will fall from the sky.. even u go to the public toilet u have to pay 20cent 😛

  35. contest2u says:

    we can treat our biz like kfc open 24 hours.. but online biz is even better.. the staff needed to maintain it is minimum one people also enough.. and we no need to pay electricity bills for our online office 😛

  36. contest2u says:

    cyza i think you are 23.. am i right? he he he..

  37. contest2u says:

    i agree with you.. we have more times with our family and even can come to our virtual office anytime we want.. 🙂

  38. contest2u says:

    makan gaji is good for people who are not ambitious because they dont like to leave their comfort zone and do wonders :P.. makan gaji is an assurance that your are paid every month but u have to work for someone else and have to follow all the rules..

  39. contest2u says:

    if you are thinking of making an online biz for sure we need to be hardworking and creative.. but i like that idea because we work for ourself and we are doing and growing our own biz..

  40. contest2u says:

    for extra money who would not do right? if i were you i will do the same like what you do..

  41. contest2u says:

    21 years old? maybe.. because i dont know him very much 😛

  42. contest2u says:

    there are many students that are involving in online marketing or online biz..some of them even are very successfull..

  43. farahaznil says:

    hahhaa..dont forget..buat open house bsr2 bila dah kayo..jgn lupa jemput aku..hi hi hi

  44. farahaznil says:

    byk betul mood hang titan..haha

  45. farahaznil says:

    contohnya?siapa?hohoho..syuxx ke?

  46. farahaznil says:

    ya..like now..msk je apa2 contest..kira for extra money gak kan?

  47. cyza says:

    Hehe….you’re right…

  48. farahaznil says:

    yup..there are many toilet at KL..the interesting is the toilet like machine n sometimes look like a lif!u pay 20 cen like dring machine,the door will open.sometimes i think..how do a person want to come out if the door is stuck!hmm

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