Can I Be A Millionaire Before 40?

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After graduating 9 years ago, I targeted to be a millionaire by 30 years old! My strategy that time was to make as much money and to do that I joined various multi level businesses (MLM). After losing a lot of time and money, I realized that MLM is not for me. I’m not making any money at all. I’m tired and frustrated. It took me about 6 years to conclude that I’m not that MLM type of guy. This era, for me is named “Make Money 1.0” and it failed big time.

Then, the so called Web 2.0 emerge. Slowly and progressively I explore and learn about it, mainly through blogs and RSS. The more information I seek, the more I discovered. Now, I’m flooded with 9,213,793 GB of information – mostly stored in the E drive of my 10 months old HP laptop. I hardly have the time to read, comprehend, practice and make full advantage  of the over spilled information. I need to divide my time between my new white collar career AND my potentially lucrative interest -> Make Money Online. At the same time, I need to balance the time for my family and religious affairs. So, can I manage?

My wife agreed that making money online is a better option for us, compared to the latter effort. The informal continuous online education program and BIG successful online TAIKO – OTAI – GURU (local and worldwide) inspires me to put more effort to reach my new medium term goal. After indirectly accumulating few thousand ringgit, I’m convince that this is the way… Making Money online is the master plan and strategy to realize my 7 figure income target. This is what I call “Making Money 2.0”.

I’m strategically planning and giving myself another 8 years to reach that point. In other words, I must make myself a millionaire by 40. Why another 8 years? I don’t want to exert extreme pressure to myself. I need to live myself as a normal human being too. I know my limits and capabilities. That’s why I want my target and time frame to be realistic.

Will there be any such thing as “Making Money 3.0”?

Maybe yes. It’s a matter of time and situation. The worsening global economic crisis surely impact the traditional industry and this may trigger other opportunities… which I don’t know…

Hmmm… OK, enough of my musing. That’s just me. I know a lot of you out there are younger then me. Yoo are fortunate to be living and growing in the web 2.0 age. Lucky you!!! You have the opportunity to be in the expensive millionaires club at a relatively tender age. I’m happy for you. That’s cool, for me, it’s better late then never.

p/s: If only I’m a left winger playing in the first team for the Red Manchester United Devil, I’m definitely a millionaire every month… 🙂

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41 Responses

  1. Alie says:

    sure can…!!!!!

  2. titan says:

    If you think you deserve and can do that hard work to achieve your target, i believe you can do that. Maybe its late. But its better right?

  3. cyza says:

    Ha ha…. thanks…
    remember, next time i go to Kuantan, we should have a cup of high class teh tarik somewhere… OK?

  4. cyza says:

    Yep…you’re right …

  5. farahaznil says:

    hmm..insyaAllah klu usaha itu berterusan..boleh jd millionaire. Tapi boleh ke?bukan senang tau!!..mcm2 kena buat…

  6. cyza says:

    Ye… I know… That’s why I’m challenging myself to achieve that 😉

  7. Allan says:

    In all your MLM attempts, did you ever join an MLM early on as one of the original distributors or associates?

  8. samdaddycool says:

    …That’s brilliant. Set the target, and go for it.!

    ..I think we are on the same age (born ’76) …

    Mine is sound definitely extreme! My aim is just within 3 years (so I will get the title millionaire when passed 35). Since I’m self employed, I will put all my effort / pressure on it. It sounds hard and ‘POYO’ but for me, It’s better to struggle for the early (or already middle) days and enjoy the rest of my retirement (start from 36).

    I’ve tried MLM (not my interest), did restaurant before, cafe, pasar malam, run goat farm, ebay, (blogging – turning amateur this year), life insurance ETIQA (can’t give commitment)… most of them, down! or lost just like that.

    So I challenge my self and come out from the dark days.

    So I wish you, myself and all friends all the best! Put the AIM, and challenge it!

    p/s- Cyza, check my lelong store for men shirt.

  9. titan says:

    poyo? hoho, many people said that to me when i said i aim for become another next millionaire. Hoho..its fine with me. But guys who talk that to me, please don’t forget to pay your debt to me. Even i’m not really need that money, you still need to pay the money you borrow right??

  10. mixterr says:

    sure u can.. but must be focus to do this.. like fulltime blogger, 12 hours and above online/working. I think we should sell the product to make money online fast..

  11. cyza says:

    I’m afraid none of them…

  12. cyza says:


    wow…it’s very interesting to see somebody the same age here. That means we have a common age. Great..

    I’ve thought about accelerating my goal. I planned that before but i could not achieve it. It’s tough for me. So, I’m going to take my own time and pace to achieve the goal.

    It’s also very interesting to know how much businesses and works you’ve gone through before this. Well, that’s all what we call experience.

    I’ll check you lelong site later. Now, i need to prepare the house for some guess who will be coming soon. It’s raya time….

  13. cyza says:

    Yes. I know that. It’s not easy but it is possible. A man with a dream would not be denied… 🙂

  14. samdaddycool says:

    Impossible is nothing (sounds like Nike rite?? )

  15. samdaddycool says:

    I think if all debt paid to you, maybe you are halfway to the title of millionaire.. ;P

  16. titan says:

    halfway? i don’t think so. But that money will help me to pay many thing. But its hard for them to pay me even i already ask for it.

  17. samdaddycool says:

    … there are always shortcut bro! Just find the right path! Not ‘jalan konar’…
    I can see that you got the capital, but you have to do it right.. find the sifoo and grab the chance.
    I’m working on it now, and try to gain as much capital as I can before I jump into another investment…

    add me YM , maybe we can have a chat and share ideas?

  18. cyza says:

    ha ha….you’re right….

  19. cyza says:

    OK, i understand. You know what… it’s good to follow the step of the sifu, but I fear I cannot follow them because of my limitation in terms of time. I’m going to do my pH.d very soon and that require hell a lot of attention. The sifu will surely advice this and that, mentor us all along the way, but what if I cannot cope, that is what concerns me the most.

    However, I’ll try my best slowly, progressively and convincingly to build my very own online empire. InsyaAllah.

    Thanks for sharing your YM… however, I don’t use YM that often. But, I will since you are there…
    If you use gmail or skype, then we can chat easily as well…

  20. farahaznil says:

    wife ko cikgu ke?

  21. KNizam says:

    semoga berjaya bro!

  22. cyza says:


  23. cyza says:

    Thanks bro… hope you will to as well 😉

  24. contest2u says:

    the earliest is the better because you are high level up so you will benefit more.. the last or the bottom level will get less.. 🙂 thats MLM..

  25. contest2u says:

    sorry to hear that titan.. human is normal when wanted to borrow its very good say this and promise this and that.. after that no news. so i also dont know how.. maybe you can get ahlong’s help to get your money back hehehe..

  26. contest2u says:

    so your wife as lecturer and your income can’t make u millionaire in 40 years of age?

  27. farahaznil says:

    lecturer dlm cos apa?hohhoo..oklah tu..klu slalu berganding bahu..insyaAllah leh berjaya!

  28. farahaznil says:

    ayat iklan kat TV ke ni?

  29. farahaznil says:

    hohhoo..apa kat add aku skali( cewah..nak nyelit juga ni..hi hi hi)
    ym –

    hi hi hi..jgn marah aa..add jgn tak add!

  30. contest2u says:

    i think with persistance, knowledge, planning, and tawakal for sure you can.. we all have faith in you..

  31. contest2u says:

    oh ada kasi ke.. boleh ke kalo nak add? 🙂

  32. contest2u says:

    tu iklan kat nike.. kalo ko pegi ke web nike ko nampak lah cogan kata mereka tu.. dulu tu just do it.. sekarang dah tukar mengikut peredaran masa..

  33. contest2u says:

    nanti cyza jawab.. mungkin lecturer dalam bidang engineering kot.. sebab nampak cyza ni macam tech savvy jer..

  34. Emeka says:

    Everything is possible if you believe. All you nid is persistence n determination.

  35. cyza says:

    Thanks Emeka…

  36. budeen says:

    what’s the average age of bloggers/internet marketers in your opinion?

  37. cyza says:

    Hmmm not entirely sure, but I believe majority of the current bloggers are below 25 years of age. That’s just a guess.

  38. budeen says:

    that phrase sounds familiar, but haven’t heard for the last 9, 10 years?? huhu..

  39. cyza says:

    Remember, who dragged me into that mess!!!

  40. budeen says:

    take it positively.. it’s a very good foundation for self dev.. you won’t be the man you are today if not bcoz of that.. hehe

  1. October 10, 2008

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