Indonesia OK for Bikinis?!

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As I flipped throough the today’s News Straights Times, I found something interesting under the ASEAN News in brief, page 24 – Indonesia Okays Bikinis…

The news summarized that the lawmakers have decided that bikinis are accepatable attire for beaches in the country. The move will definitely be a relief to the lucrative tourism industry…

What do you think? Do you want to go to Indonesia beaches? Will the lawmaker permit topless in certain Indonesian beaches in future?

I have no comment…

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8 Responses

  1. titan says:

    what can i said, its depend on some individuals. 🙂

  2. cyza says:

    Haha…. some love it while some hate it… 🙂

  3. contest2u says:

    im ok for that. thats the time for us the lelaki “to wash our eyes” lol 😛

  4. contest2u says:

    i think they permit the foreigner to wear bikinis but the locals are not allowed because they are muslims and this maybe is the main cause..

  5. farahaznil says:

    kalau aku ada kat situ..aku pun tlng cucikan mata skali..hi hi hi

  6. farahaznil says: mat salleh yg dtng kat malaysia ni pun sama je..naked kat sana sini..huhhuu..kt mn aku tak tahu ada kan?

  7. contest2u says:

    sampai naked ke biar betol.. mesti kaki skodeng target sana 😛

  8. samdaddycool says:

    bikini.. weird for most malays but some already get used to it… myself? It is normal for me to see non muslim with bikini, but for muslim, I kind of ‘interested’ to know.. “who the hell is that?”

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