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This post is dedicated to the October 2008 top commentators of As promised earlier, I’ll make an honest first impression review on all the qualified blogs and/or the blogger himself/herself.


Contest2u is a new blog with a contest niche. It uses a platform and has a simple design. Believe it or not, it have only 4 post so far including the first post which is not related to announcing any contest. The first post which was published early October highlighted that the blog is still under construction. I think the owner of the blog has no time to run this blog. Is that so?


Farah, the owner, is actually a secondary school female student who loves to dwell in various local blogs and offcourse firing comments in a few selected blogs. She blogs in Malay language but attempted to blog in English as well – check out this post. As a winner of last month contest, I was surprised that she does not have a paypal account. Instead she gave me her home address!!! I think you better give me your CIMB or Maybank or Public Bank account so I can straight away reward you with the cash…


Titan runs a very good and informative Malay language blog on various ways to make money online especially via blogging. His blog is saturated with ads and sometimes I felt miserable looking at it. However, his up to date and fresh content acts as a powerful magnet to attract me (and others) to his blog. He has great amount of readership and I believe he has the potential to be very successful blogprenuer. He also provide good pay review which I think is very affordable. Check out his service…


He is by qualification an architect who happen to be in mad love with business. His blog is written in English (accept for a few post) and as far as I can see he blogs on whatever he likes, just like me. The blog is using a platform but has a cool Google PageRank 1. He has 1 subscriber to date as displayed on his feedburner chicklet. I just notice his batik masterpiece which I think is superbly done for a first timer. By practice and experience, Sam can be a fantastic batik artist. I want to learn from you bro…

KNizam basically blogs about just anything we wants and he likes. When you see his blog, you’ll know this guy loves to blog big time. I can tell that he’s not blogging for money. He just simply purely enjoys sharing stuff with his readers. On average he publish a post on a daily basis. He has one of the most colourful blogs in town which can be seen from tonnes of photos being displayed. has a good Google PageRank 3 and I believe you’ll enjoy spending your time reading his cozy blog.


Azwan recently switched to a new domain which is Why? don’t ask me. He must have his own brilliant mature reason for migrating. He normally blog in English and has fair ammount of ads on his blog. On some day, he’ll blog in his native language. Azwan also blogs on whatever issue he likes and sometimes published good content which will be refered by bloggers like us. He’s now fighting to improve his alexa rank and he told me he want to get his blog to 6 figure rank.

OK that’s it. I hope you’ll be satisfied with the link and some brief elaboration on you and your blog. If you are in the top ten top commentator and I never reviewed your blog…then please check the requirements to be included in this review. If there’s an error made in my side, please notify me.


Check out November Contest!!!

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34 Responses

  1. titan says:

    Hehe. believe it it or not. I earn around RM100-rm400 only from selling ads at that blog? So, i cannot removed that banner even i crazily want to remove that ads. Thats why, i’m fine with that as long as i give some good information about make money online or make money blogging issue.

    For making review, i do a lots of job every month. Every review have different price. Its deal between me and advertiser. Haha.

    Anyway, thanks for your nice short review. I like it.

    Ps: Kalau aku buang ads tu, blog tu still slow untuk loading. Theme tu ada masalah. So, kelajuan skrg sama sahaja kalau ada atau takde banner. Kalau laju pun, sikit je..tapi apakan daya, i like that theme..

  2. cyza says:

    It’s ok Titan. Your blog rock!!! Keep up the magnificent good work.

  3. farahaznil says: pal..n pay pal pal must above than 18 years la..huhhuu..ok..later i give u my account bank no..i think i should have one account of vcc la..hi hi hi..maybe it can makes me more easier to make money with internet..hehe

  4. budeen says:

    cyza, why dont you transfer the money to my paypal acc, i can deliver it to farahaznil’s doorstep.. i saw her address in selayang.. hahaha!! kantoi!!

  5. budeen says:

    agree! it rocks!! full of info & nicely maintain.. i wonder how long it takes to get to that level??

  6. cyza says:

    Titan has lots of strategy to build up his blog traffic. From what I see, from the early days, he runs contest, made a substantial amount of comment marketing and provide consistent quality content. He double rocks!!

  7. cyza says:

    Yeah… I think that’s not a bad idea. Farah, are you ok with that? Maybe Budeen can just put in an envelop with the money into your mail box at your house. Please respond to this Farah…

  8. KNizam says:

    alamak aku sungguh terharu kali neh. thanks !
    cuma kan lagi bagus kalau ada screenshot setiap blog. hehe just kiddin’ 🙂

  9. cyza says:

    I want to cry too… uhuk uhuk… 🙂

  10. says:

    Thanks for the mention bro. I’ll make an official post this week, moving out from .com to .my 🙂

    anyway, it’s a personal blog, so there nothing specific … just whatever comes across my mind.

  11. says:

    which hosting company r u on now? just curios.

  12. samdaddycool says:


    I didn’t do blogging for couple days.. Just stayed inside my newly managed shop.. no internet conection, so now got time at home to bloghopping.

    Thanks bro for the short review.. I’ll teach you batik if you are willing to be my ‘anak murid’.. I’ll ask for ‘pengeras’.. muahahahaa

  13. titan says:

    azwan, i still use netkl. Even my space only 400mb++ available. Haha..

    But i have around 20GB for bandwith. If the traffic crazy. Maybe i need to force myself to migrate my blog to another hosting i bought. Maybe at rawanaz. Haha..

    But right now. I prefer with Netkl and rawanaz. Almost all my domain at rawanaz and netkl.

    I stay at netkl because their support and service are tip top! Rawanaz also great. They always reply and answer my question and give a good service. Both have advanatages and disadvanges.

  14. titan says:

    ko hantar je la zaki. Hadiah yg dia menang kat blog aku. semua aku sent by pos ekpress. Duit. Aku pakai wang pos aje. Pepandaila dia pastu. Haha..

  15. titan says:

    Just do it and never lazy lohh..

    If i lazy. I will never reach that level which you mention before..

    Wait. What kind of level hah budeen?? 🙂

  16. titan says:

    Thanks cyza. Blog aku batu? haiya..hehe..

  17. budeen says:

    let me know if you want to have streamyx at your new shop.. got mystery gift for reader.. huhu!!

  18. budeen says:

    i used netkl too.. 🙂

  19. cyza says:

    aku akan hantar sekali harung jap dgn november punya la… he he

  20. cyza says:

    Go ahead and get a streamyx if you want….

  21. farahaznil says:

    hi hi hi..did i have a chance to win this november contest?hahhaa

  22. farahaznil says:

    hohhoo..however sometimes streamyx make me feed up!!some time la..the conection is too slow!i hate it..but..i love streamyx!hahaha..its have a pro n its contra..

  23. samdaddycool says:

    i will later. i was thinking to get mobile broadbang – celcom, can use it either at shop or new home…

  24. titan says:

    of course you have farah. Everyone can have a chance what.. 🙂

  25. budeen says:

    farah is unbeatable.. at the moment it looks like she’s gonna win.. tahniah!! 🙂

  26. abdfatah says:

    where’s my name? where is my name? why my names not appear here?

  27. abdfatah says:

    maybe i can try sell ads too in my blogs. unique visitors 10k a month not like titan. titan visitors a lot came to his blog. very popularity up coming news in this world. titan’s world! chance to make money is open now… hahahaa

  28. abdfatah says:

    the rocks of titan…. hahahahaa.

    very rocks kapak pisau boomerang, machine guns, tornedo rocks.

  29. abdfatah says:

    yeah netkl is on top google search engine. very good support on top ten music arena… hahahaha

  30. abdfatah says:

    congratulations to farah, she very good idea when she wrote about reviews. very interesting style writing. keep it up to date a good work farah…

  31. abdfatah says:

    so sadn like that. me too want to cry like this… wuahahahahahaa

  32. abdfatah says:

    streamyx still rocks and roll drama this moment. jom streamyx for your life…

  33. Alexwebmaster says:

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  34. Silver-Bulet says:

    I think, it’s true what you say

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