What is CeramicClub – Jutawan Ceramic?

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This is going to be short and straight forward. This post was made after 2 things happened to me:

1. I registered as a member of Ceramic Club out of curiosity, received 2 cheques and a commission; &

2. My brother started generating about RM2,000 per month (hmmm here is an update made on 31/1/09, he’s earning RM4k/month now!!!) as an architecture student at the age of 22 from doing this business part time since last August (that’s a cool 3 months of running this operation). Why can’t I do the same??? I’m 10 years older then him!

I’m not good at convincing people about a business, but if you want further information, check out the Ceramic Club and register as a FREE member at Jutawan Ceramic.


Check out November Contest!!!

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47 Responses

  1. titan says:

    ehm…memang minat. Tapi benda nih, xleh wat sorang-sorang..

  2. budeen says:

    titan, if that so, then let’s do it together.. 1+1=3 🙂

  3. cyza says:


    (English please…)

    Yeah…that’s true. There’s a team and we can help and support each other. You see, the thing is now, we are good in web 2.0. We should use this web 2.0 platform to run this big project. That’s what I’m planning to now and that method has proven to be extremely successful for our leaders.

  4. budeen says:

    hello!! can someone tell me what’s web2.0? kinda lost here..

  5. taukey says:

    i was approached by someone who started jutawanceramic.com on joining this ceramic business. But at that time i was a little skeptical on paying a huge sum of money.

    The next few weeks he started the web and boom. he got a lot of money. And i really mean a lot.

  6. am says:

    ada orang spam blog am dengan benda ni.. dia pasal apa bro cuba explain sket..

  7. titan says:

    what do you mean with that?

  8. farahaznil says:

    i think he dont know to calculate….hahahaha..budeen fail in mathematics..akakakakaka..just joke ha..

  9. farahaznil says:

    spam with what am??hmm i still thinking about it..hi hi hi…anyway this ceramiclub was nice..i think it is good 4 part time job..hehe..

    cyza..ur brother take architect cos right?which part?

  10. budeen says:

    titan, it’s like the saying that 2 brains is better than 1.. work together, achieve even more results than 2 persons work individually..

    farahaznil, do pray pray aaa… hehe.. but you’re rite.. i’ve failed once in calculus.. huhu

  11. cyza says:


    At first I ignored this opportunity. I was tired off all this so called business. However, when my brother proved his earning potential, I think… Why not… I’m not going to lose any money. I’m investing and immediately after I register, I’ll get a few back dated cheques and a little profit. They pay us with cheque (or other options if we prefer). I have just cashed the first cheque yesterday.

    I’m taking the RM900 package. After register, I get 2 cheques: RM500 (dated a month after the registration) and RM500 (dated 2 months after the registration). That’s a profit of RM100 a month if we continue this routine.

    If we opt for a RM1500 package, we’re getting RM200 per month.

    If we opt for a RM3800 package, we’ll get RM700 per month if we continue with the program.

    Strategy is very critical to optimize our profit.

    To add more income, we can invite people to join and if they join, we are give cool commissions. It’s worth it. I’m now getting around RM190 per month (I just started 1 month ago and not doing it seriously yet). The number is still small but I’m trying to promote online. I don’t really have the time to meet people and prospecting them. I hate doing that. I’ll just let the blog do that for me. If anybody is interested then I’ll explain the business to them.

    Bank Negara have banned a few get rich quick scheme companies last month and I must say Ceramic club (jutawan ceramic) IS NOT affected by that action. Others are suffering, but not this company.

  12. cyza says:

    That’s the point. If this is so powerful…maybe we can try it. If we are scared….start small. I started small….

  13. zaki blogjer says:

    at a glance, this sounds like rich quick scheme. A friend of mine who design the system for one of the companies that recently busted by Bank Negara, said, the system work like MLM, but at certain point, it doesn’t fit into MLM category anymore

    Not saying this on the same boat, but honestly I’m quite skeptical with this after what was happen to swisscash, I’ve never recovered back a single cents of the investment. Especially those that require you to fork out huge cash.

    No offense, just my IMHO bro

  14. budeen says:

    i’m skeptical too, but somehow rather was convinced to join.. i received my cheques last month but forgot to cash out.. erk!! thanks for reminding.. 🙂

  15. farahaznil says:

    budeen..actually we have 2 brain u know..left side..n right side..haha..again u fail to calculate how much brain have..hi hi..

    what pray2?i dont understand what u mean it..hehe..which calculus u have failed?add maths or the modern mathematics?

  16. farahaznil says:

    but i think..this strategy sometimes become more difficult u know..RM800 is not cheaper..so not many people can join it..hmm..so if u not find or invite any people in 1 month..is it stay pay us?

  17. cyza says:

    No prob. I’m playing safe and I really think before investing. Getting myself 2 cheques after 1 day registration is really cool.

  18. budeen says:

    i got A for both add maths & modern maths during high school (SPM)..
    calculus is math for engineering, elaborating integration & diff in detail (kamiran & pembezaan kalau tak silap).. is that right cyza?

  19. budeen says:

    yes you get paid even without any downline! that’s the beauty of it.. but i you want more, you can always ask people to join..

  20. azwan.my says:

    dont pray2, farah … u never seen PCK?

  21. azwan.my says:

    you get 2 checks straight away?
    wow, in term of marketing, they r very good. but getting money up front for not doing anything, looks fishy.

    anyway, i’ll take a look first

    do we need to sell anything, how does it work anyway?

  22. cyza says:

    Yeah….it look fishy…but that’s the truth…we invest and get the cheques upfront…
    Nothing to sell…
    If you want more money you can introduce to others, and if they join, you’ll get some commissions…

  23. farahaznil says:

    hahhaa..pray i know la…but it has turn different meaning ma..hohhoo..budeen..u get both subject A’s..good man..but what i can said..if mathematics modern failed..u can jump into gaung la…huhhuu…that is basic man!dont know how to speak anymore i f failed!but if u want to know government already make the student failed..in spm now..5% u already can past in exam for mathematic moderns!

    p/s – im the one who never failed in my class in subject add math..just 7 people past in this subject maintainly in my class..hohoho..in at 5 SN 1…tq to god..but stil need more improvement in add math althought i have pass the exam because it still use in matrix n univesity..

    p/ps – are u the brother of zaki architect one?

  24. farahaznil says:

    whoa…it still looks nice…but is that the income maintaince if we stiil do not get any people to downline?jmm..im still tinking about it!hohhoo….

  25. cyza says:

    Yes…. and just to share with you guys, I just received my 2nd batch of advance cheques….ie payment for Dec and Jan 500 + 500.

  26. budeen says:

    good for you.. i haven’t received mine.. tmr maybe

  27. Hanep says:

    heard about this long time ago, but decided not to join. dun want to take the risk. got AJL license to run such program?

    it’s quite same to be compared with Farmfresh, dxchange,. what differ is just this program is still not affected by Bank Negara’s action, but i heard that it’s in their attention now. it;s a good program btw but bank negara is now the insanely controller (heard by most of ceramic’s ppl that it doesnt affected by Bank Negara, but never seen the licenses or whatsoever proof)

    i used to be involved in this kind of program for a time already, spending almost rm10k and lesap dek bank negara. so this might be my lesson. huhu

    harap2 bank negara bagi lepas. aku pun nk join gak kalu orait.

  28. budeen says:

    i’ve received my cheques few days ago but haven’t cash it yet.. 🙂

  29. cyza says:

    It is not a direct selling company or MLM hence it does not need any AJL…

    It’s a trading company.

  30. farahaznil says:

    whoaaa…from RM900 package now both of u got more than that…hahhaa..interesting MLM nih..hi hi hi…cyza that jan..jan 2008 /2009??

    budeen – lets cash it quickly..dont do like me..huhhuu..i got many wang pos at home..but because of school i dont have many time to cash it..later..im not wondering 3 month have gone just like that..now the money cannot cash back anymore..huhhuu

  31. abdfatah says:

    bleh harap ke? nak try join jugak laaa…

  32. abdfatah says:

    what happen with your ceramic product? do you get it delivery to your home or how do you sell it again to the company?

  33. cyza says:

    Bro, memang boleh harap. I have joined ceramic club after my younger brother persuaded me last November. Since, then I have received good income which have assisted our household and grocery monthly expenditure.

    If you are serious to know more, drop me a message via the contact form. I’ll show you how it work…or maybe my brother can show you as he has earned RM4k ++ now since he began last August… and for your info, he is a student in a local U.

  34. cyza says:

    We sell it back. On top of the cash bonus, we also get petrol vouchers, giant vouchers etc… Isn’t that cool!!!

    It’s an additional income on top of our monthly salary + part time online income… 🙂

  35. budeen says:

    laku lagi post ni ek? tak sangka.. hehe

    fatah, take cyza’s advice.. see the plan then decide.. 🙂

  36. budeen says:

    lupa nak tambah… kat pantai timor sekalipun takde masalah.. sbb kat k.terengganu pun baru bukak cawangan..

  37. Emmet says:

    There r 3 types of person..
    1. Makes thing happen
    2. Watch thing happen
    3. Dunno wat happen..
    and i’m on da 3rd type, kind of..
    what is diz all about?

  38. mama rock says:

    salam sejahtera semua.saya juga mangsa bank negara dan masuk juga ceramic jika berminat dengan forex sila lah reg sebagai ahli free dan forex perdagangan matawang dunia dan tidak ade penipuan tak boleh bnm kacau.berminat sila layari http://www.jutawanrobotforex.webs.com dan hubungi pengurusan aziehassan@yahoo.co.uk

    terima kasih


  40. Dapatkan kit blogger dengan segera sebelum harga melambung!

    Pelajari teknik-teknik unik membuat duit di internet

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