Heartbreaking condition of my niece…..

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I have a niece and her name is Siti Maisara. She’s 3 years old, the same age as Alya, my own daughter. She had a little fever and a flue during previous Hari Raya. However, if I’m not mistaken, a week after that, she was admitted to Hospital Besar Seremban and hospitalised in the intensive care unit (ICU). She could not breathe on her own and need oxygen assistance. It was suspected that she was attacked by some kind of virus and her lungs and spinal cord were effected. Apparently her lungs can’t expand properly and her spinal cord is swollen. Now she cannot move her whole body……

Last 3 weeks, she was transferred to Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur under the pediatric department ICU. The doctors have done almost everything to recover her from her illness. Now,  she has to breath thru a tube, connecting to an incision on her throat, with an oxygen machine. The doctors also have declared that she will be paralyzed her whole life. It breaks my heart to hear that..It is very sad to see her in this state….. But of course we’re not giving up and take in the doctors’ words wholly. We’ll try alternative medication and hope that Maisara will recover. Me and my wife have visited Maisara and her family twice in both hospitals and we’re extremely sad to see her conditions. I felt like crying…

Her parents now have to stay in the hospital day and night..it has been almost two months. The father has filled an application form to buy the oxygen machine, to facilitate her daughter when she’s allowed to go home. It cost RM30,000….and it’s not even certain whether he’s gonna get it. Their living expenses also fluctuates and not predictable anymore…no more normal lifestyle for them. This Aidiladha…they have to be by her side in the hospital…which parents would leave the child’s side in this condition?

This photo was taken in Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur when she was awake but still cannot move and cannot talk.

The father couldn’t quit his job for who will bring in the money for them, but to work peacefully I believe is very hard to do for him. Just be strong brother….I hope he will always manage to get many sales secured (he’s a car salesman, you can visit the car website that I made for him early October 2008).

For anybody who wants to contribute to his family and him, you can bank in the money to this account:

Maybank account: 1640 1603 8869 (Ramlan B. Jusoh)

or if you prefer to contribute via CIMB or Public Bank, you can transfer it to my account and I’ll pass it to him later.

CIMB account: 0118 0037 8265 24  (Zaki Yamani Zakaria)

Public Bank account: 4808129705 (Zaki Yamani Zakaria)

Paypal account: rosapasadena1@hotmail.com

Together we pray for her to get well again….

Allah will repay us in His own ways… InsyaAllah.

“Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul.”

p/s: As an additional incentive apart from “buat pahala” dan “tolong orang”, I’ll make a special entry later and list out all donors and their links. But, of course I can only do that if I know who donated and I can only know if you send the donations to my accounts.

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19 Responses

  1. budeen says:

    poor little girl.. can i spread this to my colleagues for contribution?

  2. cyza says:

    Yes, please.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear these bad news…
    how did it come to this… I mean – it started as a common cold, right?

    Believe that she’ll be fine and send her all of your family’s love, because she needs all the strength she can get now.

    Best of luck,


  4. cyza says:


    Thanks for your concern. Yes, it started with a common cold and a fever and nobody expected it to worsened like this. All of us hope that she’ll be OK soon. The parents are seeking for alternative medications after the normal doctors have tried everything they could.

  5. abdfatah says:

    let’s give them a help with your donation.. so sad to hear this moment. hope she will be fine better after this…

  6. cyza says:


  7. farahaznil says:

    hohhoo..thats true..dr said she will be paralysed..oh..its very said man..RM30k is not find to find it..huhhuu…

    p/s – if u have a child..please dont take easy if they were fever…

  8. titan says:

    ehm..i wonder. why it always happen to our kids..must be have a reason for this..

  9. Alie says:

    it must be very difficult for u and your family zaki..i know it is extremely tiring physically , and emotionally ….

    take care and do stay positive..+ pray hard too..these help…..

    my prayers to your niece


  10. cyza says:

    This is a kind of test from God.

  11. cyza says:

    Thanks bro. Really appreciate your support.

  12. titan says:

    yup. i also get test before. Its really a saddest moment in my life..losing something which i never thought i will losing that part in my life..

  13. azwan says:

    what the status now Zaki. i’ll try to help a bit

  14. cyza says:

    Still the same. No movements. They’ll be at the hospital during raya.

  15. azwan says:

    aku doakan semoga segala urusan mereka dipermudahkan. amin.

  16. itisrajah says:

    how is she now eh?

  17. cyza says:

    She’s still in the hospital. Now she’s in Hospital Serdang if I’m not mistaken. I think she can open her eyes and move her fingers on both hands. That’s it. She has gained some weight because milk are dosed into her body/stomach (not sure). But hope she can recover soon and be like other normal kids.

  18. itisrajah says:

    pity her.
    InsyaAllah,she’ll be fine sooner or later.
    It’s just that you have to keep praying for her.
    I will too.

  1. December 3, 2008

    […] pula bekerja sebagai salesman kereta.Klik sini utk ke laman web ayah Siti Maisara ni.Ataupun Klik sini untuk baca artikel penuh mengenai keadaan kritikal Siti Maisara di blog […]

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