Surviving Without Internet

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Can I survive without internet? Short answer is yes but off course I suffer from not being connected to the net. When does this happen? It normally happens when I’m away from the comfort of my own house and office.

During the recent Chinese New Year break, I was staying at my parents and in laws house. At my parents’ house, I still can surf the net because my younger brother has a wireless broadband. However, when I went to my in-law’s house, I’m not connected at all. Damn!!!

Owning my own broadband was an option but the fact that there are a maximum of three users at my own home (myself, my wife and my kids), all connected at one time hindered the idea of owning a broadband. Hence, we stick with our streamyx modem and wireless router. Everybody can access the net peacefully via our laptops.

Going to the nearest cyber café was another alternative. However, I’m lazy to travel and to spend few hours at the cyber café where at almost all time; it was filled with a bunch of teenagers playing noisy game. It will cost me RM2 per hour and sometimes the internet speed sucks!

So, I decided to use my Sony Erickson K810i to access the virtual world. I did that by subscribing to the Celcom Daily broadband. It’s easy. Just hit BROADBAND and SMS to 28882. You’ll get an SMS reply from CELCOM. Just follow the instruction given and you can be connected to the internet “daily” at a cost of RM6/day This is cheaper than connecting the net from your mobile phone which will cost RM 0.10 per 10kb download.

There are pros and cons when I choose to subscribe to CELCOM BROADBAND.

The pros are:

1. I can access the internet, read emails, read soccernet, read this read that…

2. I can access the internet anywhere.

3. I can access the internet 24 hours. I only need to re-subscribe if I want to add another day. Pay additional RM6 to subscribe CELCOM BROADBAND for the second day.

The cons are:

1. There are sites that I cannot access. I cannot access my paypal account because it was said that it do not support mobile phones!

2. I cannot access my work web-based email. I can only access my gmail.

3. I cannot see any flash videos because my phone does not support those things.

So, considering the pros and cons, I’m still OK with paying RM6 per day to get connected via CELCOM BROADBAND. It’s OK. I can bear with it for a while. Maybe later in future, I’ll get a dopod, or HP, or palm, or Nokia E90 communicator, or maybe a wireless broadband… I’m not sure which one yet for the time being. Let it be just like this for the time being, as long I can read my gmail, check my google adsense and read soccernet (West Brom 0-5 Manchester United).

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16 Responses

  1. farahaznil says:

    ho3..i use my father 3g hp…but not too long surf scared when the bills will come home..

    celcom with maxis..whixh one the best for server??

  2. cyza says:

    If you have a pc or laptop at home (with internet connection), please don’t use any hand phone to surf the net. It’s very uncomfortable surfing using the our h/p. I only use that when I don’t have any option.

    Watch out of the cost. It’s RM0.10 per 10kb download. That’s expensive!!!

    I haven’t use Maxis broadband yet. So, I cannot compare. Maybe somebody else can respond on this issue.

  3. titan says:

    dia support tak sony ericsson w700i??

  4. zceo says:

    I think Nokia E90 communicator is an excellent choice for you. I have use it and I’m very satisfied with the performance since I used it a year ago. The speaker/sound is very clear. The only downside is the physical shape. It might not be suitable if you prefer a smaller or lighter phone.

  5. cyza says:

    I’m not sure lah titan… I’m not familiar with that model.

  6. azwan says:

    bro, when i balik kampung, i really balik kampung. internet, blog and even notebook, i left them at home.

  7. chuckiesd says:

    Since involved in Blogging world i think Internet so important. It will be suffering me if no Internet. Internet make me profit on it.

  8. abu71 says:

    Aku guna htc speed nya boleh boleh tahan,laju macam streamyx guna HSDPA.

  9. cyza says:

    Hmm…boleh difikirkan…

  10. cyza says:

    I tried that but I cannot lie to myself. I still need the internet. It’s an epidemic!

  11. cyza says:

    Likewise here chuckiesd… 🙂

  12. KNizam says:

    aku dah bertukar ke nokia e71
    lagi senang nak online. lagi pantas…. hehe
    aku amik pakej rm25 for 8mb per month from maxis.

  13. cyza says:

    Hmmm… that’s a good option as well. But maybe it’s not for me…

  14. budeen says:

    try htc tytn II

  15. cyza says:

    Thanks for the idea…Will consider it when the time comes.

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