Alexa Ranking, Do I Care?

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Today, I received a surprised back link from my good blogger colleague, Sir Azwan Hadzree, happily announcing that he has improved his 3 months old blog Alexa Rank. Yeah, we did thought of challenging each other on improving our Alexa rank but did not publicly announce it and the mutual agreement was signed about 3 months ago. However, due to 2 unique reasons, my Alexa not only dropped but I lost the saga. Those reasons are:

1) I forgot about the alexa war.
2) I was focusing on other net activities.

For record, presently, Alexa rank is 737,479 while is 1,575,379. So, what should I do now? Should I challenge him again and try to kick his ass? Say another 3 months and we checked on our Alexa ranks and Google PR? What do you guys think? What do you think Azwan?

I’ll follow majority of the commenters input. Final decision will be made this Friday midnight.

What the hell is Alexa Ranking?

For the sake of those of you who aren’t sure what is Alexa Rank, Alexa is a very powerful tool used to rank web site traffic. You can find out how your web site traffic stacks up against all your competitors (in my case,! Besides using, you can also alexa ranking tool to find out how well your site ranks up against millions of other sites on the Web.

Remember: “The lower the Alexa ranking number the more heavily visited the site.” Some examples are: (rank 1,575,379 πŸ™‚ ), (rank 14); (rank 64); (rank 26); (rank 5); (rank 1). These rankings are generally consistent with the amount of traffic they have.

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21 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    ni … dah kira macam public announcement ni πŸ™‚
    anyone else wants to join. next alexa review – 31st May 2009

    no prize involve, just bragging rights πŸ˜‰

  2. cyza says:

    It would be better if someone want to sponsor something…isn’t it?
    Budeen, what do you think? Want to grab the challenge?
    Anybody else want to join?

  3. azwan says:


    ha .. ha .. out of internet funds. just bought 2 new domains and upgrade my hosting package.

    on the other hand, normal funds are also drying. just upgraded tv from 25″ to 42″ πŸ™‚

  4. cyza says:

    I’m not referring to you on sponsorship. Maybe it’s just for fun …haha…

  5. budeen says:

    if there’s another challenge, i’m in… πŸ™‚

  6. cyza says:

    If you are in, please declare your alexa ranking please as of today. Thanks.

  7. budeen says: has a traffic rank of: 2,556,641

  8. cyza says:

    Wow, cool. You can get to below 1,000,000 if you put the put some effort.

  9. titan says:

    haha. alexa rank memang best. leh wat duit maa..

  10. azwan says:

    kalau ada contest, titan tak boleh masuk .. sebab dia dah tinggi.

  11. KNizam says:

    aku baru je dapat rank 400k ke bawah
    hehe rasa cam best je. hehe πŸ™‚
    tapi azwan lagi power lah. hehe πŸ™‚

  12. azwan says:

    apa pulak lagi power, kau kan dah below 400K, aku masih di tahap 700K

  13. KNizam says:

    eh blog lama ko bukan dah bawah 500k he. hehe πŸ™‚

  14. azwan says:

    ha..ha.. blog tu sudah naik ke 800K lah, bukan bawah 500 lagi

  15. farahaznil says:

    hahhaa..thats right man..titan just be the watching of us lah..hehe…

  16. farahaznil says:

    aiyark…everybody talking about alexa rank la..hi hi about my blog??ho ho ho..maybe not standing like u all..cewah..huhhhuu

  17. samdaddycool says:

    Aku punya pun sejuta lebih lagi .. berjuta-juta lemon!

  18. cyza says:

    Same here bro… πŸ™‚

  19. farahaznil says:

    hohohoho…me also..ayark….byk fenin after see my ranking..hohohohoh…very bad…huhhuu

  20. zaki blogjer says:

    I do care, because sometime advertisers quite choosy, they wanted to know Alexa rank

  1. January 9, 2010

    […] para blogger yang dah lama tentu faham apa maksud PR(Page Rank). Walaubagaimanapun, saya tidak mahu ulas banyak berkenaan PR, tapi saya hendak ulas berkenaan […]

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