Geng Movie – Upin dan Ipin

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Today, I brought my family to watch Geng Movie a.k.a Upin and Ipin the movie. Without knowing the story line or synopsis, we woke up early and headed to Jusco Aeon Tebrau City, Johor Bahru to catched the early bird movie. I only know that this Malaysian cartoon movie has accumulated one million ringgit in 3 days. When we reached there, it was 10.30 am and I scanned through the monitors to see what time Upin and Ipin is screening but I can’t find it anywhere. Then my wife told me the name of the movie is “Geng”.

We were quite early and therefore the queue was not that long. After getting our popcorn and soft drink, we entered the theater #1. Wow….it was already almost full, full with people. This movie must be special. So, we sat and enjoyed the movie.

Yep, I enjoyed it very much. The movie was awesome. Although it was not as excellent as Disneyland cartoon movies, but this product is for me the best Malaysian cartoon movie so far. Well done to the director and everybody who have worked very hard making this movie. There was enough humor and suspense and positive message. They tried to make a sad scene at the end, but I think it’s not really sad. However, it is a very good movie and I highly recommend those who haven’t watch “Geng” to watch it. I may consider watching it again, not in cinema, but maybe get a DVD later.

My rating:  4.5 Stars

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41 thoughts on “Geng Movie – Upin dan Ipin”

  1. hi Cyza. Thanks a lot for watching!. Currently the showtime for Geng has been cut down by 50% on the 3rd week, since there’s new movie coming out, yet still the demand is high. Thanks for the review and support in local movies!

    – Faiz LCP.

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