Guess, Who is She?

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In a major search engine (I’m not going to mention here), I saw a list. It was a list of the top ten most popular searches of the day. I felt quite weird because I don’t even know some of the names or object being searched by people all over the world, yet they are so popular that people are hunting for their information. I expected them to search something more common and popular such as female artist or politics etc. I clicked on one of the item being searched and it directed me to this attractive female. Who is she?

By now, I already know who she is. What about you? Are you curious who she is? In the top ten daily search at the time this post was published, she stays cool at position #2. I apologize for not publishing a better quality photo. If I publish her clearer photos, you will recognize her from her attire.

For those of you who want to guess, please do so in the comment area. No prize for the one who guess correctly. Here are 2 clues:

1. She’s currently 31 years old.
2. She’s not from America or Canada.

Need more clues?

Here is another photo of this mystery woman.

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6 Responses

  1. budeen says:

    air asia cabin crew??

  2. itisrajah says:

    me wannabe??
    sape neh ye?
    getting curios.

  3. eyesolution says:

    who? i don’t know her because she also don’t know about me..

  4. azwan says:

    she’s wearing something. difficult to tell

  5. cyza says:


  6. cyza says:

    Clue: Ping Pong

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