iPhone Second Generation 16GB

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My brother a.k.a Budeen.com and family visited us just now in our house in JB. He and his family took a break and came down to Johor Bahru. After few minutes, he showed me his 2 weeks old iphone 3G 2nd generation (16GB). Wow!!! It’s damn cool. It’s gorgeous and sleek. I love it. The touch screen is simply magnificent and smooth. The screen is large enough and very comfortable for surfing the internet via safari browser, watching movies and videos, playing games, utilizing the GPS and others. I’m so fascinated with his new iPhone which cost him roughly about RM2700 which he bought from Singapore. He also bought a cover for the iPhone which cost him RM100 (that’s just a cover to protect the rear part of the iPhone). According to him, a new set of iPhone (8GB) cost about RM2400. I’m already fallen in love with iPhone and I think I’m no longer considering Sony Ericson C905. I’m going to save my cash for an iPhone now.

Why I have not paid attention on iPhone before?

I have less exposure on iPhone and other Apple products. On top of that, there’s no support yet for iPhone in Malaysia. Hence, those who loved iPhone can get it from Singapore. I’m not sure why iPhone is available and supported in Singapore. I also have not yet seen iPhone with my own eyes and experience it. Once, I explored it just now, I know this is not just a hand phone, it’s everything. iPhone really rocks.

The only downside in my opinion is the iPhone camera which is only 2MP. I think it would be great if the 3rd generation iPhone come with at least 3.2MP or even better 5MP camera. Nevertheless, I tested my brother’s iPhone camera and hey… it’s not bad at all.

Why I like it instantly?

1. Large and clear screen.
2. Smooth touch pad.
3. Sound system is superb. Almost like the one we experience in movies.
4. Very fast internet connection because it has 3G and HSDPA.
5. Watching movie via iPhone is cool.
6. The games are awesome!!!
7. Powerful graphics and interface.
8. And much more…

And for a real and true experience, have a look at the following videos:

iPhone magic…

Unboxing new iPhone 3G…

Testing iPhone GPS

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23 thoughts on “iPhone Second Generation 16GB”

  1. if u really interested, find official/factory unlock..
    it might cost u more but save the hassle & RISK of getting the set lock again in future (could be permanently)..

    or if u can wait, dev team will release the pwnage software for iphone 3G (still risky).. i cant.. :)

  2. iPhones is one of those things that I must buy later on :)
    One of my friend just bought an iPod, and I am truely amazed by its ‘art’.

  3. I do not have an iPhone, but I have a few friends that do and they certainly do have a lot of great eye candy. I think they have a really cool web interface for browsing the web as well.

  4. After few days of analyzing this beautiful iPhone, I have decided to hang on until it improve few important features for me.

    I’ll get it when iPhone have:

    1. camera better then 2MP
    2. A second camera to allow video conferencing (I do that once in a while with my long distance friends)

    Apart from that, iPhone is the best.

  5. Yep, agreed. After considering the 2MP camera and only 1 camera for iPhone, I’m not going to consider iPhone for the time being. Perhaps later when the next generation of iPhone emerge with at least 3.2Mp and a second camera, I’ll grab it straight away.

    Now, I’m repairing my Sony ericsson K810i and may consider getting Sony Ericsson C905. So far the price of Sony Ericsson C905 as per today is RM1470 (Gold colour) and RM 1500 (Black colour). However, I prefer the metallic silver colour.

    I hope my Sony ericsson K810i can be repaired at cost not more than RM50.

  6. aku dah tawar hati nak pakai iphone sebab lembap sangat masuk malaysia. hehe :) hype dah takde dah la.

    plus aku tengok cam bulky je

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