Kota Tinggi Water Fall

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Kota Tinggi Water Fall (Air Terjun Kota Tinggi) is really cool and cool (temperature wise)

Last time I went here, that thing wasn’t there yet… Now Air Terjun Kota Tinggi is like wet world!

This was new as well. You have to rent the huge tyre or float (RM5) and use it to slide. But the water flow rate is not that great, it’s too damn slow.

That’s the upstream of the new slide.

This is the surau and I found it comfortable although it does not look that gorgeous in this photo. I think the surau is new building as well. I cannot recall seing this surau around when I came here before. I forgot when was the last time I visited this water fall.

You park your car and walk to the water fall.

You need this if you are lost… GET LOST!!!

My wife snapped this for me… Very good natural massage from the falling water. Thanks to gravitational force.

Like father like son πŸ™‚Β  Ikhwan is freezing!!!

So, that signify the time for my home cook nasi lemak power ranger. Tambah 4x bebbb delicious and sejuk punya pasal.

Nasi lemak (coconut rice) with water fall background, where else can you get this?

Resting after eating πŸ˜‰

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21 Responses

  1. KNizam says:

    la dah teruk camni ke air terjun paling famous kat malaya neh
    aku pernah pergi dalam tahun 2001. ok lagi kot. hehe πŸ™‚

  2. cyza says:

    Nope, I think the water fall is still OK accept the increase in ticket cost. They need to increase the ticket cost to maintain a good waterfall.

  3. adi says:

    pegi x ajak pun.
    time org kt kl lah dia nk kesana laa..
    kesini laaa..
    air terjun laaa..
    mkn kek sicret recepie la..

  4. cyza says:

    You know what, it was 1.30 pm on that Sunday. Suddenly the idea popped out, hey…let’s go to air terjun kota tinggi… Then we had our lunch, prayed, got ready and drove to kota tinggi. It was a instantaneous decision.

    Secret recipe cake…hmmmm that’s delicious…it’s not our mistake that you were not around at that time. You happen to be in the wrong place wrong time…huhu…

    Maybe next time bro…don’t worry..

  5. am says:

    alamak tak sampai lagi ar… but kat kota tinggi… pantai teluk balau pun ok. am sampai sana dalam 2004.. kira dia sama pantai dengan desarula.. air jerneh gile…

  6. budeen says:

    air dia memang warna teh susu ke?

  7. K.Zura says:

    Tak kaler teh susu pun lah Azi. Kalau nampak teh susu tu coz of the batu kat dasar dia. Air nya jernihhhh….and the place is cleaner now. Quite enjoy this recent trip…but it was damn cold!!

    Adi, sorry bro…lain kali kita pegi lagi kay…

  8. cyza says:

    Next time you come to Johor, please check out Air Terjun Kota Tinggi (Kota tinggi Water Fall). It’s fun and breezing. You’ll love it.

    Just prepare RM 7.50 per adult (you need mykad) and RM2 per entry for a car.

  9. cyza says:

    The air teh susu colour refer to the donwstream a.k.a sisa-sisa upstream!!! Hope you understand that.

    By the way, we enjoyed the “almost” upstream part of the water fall.

  10. alie says:

    wohh best nye!!!

  11. cyza says:

    Memang best dan kool

  12. Abu71 says:

    Sempat juga gi kota tinggi ni…..best nya …..Tapi yang tak best makanan tak leh bawa masuk,dan mahal.

  13. cyza says:

    Kitorang bawak ok je…takde orang sound. Lepas tu siap bagi nasi lemah sikit kat penjaga kat situ sebab dia tolong halau monyet.

    hehe…ke itu kira macam rasuah ke?!!! huhu

  14. titan says:

    hoho..macam best aje..

  15. cyza says:

    Best gak lah πŸ˜‰

  16. contest2u says:

    http://www.cyza.us/wp-admin/images/kotatinggi10.jpg bro pic ni ko mcm norman hakim lol πŸ˜› sebijik mcm dia. hehehe.. seronok main air terjun tu.. aku pernah pergi..

  17. muhafis says:

    kota tinggi.. gunung ledang nye, takbrape best.. cuba pergi gunung berlumut kat kluang.. best tuh.. btw bro tggal mane?

  18. cyza says:

    Eh…hmmm…sebenarnya aku dah boring nak mampos orang kata muka aku cam dia…. cuba kata muka dia cam aku… kan macam tu kan lagi syok.. πŸ™‚

  19. cyza says:

    Oh well, if that’s the case, I must check out that water fall.

  20. farahaznil says:

    ho5..its so fun beb!!again!!!i like ur photo..hahhaa…nice activity with family on weekend bro!!good father!!hi hi hi

  21. cyza says:

    Thanks Farah… You always (I mean most of the time) like those family photos I published here. Thanks.

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